The best way to Create an E-book From Start to Complete [Free Ebook Templates]

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In Q1 associated with 2021, ebook sales increased 38% for publisher Harpercollins, following a trend of improved revenue earnings for that company. Although this can be a snapshot of one publisher’s success, it talks to a larger movement toward digital content material consumption among entrepreneurs.

Lead magnets come in many types, but the ebook still reigns supreme. They give the reader:

  • In-depth digital content within an environment largely overrun with quick headlines and soundbites
  • Visual data that will compliments the editorial content
  • On-demand access to the e-book content

Your company benefits from publishing a good ebook, too. Switching a profit, acquiring new customers, generating buzz, and becoming an industry believed leader are just a few of the advantages of this type of content material.

But precisely what is an ebook and why do they deliver such excellent results for online marketers?

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What are the benefits of an ebook?

Let’s say you have an amazing blog full of long-form content. Why in the world would you want to provide your readers an ebook? Is it actually worth your time?

Here are some advantages ebooks offer content creators:

  • Unlike long-form printed publications which are purchased in-store or even shipped, an e-book is immediately accessible the moment you’re prepared to read.
  • You can put it behind a good opt-in of some type, incentivizing your website customer to become a lead if they want the information.
  • In some ways, ebooks have design capabilities like in-depth charts, charts, and full-page images which you may not be in a position to achieve on your weblog.
  • After the preliminary creation of the e-book, you can distribute the particular file a multitude of times with no additional creation cost. They also have no associated shipping costs.
  • You can embed links to other media in the ebook document, encouraging the reader to help engage with your content.

Perhaps more importantly, e-books offer a number of advantages for your audience:

  • Ebooks are extremely portable, able to be stored on a number of devices without physical storage space associated.
  • The reader has got the choice to printing the ebook away if they want to consume the information in a traditional physical format. Otherwise, the digital format is environmentally friendly.
  • Ebooks are obtainable with the ability to increase font sizes and/or examine aloud with text-to-speech.
  • They’re furthermore easily searchable when the reader is looking for something specific.

Are usually ebooks profitable?

They can be. Ebooks are high-volume, low-sales-price provides. This means you’ll need to sell a lot of them in a relatively low price stage in order to compete on the market and turn a significant profit. Depending on your industry, ebooks can range for free to more than hundred buck.

Before environment a price for your e-book, do some research. Determine who seem to your audience is usually, what they’re ready to pay, and how many people within your target market could be willing to buy this. Then, determine the platforms you’ll market your ebook through. Amazon? Apple Publications? Your own website? You are able to research how much ebooks usually go for upon these sites and incorporate this insight into your own pricing strategy.

How is an ebook structured?

There is set rule pertaining to organizing your content in to an ebook. This generally mimics the particular structure of a novel or textbook (depending on what it is you writing about). But , there are some aspects of an ebook you should be sure to adhere to.

E-books typically have a system of chapters and supporting images. Similar to the blog post, they also excel when further segmenting their text along with subheaders that improve the discussion in to specific sections. In case you are writing about professional sports activities, for example , and one of the chapters is about Mlb (MLB) in the Oughout. S., you might want to create subchapters about the various teams belonging to the MLB.

What can an ebook be about?

Anything. Well, inside reason. Ebooks are merely a marketer’s method of delivering lots of vital information in a type their potential customers are usually most willing to look at. An environmental firm might write a good ebook about water conservation. They might also focus an e-book entirely on how their water-saving product is utilized, or how this helped a customer solve a problem. Discover more ebook ideas at the end of this article.

No matter what topic your ebook takes on, research is a substantial part of ebook development. Contrary to short-form content material like articles plus videos, the content of the ebook is predicated on trust and evidence. A user exactly who obtains (or demands access to) your own ebook wants the entire story, not just the particular bullet points. That includes all the content and testing you experienced to produce the e-book.

Can you edit an ebook?

Nope. An e-book can’t be edited once it’s been saved in one of the major file formats, so it’s best to ensure you have an editable version saved in a program like Microsoft Phrase.

But the reason why would you want your ebook to be uneditable? Making ebooks uneditable ensures the content remains unchanged — both format and the information — as really shared between several uses.

You can edit ebooks in the event that they’re saved utilizing an editable PDF, an attribute that is specific to Adobe Acrobat — the founding plan of the PDF document type. Learn how to edit PDFs in this article.

How do you look over an ebook?

You can read an e-book on many different devices: iPhone, Android mobile phones, a Macbook, PC, and e-readers such as the Nook and Kindle. The latter two products are typically used to examine novels in digital form. Nook plus Kindle owners can store thousands of textbooks (literally) on a single Corner or Kindle.

But making an ebook can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to create the content, but you should also design and file format it into a professional-looking document that people may wish to download and read. With lead generation being the top goal designed for content marketing, however , ebooks are an important part of a successful incoming marketing program.

In this post, we’ll walk a person through the ins and outs of making an ebook by, well, creating an ebook. And if if you’re worried about your inadequate design skills, agonize not …

free ebook templates from hubspot

18 Free Ebook Templates in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and InDesign [Free Download]

Got your free ebook layouts? Ready to make an ebook? Great — let’s get to this.

afterwards in this article.


This file type stands for “Electronic Publication, ” and it is a more flexible e-book format. By that, I mean EPUB ebooks can “reflow” their text to adjust to various mobile devices plus tablets, allowing the particular ebook’s text to move on and off different pages based on the size from the device on which a user is reading the ebook. They’re particularly helpful for viewing upon smaller screens, for example smartphones as well as the Space from Barnes plus Noble.


The MOBI format originated from the particular Mobipocket Reader software program, which was purchased simply by Amazon in 2005 but was later turn off in 2016. However , the MOBI file extension remains a favorite ebook format with compatibility across the main e-readers (except the Nook).

As the format comes with some limitations, such as not really supporting audio or video, it does assistance DRM, which protects copyrighted material through being copied to get distribution or viewed illegally.

Newer Kindle formats are based on the original MOBI file types.


This is an e-book file type designed for the Kindle, a good e-reader device simply by Amazon. However , users can also open this particular file format on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.


ODF stands for OpenDocument Format, a file type meant primarily intended for OpenOffice, a series of open-source content creation programs just like Microsoft Office.


IBA is the proprietary ebook format for the Apple company iBooks Author app. This format will support video, sound, images, and interactive elements, but it is only used for books created in iBooks. It is not compatible with other ereading gadgets.

introduction to data visualization for marketers download

Data Visualization info: How to Design Charts and Graphs [Free Download]

1 . Select a topic that matches your audience’s needs.

Remember: The aim of your ebook would be to generate leads for your sales team, so choose a topic that will make this easy for a prospective client to go from downloading it your ebook to using a conversation with your sales team.

What this means is your ebook should not deviate much from your topics you include in your other content material marketing channels. Rather, it’s your opportunity to do a deep jump into a subject you might have only lightly protected until now, but something your audience desires to learn more about.

For instance , in listening to product sales and customer calls here at HubSpot, I have learned that creating ebooks is a huge obstacle for the audience, who are internet marketers themselves. So if I can provide not only this blog post, but resources to make ebook creation easier, I’m focusing on the ideal topic that will naturally lead to a sales conversation.

Towards your creative juices flowing, here are some example e-book titles to consider. (Note: Replace “x” by having an appropriate number. ) You can also use our free Blog Subject Generator tool to come up with more ideas. The majority of blog topics could be made comprehensive sufficient to serve as lengthier form ebook topics.

  • X Guidelines for [Insert Industry/Topic]
  • An Introduction to [Insert Industry/Topic]
  • X Common Questions Regarding [Insert Industry/Topic] Answered
  • By [Insert Industry/Topic] Statistics For Better Decision Making
  • Study from The Best: X [Insert Industry/Topic] Professionals Share Insights

For this blog post, I’ll use the PowerPoint version of template 2 from our collection of five free ebook web templates. Through each portion of this post, I’ll give a side-by-side of the template slide and how I actually customized it.

Below, you’ll see the customized cover along with my sales-relevant e-book topic. For assist with writing compelling titles for your ebooks, check out the tips in this blog post.

an ebook template side-by-side with the customized version of that template

2 . Outline each chapter of your e-book.

The introduction to your ebook need to both set the stage for the contents of your ebook plus draw the reader within. What will you protect in your ebook? How will the reader benefit from reading through it? For tips on how to write an effective introduction, check out this post.

Some ebook makers say that an ebook is simply a series of blogs stitched together. Whilst I agree you need to treat each chapter like an individual article, the chapters of your ebook should also movement fluidly from one to the other.

The simplest way to outline your e-book is by considering it as a fast guide on the sales-relevant topic you selected. In my example of creating an ebook, I know I must cover how to:

  • Write effective duplicate
  • Design an ebook
  • Improve ebooks for leads and promotion

While my illustration has a few chapters, keep in mind that your e-book does not need to be extended. I have one golden rule for e-book length: Write what exactly is needed to effectively instruct your audience regarding your selected topic. If that requires 5 pages, great! When that requires 30 web pages, so be it. Simply don’t waste words thinking you need to compose a long ebook.

With that, let’s move on to the actual copy you’re writing.

an example of ebook copy within an ebook template

3 or more. Break down each section as you write.

Get writing! Right here, you can approach each chapter the way you may write a long post — by compartmentalizing each chapter in to smaller sections or bullet points, because shown in the picture below. This helps a person write simply and clearly, rather than seeking to use sophisticated language to convey each point. It’s the most effective way to educate readers and help them understand the brand new material you’re delivering.

Be sure to preserve a consistent structure across each chapter, too. This helps you set up natural transitions among each chapter so there’s a clear development from one chapter to another (simply stitching blogs together can take advantage of you of this quality).

These procedures should hold true for all your other marketing efforts, such as e-mail marketing, call-to-action creation, plus landing page development. “Clarity trumps persuasion, ” as Dr . Flint McGlaughlin of MECLABS often likes to state.

Want to make sure you’re keeping your own ebook exciting for readers? Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Use keywords within the title that stress the value of your offer. Examples include adjectives like “amazing, ” “awesome, ” or “ultimate. ”
  • Keep the format consistent so you create a mental model for readers and enhance their understanding of the material.
  • When appropriate, make use of format — like bulleted lists, bold textual content, italics, and typeface size changes — to draw people’s eyes to your most important content or highlight certain points you need readers to remember.

an example of ebook formatting

4. Design your ebook.

Our online ebook templates are offered in both PowerPoint and InDesign. For this example, we’ll show you tips on how to do it in PowerPoint, since more people have access to that software program.

You’ll notice we only have a single “chapter page” within the template (slide three). To create additional section pages, or any webpages really, simply correct click the slide plus choose Duplicate Slide. This will make a duplicate of your slide and permit you to drag it to its proper place in your ebook via the sidebar or even Slide Sorter portion of PowerPoint. You can then customize it for any following chapters.

an example of duplicating ebook pages in a template

5. Make use of the right colors.

Ideally, our free of charge ebook templates would magically match your own brand colors. But , they probably can not; this is where you get to truly personalize your work. Nevertheless , because ebooks provide more real estate intended for color than your logo or internet site, it’s a good idea to consider supplementary colors within your brand’s color palette. Ebooks are usually where this color scheme can really shine.

To understand how to add your brand’s colors to PowerPoint, check out this blog post. That way, you can customize the color system in our ebook themes to match your brand!

6. Incorporate visuals.

Images plus graphics in e-books are hard to get right. The key to making them fit properly is to think of all of them as complementary to your writing. Whether you add them during or after you have finished writing your own ebook’s copy, your own visuals should serve to highlight a significant point you’re producing or deconstruct this is of a concept in an easy-to-understand, visual method.

Images should never just be there to make the ebook easy around the eyes. Rather, they should be used to enhance the reader’s understanding of the material you’re covering. If you want help gathering visuals, we have three models of free stock pictures that might help you on the way:

  • 75 Standard Stock Photos
  • 160 Business-Themed Share Photos
  • 250 Holiday Stock Pictures

And if most likely compiling a data-heavy ebook, you might want to download our free data visualization ebook pertaining to tips about designing persuasive charts and graphs for your content.

an example of using visuals in ebook template

7. Highlight quotes or even stats.

Another way to enhance your ebook is by highlighting quotations or stats inside your design. Just be sure the quote or stat you’re using really adds value to the content.

Whether or not you’re emphasizing the quote or including a visual, keep all your content inside the same margins. If your copy is regularly one-inch indented on your own page from both the left and right sides, maintain your designed elements aligned using that same spacing.

an example of a highlighted quote on an ebook template

8. Place appropriate calls-to-action within your ebook.

Since your content is written and designed, they have time to optimize this for lead generation, reconversion, and promotion.

Think about how you got here — you clicked on a call-to-action (CTA) in an e-mail, on a social media blog post, or somewhere else. A CTA is a link or visual object that entices visitors to click plus arrive on a landing page that will get them further engaged with your business. Since your ebook readers have probably converted into prospective customers in order to get their practical your ebook to begin with (more on this within step  below), utilize the CTAs within your e-book to reconvert your readers and propel them further down your marketing funnel.

For instance, a CTA can lead to one more offer, your yearly conference’s registration page, or even a product web page. Depending on what this next action is, CTAs can be an in-line rectangular shape or a full-page  teasing the next offer (see both images below).

To link the CTA inside your ebook (or any image or text in your ebook) to your destination URL, simply go to Insert > > Hyperlink within PowerPoint.

examples of using hyperlinks in ebook template

example of including a call to action within an ebook template

We’ve even designed 50 customizable calls-to-action in PowerPoint you are able to download and use in your ebooks. You can grab them here.

Now, we don’t have a dedicated CTA template slide within the PowerPoint ebook layouts for you to customize… yet it’s still easy! All you have to do is definitely duplicate slide 4 (the Header/Subheader slide) and customize copy or add images as needed. You can even go to Insert > > New Slip and work from there.

comparison of EPUB in order to PDF here.

10. Create a devoted landing page for your e-book.

Your e-book should be available for download through a landing page on your own site. A landing page is a web page that promotes/describes your offer and provides a form that visitors need to fill out with their contact information in order to access your ebook. This is how you are able to convert your visitors in to business leads that the sales team can eventually follow up with.

For example, you went through this landing page in order to entry this ebook template. To learn more about how in order to optimize your getting pages for transformation, download this free of charge ebook.

how to create an ebook - header customization

social networking share buttons in your ebook, such as the ones at the bottom right of this ebook.

After your content is released and promoted across your marketing channels, you’ll also would like marketing analytics in position to measure the success of your live product.

For instance, you should have landing page analytics that provide you insight into how many people downloaded your own ebook and changed into leads, and closed-loop analytics that display how many of those individuals ultimately converted into possibilities and customers for the business. Learn more via HubSpot’s Landing Pages App.

And with that, we’ve constructed an ebook, folks! You can check out the particular packaged version of the example I constructed through this post right here:

an animation that scrolls through several pages of an ebook template

After your content can be launched and advertised across your marketing and advertising channels, you’ll require marketing analytics in position that measure the success of your ebooks. For instance, having landing page analytics that give you insight into how many people downloaded your ebook, or show how many of these downloaders converted into opportunities and customers for the business.

E-book Ideas

So , what should you talk about in your ebook? I am going to answer that query with another issue: What do you want your own readers to get from this ebook? To identify an ebook idea that matches your audience, consider the type of ebook if you’re trying to create. Here are a few ideas.

New Research

Performing an experiment or even business survey? This can be a great way to develop proprietary knowledge and become the thought leader within your industry. But how can you share your results with the people who value it? Create an ebook that explains the experiment, that which you intended to find out, what the results of the experiment were, and what these findings mean for the readers and the market at large.


People like success stories, especially if this type of person on the fence about purchasing something from you. If you have a client whose business you’re especially proud to have, perhaps you should tell their story in an ebook?

Ebook case research shows your buyers that will other people trust both you and have benefited from the product or service. In your e-book, describe what your own client’s challenge has been, how you connected with all of them, and how you were in a position to help your customer solve their challenge and become successful.

Product Demo

The more complex your product is, the more details your customers will need to use it correctly. If your product or service can be used in multiple ways, or they have hard to set up only, dedicate a brief ebook to showing individuals how it’s accomplished. In the first portion of your ebook, for example , explain how to release your product or service. Within the second section, breakdown the individual features and purposes your method best used for.


Interested in interviewing a famous person in your market? Perhaps you’ve already sat down by having an influencer to pick their own brain about the long term of the industry. Package deal this interview into an ebook, making it easy for your customers to read and share your inside scoop.


A “playbook” is a document people can use when taking on a new project or even concept that is foreign to them. Think of it like a cheat linen, full of tips and tricks that will help your customers get better at what they do.

When done right, a playbook equips your customers with the information they will need to excel when utilizing your product. For instance , a software vendor for this professionals might develop a “virus protection playbook” that makes support groups better at preventing viruses at their particular respective companies.

Blog Post Series

Sometimes, the best ebook for your business has already been strewn across a number of blog posts. If you’ve invested the last month writing and submitting articles all on the same subject matter for your business, imagine how these blogposts would look stitched together?

Every article can begin a brand new chapter. Then, as soon as this ebook is created, you can promote it on a landing page, link to this particular landing page from each individual blog post, and create leads from visitors who want to download the entire blog series in a single convenient ebook.

Share Your Knowledge in an Ebook

Ebooks are one of the best converting lead magnets a business can offer to its audience. Producing an ebook is focused on delivering high value at a low price point to create a high volume of product sales. Ebooks work well for brand spanking new businesses looking for brand name awareness and established companies securing a spot as an industry believed leader. So long as you and your team have defined what success looks like for your ebook release, you’ll reap the rewards of this stand-alone asset for months — or even years — to come. Get started on your own personal ebook using the free template available in the offer below.

Editor’s notice: This post was originally published in Nov 2018 and has already been updated for comprehensiveness.

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