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With more than 2 . 8 billion monthly active customers, Facebook is a main player in the world of social network. Businesses looking to market using Facebook have one main major tool available: the Facebook Web page.

Facebook Pages were specifically engineered regarding businesses. They provide a public home on Facebook for your brand, allow you to publish content, and let you observe comments and opinions from fans and customers.

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Facebook Pages really are a simple tool, however they offer countless fascinating business opportunities. There are some companies out there who really take advantage of the cool stuff you can do on a Facebook business Page to connect, engage with, and delight fans, as well as drive traffic to specific parts of their website.

So , we combed through the web to find the best pages to encourage your Facebook marketing strategy. But first, we answer the quintessential question: What makes a good Fb page?

Why is a good Facebook Web page?

A good Facebook business Page precisely represents your brand name, focuses on the customer, and answers for possible followers’ needs. The page should also attract potential followers to interact more meaningfully together with your brand — whether or not by visiting your website, signing up for a free event, or joining your company’s Facebook Group.

In your Facebook page, you should have:

  • A name that displays your business in a professional and succinct way.
  • An accurate page category that immediately tells users what you do.
  • A explanation that establishes the benefits of following your Page.
  • A profile picture that signifies your brand and its colors.
  • An engaging and detailed cover photo that speaks to your customer’s core desire or even pain point.
  • A constant and steady stream of recently published posts that have links to other firm assets and qualities.

Not sure using Facebook for business? At a loss for ways to be engaging upon Facebook?

Take a look at our free Fb marketing course in order to nail down the fundamentals; then, check out the Webpages below for motivation.

Best Facebook Pages

1 . L. L. Bean

Facebook Page cover from L.L Bean's FB Page

Web page Likes: 1 . 17M

L. L Bean is an outdoor equipment store whose Facebook Page successfully focuses on the customer plus engages visitors over and above inviting them to such as the posts. The content it posts is highly related for its target audience: awesome photos, videos, plus tips for outdoor journeys, each with a hyperlink and a hashtag. The particular Page also consists of tabs dedicated to activities, open job possibilities, and stores.

The explanation is especially notable, telling users the value they’d receive if they follow the Page:

“Welcome to the formal Facebook page meant for L. L. Veggie! Follow along pertaining to inspiring outdoor tales and photos, specialist tips and advice, and a local community devoted to helping make the most of every moment outside. #BeanOutsider”

2 . Intrepid Traveling

Facebook Page cover from Intrepid Travel's FB Page Web page Likes: 601K

Travel agency Intrepid Travel has assembled a great Facebook Page — complete with a particular tab that shows trip and visit reviews, and one that will lets users search and save travels without having to leave the particular Page. For instance, when you have been dreaming of a family holiday in Scotland, you can save it and return to it later. This particular ensures users go back to Intrepid Travel and it is offerings every time they will visit Facebook.

The brand also consistently posts convincing videos and tales that’ll have you itching to pack the bag and travel.

3. Shopify

Facebook Page cover from Shopify's FB Page Web page Likes: 3. 8M

Shopify is definitely an ecommerce website platform whose Facebook Page features engaging multimedia. While the photos area consists of branded infographics that share information from the industry, it section is full associated with how-to clips a person would normally see within article form.

The company’s case study series, “My First Purchase, ” is what actually helps the Web page shine. Check out one of Shopify’s case research from its Facebook Page below.

4. Salone Monet 

Facebook Page cover from Salone Monet's FB Page Web page Likes: 1 . 2K

Salone Monet is a footwear brand that has tons of excellent images on the Page. Most notably, the particular cover photo features the types of shoes and boots it sells, and more, the image reflects the particular founder’s mission: To make “color-inclusive nude shoes or boots to match you & all your favorite clothes. ” It also features a “Shop” tab where you can begin browsing the brand’s shoes.

All in all, Salone Monet does a great job of creating a fantastic brand experience that doesn’t need the user to leave Facebook. Plus, the Page has a widget over the “About” section that prompts visitors to ask them a question, maximizing engagement right from as soon as a visitor lands on the Page.

5. Essence

Facebook Page cover from Essence's FB Page Page Prefers: 2 . 9M

For a traditionally printing magazine, Essence is almost all video right now. But combined with its mesmerizing images plus pop-culture-friendly articles, this publisher has flipped its Facebook Page into the ultimate centre for hot assumes the latest entertainment industry news.

It will not even matter what medium you consume Importance in now — it’s all simply solid content to have got on your news give food to. And for as prolific and diverse as the publication is, its Facebook Business Page balances all of it quite nicely.

The company also broadcasts from Facebook Live each month. Check out its live video library below.

Facebook Page live video library from Essence's FB Page

6. Dang Food items

Facebook Page cover from Dang Foods' FB Page Web page Likes: 22. 8K

The folks from Dang Foods possess the unique challenge of having to find an infinite number of ways to feature a small collection of products so its social media content stays fresh plus interesting. The key in order to its success? A wide variety of fascinating visual content.

Much of its movie and photographic content is centered around the ways its snack foods are different from other people in the industry. The products are Asian-inspired, and the brand name is Asian-owned.

For instance, in the following post, it announces it’s one of the Asian-owned brands featured within a subscription snack box:

Facebook post from Dang Foods' FB Page

The one thing that its Facebook page will be missing is more customer-centric content — yet by centering its posts on corporation news, it can set up itself as a buzz-worthy newcomer to the business.

7. Zappos. com

Facebook Page cover from Zappos' FB Page Page Likes: 2 . 4M

Zappos. com is known the best customer service, and it keeps that reputation happening its Facebook Web page. For example , it has a badge in the “About” section that states it’s “Very responsive” to customer messages. That’s a great honor — especially seeing that it has nearly second . 4 million supporters. That’s a lot of people the company could potentially need to respond to.

The Page also has a small area dedicated to visitor posts, which features consumer testimonials about Zappos’ great customer service on and off Facebook. Not to mention, the brand is committed to responding to comments — and it isn’t scared to have fun with the responses:

Facebook Page post from Zappos' FB Page

Customer service aside, Zappos has also completely taken advantage of Facebook’s call-to-action button feature simply by placing a “Shop Now” button at the top of its Facebook Page.

8. McBride Sisters

Facebook Page cover from McBride Sisters' FB Page Page Likes: 32. 6K

McBride Sisters is a wine and spirits brand that immediately greets users with its Dark Girl Magic type of wines in the cover photo. In doing this, it immediately interests its customers plus exhibits its commitment to representing omitted voices in the industry.

While it mostly shares company news instead of customer-centric tips, this strikes the right balance by only posting what its customer base cares regarding. For instance, in the following post, the company gives an upcoming event. If you’re a fan of Patti LaBelle and a lover of wine, you’d end up being compelled to attend — even if you don’t yet plan to buy a bottle of wine from McBride Siblings.

Facebook Page post from McBride Sisters' FB Page

9. JetRockets

Facebook Page cover from JetRockets' FB Page

Page Likes: 119

First things initial: JetRockets, a small internet development agency, posseses an illustrated cover photograph that is so enjoyable to look at. As a result, the business gives visitors an early glimpse into the versatility and attention to detail.

This is why from the image above, the company also comes with a call-to-action (CTA) button below the include photo that tells users to “Call Now. ” Right away, the button attracts visitors to engage with the particular brand. With how quickly you must act to get customers’ business, this is a valuable feature of JetRocket’s company Page.

While the Facebook Page’s photo section is rich with employee photos showing off the company’s culture, its feed is certainly filled with a mixture of organization news and tales that prove the effectiveness of its services and offerings.

ten. Glamnetic

Facebook Page cover from Glamnetic's FB Page Page Likes: 67K

Glamnetic stones Facebook. Its Page prioritizes the things this knows users worry about most when going to Facebook: tutorials, live streams, discounts, and giveaways. At every switch, it gives users the chance to get Glamnetic items for free.

Not only that, it’s constantly placing out relatable and compelling visual content that gets higher levels of engagement from the fans. For example , this partners with a broad collection of influencers that represent its consumer base, and it also gifts its new products over time for the upcoming time of year.

Facebook videos from Glamnetic's FB Page

11. BET

Facebook Page cover from BET's FB Page Page Prefers: 7. 5M

BET, a information and entertainment firm, leans on social networking sites like Fb to share its newest articles.

It will a great job associated with keeping its Facebook content fresh plus up-to-date, which is especially important for a transmitting company. Not to mention, each article it blogposts gains a ton of traffic as a result of its Facebook marketing strategy.

The folks that run the particular Facebook Page continually find clever methods to keep the BET family members connected and engaged using hashtags such as #BETBuzz:

Facebook post from BET's FB Page

12. Helen Keller International Facebook Page cover from HKI's FB Page

Page Likes: 17K

Helen Keller International is really a charity organization that’s committed to decreasing poverty and preventing eyesight loss. It does a wonderful job engaging its volunteer and donor bases on Fb. It right away attracts donations by which includes a “Donate” button right underneath the cover photo, as well as posts and pictures feature the personal tales of patients who have been helped thanks to the generosity of people like its Facebook Fans.

Its Page also offers tabs that allow you to make a fundraiser, browse careers, look at photos, and much more.

13. Starbucks

Facebook Page cover from Starbucks' FB Page Page Likes: 36. 5M

Starbucks had been an early social media adopter, and it comes through within the polish and features of its Facebook Web page. The “International” tab leads you to the local Facebook Pages, so non-English-speaking fans can certainly navigate to their nation’s Starbucks Page.

Beyond that, Starbucks uses its Page to showcase rich visual content, operate contests for seasonal products, highlight job openings, and connect to followers. It takes a fairly minimalist approach and uses short captions, like it does in the post below:

Facebook post from Starbucks' FB Page It also provides a slick store locator that allows you to find the place nearest to you.

14. Hint

Facebook Page cover from Hint Agency's FB Page

Web page Likes: 3. 2K Likes

Hint is a Mexico-based marketing and advertising agency with a easy but effective Fb business Page. Part of this impression comes from the company’s consistent plus on-brand posts. This immediately invites customers to message the particular brand via WhatsApp, one of the biggest messaging systems in Latin America.

One of this Page’s premiere functions, shown below, is definitely its “Services” area, offering branded tiles that briefly explain Hint’s lines of business. From the distinctive and location-specific call-to-action to the warm color scheme, this business Web page effectively engages customers.

Facebook Page services from Hint Agency's FB Page

15. Adobe

Facebook Page cover from Adobe's FB Page

Page Likes: 1 . 3M

Adobe is really a computer software company that could post all about software and technology on a regular basis… but it does an excellent job of providing its content to Fb users, who often log on to socialize, study or watch enjoyable content, or browse the news.  

Its posts hit the right balance among conversational and authoritative. For instance, in one of its posts, it uses enjoyable emojis while welcoming users to enjoy World Emoji Day time with an interdisciplinary musician:

Facebook post from Adobe's FB Page

16. Canva

Facebook Page cover from Canva's FB Page

Web page Likes: 1 . 6M

Your customers can be your best sources meant for market research. The Canva Facebook Page areas its Review tab at the forefront, whereas most Pages put the “About” or “Photos” tabs in the same spot. Customers have the option to post their unfiltered thoughts, recommend Canva, and share their opinion on their own Facebook Pages.

It also has a operating series called “Design Stories, ” where it shares touching anecdotes.  

17. EasyLunchboxes

Facebook Page cover from EasyLunchboxes' FB Page

Page Likes: 272K

With all that room in the cover picture, why not pair colourful visuals with a solid value statement? That’s exactly what EasyLunchboxes really does. It puts it categorical there as soon as a person lands on its Facebook Page.

In addition to posting enjoyable pictures, videos, and tips like “lunch box hacks, inch the Page also includes tabs that let users find out, sign up for the e-newsletter, follow the brand’s weblog, and even get recipe and meal concepts. Overall, the Web page is on-brand and clearly displays the utility of the item.

Facebook post from EasyLunchboxes' FB Page

18. Pure Barre

Facebook Page cover from Pure Barre FB Page Web page Likes: 334K

For a company which has been around for over two decades, Pure Barre has demonstrated that it can keep up with the times on its Facebook Page. The posts include a mixture of testimonies, challenges, and reposts from present Pure Barre customers. Overall, it retains engagement high simply by posting lots of content, much of which functions members’ inspirational physical fitness journeys.

It also has a handy “Store” locator app inside the page so that potential members can easily see whether or not there’s a location close by. To ensure that users indulge as quickly a possible using the brand, it includes a “Sign Up” key right below the cover photo.

Pure Barre also knows its focus on customer base quite well. For many, seeing people’s progress is key in order to a fitness investment, so the Page includes testimonials right next to the house tab.

nineteen. Stella & Dot

Facebook Page cover from Stella and Dot's FB Page

Page Likes: 530K

As a business based on creating versatile entrepreneurial opportunities for women, Stella & Department of transportation relies on platforms such as Facebook to help grow its business through word-of-mouth marketing. It is a great example of an organization that’s successfully constructed a community on Fb.

Stella & Dot uses its Page to share styling tips with its social community, show exactly how its pieces are designed and made, and post videos approach wear its jewelry. All of its visible content is vibrantly colored and attractively shot.

Facebook post from Stella and Dot's FB Page

It has also taken advantage of Facebook Live by posting reside videos of trunk area shows, which can help prospective trunk show hosts learn how to perform one — or simply bring entertainment in order to anyone watching.

(Read this article to get more awesome Facebook Reside use cases. )

20. Mabel’s Labels

Facebook Page cover from Mabel's Labels' FB Page

Page Enjoys: 215K

Like Zappos, Mabel’s Labels — creators of high-quality labels for the stuff kids drop — has also taken advantage of Facebook’s call-to-action (CTA) button feature using its “Shop Now” CTA, linking to its homepage.

With regards to content, it has mastered the art of posting an ideal balance of engaging videos, photos, and GIFs that format with the interests of its target audience: Moms who desire their children to have a tense-free and positive the child years. For example , check out this photo it posted about the inclusivity from the products:

Facebook post from Mabel's Labels FB Page

Mabel’s Labels has also taken advantage of Facebook Live and posted tons of videos that would be of interest to the audience.  


Facebook Page cover from UNICEF's FB Page

Page Likes: 12M

UNICEF’s Facebook Web page is all about teaching Fb users about its mission and providing them with opportunities to get involved. For instance, they can click on the “Learn More” call-to-action key to visit the official site, or they can navigate to the “Guides” tab to look for through the organization’s manuals on humanitarian beliefs.

UNICEF furthermore lets you create a Fundraiser straight from the Facebook page. The organization is well known for creating powerful happy to spread awareness and positive messages regarding current events. During the pandemic, for example , this created a video collection to help individuals navigate hardship.

22. Black Lives Issue

Facebook Page cover from BLM's FB Page

Page Likes: 744K

Black Lifestyles Matter is an firm whose Facebook Page is founded on outstanding historically excluded sounds. In the same way, you can build a Page that illustrates external experts on industry topics.

The organization’s content include a mixture of Black history, organizational information, and political activism. Its video tabs includes videos that bring attention to United states issues, such as voting and abolition. Within doing so, it successfully appeals to its followers and target audience.

23. Innclusive

Facebook Page cover from Innclusive's FB Page

Web page Likes: 17. 5K

Innclusive, a good Airbnb competitor, uses its Facebook page to bring awareness for an issue by including an attention-grabbing figure in its description. “A few months ago, ” the Page’s description says, “a study conducted by Harvard University found that Airbnb hosts are 16% less likely to book users along with ‘distinctively African-American brands. ’” In doing so, the Page instantly shows why the company’s services are needed.

It also attracts users to book with them using a simple but effective series: “Come stay with us! ” Another successful aspect of this page will be its CTA button under the cover picture inviting visitors to sign up on the Innclusive internet site.

24. Rebundle

Facebook Page cover from Rebundle's FB Page

Page Likes: 363

Rebundle is a plant-based hair extension company that effectively conveys its ecologically centered products in its cover image and profile picture. It also invites users to interact immediately by including a “View Shop” button, which takes you to a page along with pictures of its items in use.

In its posts, the Page shares company information, videos from other users, and photos from the customers successfully utilizing the hair extensions.

25. Rhymes with Cause

Facebook Page cover from Rhymes with Reason's FB Page

Page Likes: 860

Rhymes with Reason is an education-technology startup that uses hip-hop music to show vocabulary to learners. It effectively utilizes its Facebook Page to spotlight tales from current plus upcoming customers, discuss the Word of the Week, and highlight the particular artists it functions on the platform.

Rhymes with Reason’s Page is an excellent example of striking the right balance between serving your target customers plus sharing company news. In all of its content, it uses its brand name colors and visual; that way, visitors can get a consistent experience every time the brand posts a post.

In its Community section, the brand allows anyone and everyone to tag all of them in posts, encouraging conversation and engagement.

Best Fb Page Names

Your Facebook Page name would ideally be your business title — no extras and no keywords messing up up the name. It should also be highly special. Keep it simple similar to the examples below:

  • Rebundle
  • Innclusive
  • Canva
  • Adobe

These names work well because they directly reveal the brand and therefore are simple to remember.

If you need name suggestions for your business, check out more business name ideas to inspire a person.

Let These Winning Facebook Pages Encourage You

Use these awesome Web page examples as inspiration to finally create a Facebook Page for your business or since motivation to improve your existing Page. You don’t have to do everything. Rather, focus on the core needs of your followers and customers, keep the messaging and imagery consistent, and watch your Facebook Page grow exponentially.

Editor’s note: This awesome article was originally released in March 2013 and has been up-to-date for comprehensiveness.

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