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Instead of as being a piecemeal tool that will only addresses some parts of the prospecting process, ClearCompany is the whole enchilada.

It’s a complete talent management system that helps you engage top talent and employ quickly.  

As you can probably guess, it comes with some fairly robust hiring and management features that will aren’t for the faint of heart.

Below, all of us dive deep straight into its pros and cons, as well as its best functions.  

ClearCompany Pros and Cons


  • Built/in tools to help forecast recruiting performance
  • Candidate text messaging and mobile features
  • Interview scheduling tools including video
  • Easy offer notice management
  • Paperless onboarding
  • Built-in compliance management
  • Payroll and Slack integration
  • Goal tracking equipment
  • Worker engagement surveys
  • Branded career sites and worker portals
  • Multilingual applications
  • One-click background checks and e-verify features
  • Worker recognition tools
  • Peer plus 360 reviews


  • Might not be affordable for smaller businesses
  • Entails a higher learning curve when onboarding
  • Limited candidate search features
  • Expensive additional user seats
  • Not the most intuitive interface

How ClearCompany Compares to Top Recruiting Software

ClearCompany is right up there with all the heavyweights in the prospecting space. It’s not the “light” recruiting tool that can help you take care of the essentials without charging much. That isn’t their angle. Instead, ClearCompany capitalizes upon offering you a complete and well-packaged suite associated with talent management solution tools that’ll help you to get the job done through end to end.  

Other recruiting software within the same league would need to be notable opportunities like Greenhouse and Bullhorn. Greenhouse is excellent for enterprise-level solutions that help you sponsor and manage applicants at scale. Bullhorn is a top-notch suite of tools built to scale, with innovative reporting and analytics and a great built/in CRM. But you do not have to take my word for it.

Instead, I recommend you take the time to look through our facts the top recruiting software program so you can see how these people stack up according to the needs they cater to best. Each tool includes its own set of strengths and weaknesses, depending on your business’s specific needs.

ClearCompany In-House vs . Agency Solutions

Although some recruiting software is designed with staffing agencies in mind, others are made to be taken in-house. ClearCompany is principally built for the latter.  

Along with compliance and interview feedback tools and the ability to create plus personalize careers pages, ClearCompany is best for in-house teams that want to control their own hiring procedures with a comprehensive group of HR tools.  

While you can try to use ClearCompany for agency needs, its tools are geared for teams to create a proprietary prospecting process. The software does not offer a comprehensive set of tools that help you take care of both your skill pool and your clients.  

It is important to note that ClearCompany will not publicly share its pricing. However , you can enter your company’s information on the website, and a representative will reach out to you directly to explain to you a demo of the tool and give a customized quote based on your business’s requirements.

ClearCompany Hiring Volume

If you have on-going higher-volume hiring requirements instead of just needing to employ a few candidates every month, then ClearCompany much more than capable of assisting you hire and take care of candidates at size.  

Should you be a company that only manages a few brand new hires a month, a simple solution like ClearCompany might be a bit too robust for your needs. You might be better off working with a tool like Practical or Recooty.

ClearCompany is designed with volume in mind. Its workforce planning and analytics tools are made to handle a high volume of applicants. Working with ClearCompany while managing merely a handful of applicants isn’t bound to be an ROI-positive strategy.      

ClearCompany Onboarding Tools

After many interviews and job applications, you’ve found the perfect candidate for the work. Now comes the particular onboarding process, which usually isn’t to be taken lightly– it can be a pretty involved process.  

ClearCompany offers onboarding solutions like wonderful new hire portals, where new employees can log in to get into all the initial details they need as they begin their new placement. While ClearCompany’s onboarding tools are smooth, they’re also intuitive and user-friendly, eliminating the confusion that can slow down the onboarding stage.  

ClearCompany’s slew of onboarding tools addresses a ton of different onboarding needs, including the ability to sign off on compliance, manage plus assign devices and equipment, new hire goal setting, bulk onboarding, and automated task notifications.  

You won’t discover specific tools like that with lighter recruiting software that only takes care of the essentials. As far as wholly covering the onboarding process with tools that streamline the process, ClearCompany delivers lots of solutions worthy of enterprise-level operations.      

ClearCompany Employer Branding

The bigger your company, the more you are bound to care about branding– for good reason. Ensuring your brand stays consistent throughout all your external and internal processes cultivates trust and ensures high quality.  

Managing the consistency of the brand also ensures you attract plus retain top-tier candidates. ClearCompany is a recruiting solution that provides in the branding division.  

This lets you brand and create a career page that shines a light on your company brand. Its flexible job application constructor allows you to customize the application experience and include your branding elements. Unlike other less flexible recruiting equipment, ClearCompany makes sure putting your company’s best face forward.    

ClearCompany Applicant Tracking

ClearCompany’s applicant tracking program focuses on making the applicant tracking process more straightforward. Whilst other recruiting solutions might focus on making the process collaborative, ClearCompany’s applicant tracking tools are built to give the applicant a great application encounter.  

It comes equipped with beautifully branded career sites plus an application process that involves mobile notifications and video interview tools. ClearCompany also offers referral solutions, that is a notable feature to create in. Not every candidate tracking system comes with built-in referral tools, despite referrals getting some of the best ways to recruit valuable long-term applicants.  

Another excellent standout feature that sets ClearCompany apart is the ability to run one click background checks. This is a convenient and fast method to screen candidates and be sure the safety of your employees.  

The best part is that ClearCompany offers its collection of applicant tracking tools as a separate product offering—meaning you can choose to only work together with its applicant monitoring solutions without needing to purchase anything else.  

ClearCompany Onboarding

Onboarding is yet another area where ClearCompany’s product offerings shine. Tools such as e-verify, bulk onboarding, new hire goal setting tools, reporting and analytics, and the ability to integrate with payroll software program make it an indispensable part of the HR process.  

One of the more difficult parts of the onboarding process is ensuring each candidate is equipped with the information they need to flourish while making it the welcoming experience. ClearCompany attempts to deal with this by letting you create and customize visually appealing brand new hire portals.  

It can be simple to miss a task during the onboarding process, particularly when managing hires with scale. ClearCompany’s task notification system ensures you never miss a job by tracking your whole onboarding process.  

ClearCompany also streamlines the background check and verification process with built-in equipment that let you clear candidates digitally. So far as a comprehensive onboarding procedure goes, ClearCompany offers tools that streamline every step of the process. This is perfect for large businesses that need a quick yet reliable onboarding system.  

ClearCompany Performance Administration

You’ve onboarded your employees. But you still need to know how they are performing after they get started. ClearCompany provides overall performance management features like a standalone product offering that helps you attain better goal position and employee engagement.  

By having an array of accessible time-based reviews, employee wedding surveys, and peer reviews, you can obtain real insight into the performance of each of the recruits. To add to the particular performance experience, ClearCompany includes employee identification tools to celebrate and shout out stellar employees.

Want to run thirty, 60, or 90-day reviews? ClearCompany provides review tools so that you can periodically check in with each hire. You may also run quarterly, bi-annual, or annual testimonials if that works much better with your HR’s workflow.

A outstanding feature of ClearCompany as far as reviews proceed is that it takes factors deeper than only checking in with employees and letting them understand how they’re doing. Using its 360-degree reviews, you obtain a glimpse into worker relationships and their own contribution to office culture. This can end up being a useful feature should you be trying to get a handle on your company tradition.  

It is thoughtful features such as that borderline location ClearCompany in a little league of its own as far as recruiting management tools go. While some HR tools claim to be comprehensive, they do not always go since deep as offering less common yet useful tools like employee recognition tools and 360-degree peer review capabilities.

Still, the value of this kind of tools is eventually determined by your HUMAN RESOURCES needs. While some teams might gain plenty of insight from in-depth peer reviews, it may not be a necessary benefit for others.    

ClearCompany Worker Engagement

If you just want access to ClearCompany’s feature-rich employee wedding tools, you can do that with its modular accessibility option. Its employee engagement features advertise company culture whilst keeping your workers engaged through team-work and employee gratitude tools.  

These features allow it to be easy to recognize workers for doing great work through shout-outs plus collaborative social writing tools where some other employees can agreement in and motivate good work. ClearCompany takes celebrations a step further by making sure you always celebrate important employee breakthrough, including birthdays, onboarding anniversaries, and brand new hire welcomes.  

ClearCompany looks for to close the particular communication gap between employees and supervisors by enabling each employee to receive current feedback. This means employees can regularly monitor and comment on essential milestones and projects while simultaneously receiving feedback from managers.  

If you’re looking for a suite of employee engagement equipment that go beyond the basics, ClearCompany certainly provides. Depending on the type of firm culture you’re seeking to cultivate, highlighting worker shoutouts and partying milestones can be an integral part of your overall management process.  

ClearCompany Workforce Preparing and Analytics

The bigger your company, the more you will want to take advantage of equipment that give you a glimpse into how your own hiring practices carry out at scale.   Enter ClearCompany’s package of workforce preparing and analytics equipment. They’re designed to a person in the know of every thing that’s happening with your recruiting process.  

Smaller, less developed recruiting options require data plus analytics features to fulfill basic needs. This might mean reporting on how big your skill pool is or even how responsive applicants are to your open up positions. ClearCompany, nevertheless , takes it to a completely new level with all the wide range of things you can do using its analytics system.  

Being able to model business needs and anticipate employee motion helps ensure you have the best people on hand at the right time. This can prove to be valuable data during the hiring and management process.  

It’s necessary to note that more robust analytics features like these may not be crucial components of the recruiting process for everyone. But as your company grows, such features can help you stay one step ahead of the recruiting living cycle and become increasingly important.  

To learn more about what it’ll cost you to get access to ClearCompany’s modular options or full-platform gain access to, you’ll have to get in touch with its sales team to get a personalized estimate. You can enter your details and learn more here.

ClearCompany is really a robust recruiting option for businesses that are looking to get a handle on their recruiting process from beginning to end plus hire A+ players. It comes equipped with numerous recruiting tools that streamline the process and provide you insight into exactly how your hiring choices are panning away. One of the great things about ClearCompany is that you can choose to make use of it as a bundle or work with just one of its specific item offerings. Either way, they provide a solution for just about any recruiting need you may have.

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