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Call center services are crucial to any kind of business.

Not only does it show you prioritize your customer support, it gives your visitors multiple ways to contact your business.

But managing a call center on your own can be quite a challenge. In-house call centers are usually high priced and labor-intensive. This is also true for smaller organizations and startups with fewer resources.

Fortunately, call center services permit you to outsource your customer care phone support in a simple and cost-effective way.

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Call center services typically record information from incoming calls, respond to FAQs predicated on your company script, and take messages for specific people in your organization.

Advanced call centers can offer assistance for marketing campaigns and lead generation. Some services handle other communication methods as well, like email, live chat, and social media outreach.

If you’re in the market for a call center service, you’ve come to the best place. I’ll explain to you the top options for you to consider and give you more information about choosing the best one for your business.

The 6 Best Call Center Services of 2021

What’s the best call center service currently available? It depends on what you’re looking for. After extensive research, I’ve identified the six most readily useful customer call center services for you to consider.

  1. Nextiva — Best for distributed or remote call centers
  2. Go Answer — Most readily useful inbound call center outsourcing service for small business
  3. TeleDirect — Most readily useful call center service for managing reservations
  4. Elegant Call Center — Best outbound call center outsourcing service
  5. SAS — Best outsourced call center answering services
  6. Signius — Most useful call center service for low-volume small company calls

This guide contains an in-depth review, including the top features, benefits, and other information about these companies below.

Best Call Center Services Reviews

#1 – Nextiva – Best for Distributed or Remote Call Centers

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  • VoIP call center from anywhere
  • Contract remote call center workers
  • Affordable, predictable pricing
  • Keep control of one’s call center

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Among the drawbacks of fully outsourcing your call center is being in the dark about the people handling your callers. It’s no good if you’re getting poor feedback from clients and you don’t have the means to train current staff to improve or replace poor performers with new hires.

Nextiva offers you an in-between solution that can still deliver savings.

Ostensibly, Nextiva’s call center software allows you to run it entirely from the cloud. Meaning you can have a fully distributed network of independent contractors manning your call center phones from wherever they may be.

Sure, you’re still investing in some labor, but there’s no dependence on outfitting a wing of your building with a full PBX phone system and all of the expenses that come with that. This way, you’re saving cash while still maintaining full control over your call center and the people fielding calls.

Nextiva’s call center software runs on its Nextiva One platform. That may seem like a big investment it self, but it’s perhaps not. There’s no requirement for installation or new equipment. Being a VoIP solution, implementation is just a snap.

Plus, it’s altogether affordable. Nextiva One starts with the entry-level Essential plan, which comes with unlimited voice and video calling, toll-free numbers, an auto attendant, and mobile and desktop apps.

Pricing scales in line with the number of users. Four or fewer will mean you pay $23. 95 per user per month, but it gets cheaper for larger teams.

To add call center capability. Just add $50 per user per month to that bill. You get everything you need for setting up a remote or diffuse call center at a predictable price of around $70 per user per month with no limits on minutes or callers in the queue.

Get the most useful of both worlds—keep control of your call center workers while still saving money with them work from anywhere (including their own mobile phone) with Nextiva.

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