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Recruiterbox is usually recruitment software mainly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.  

It offers the helpful bulk candidate upload tool along with a highly customizable hiring process that distinguishes itself from rivals.

Other best features include automated report deliveries, Slack integration, and a API (application programming interface) for increased access.

The client service team, including product experts that offer industry-leading support, is well known for its efficiency and professionalism.

Recruiterbox is also entirely web-based, unlike some of the competitors, meaning there’ s nothing to download, install, or maintain on your end.  

Recruiterbox Pros and Cons


  • Extremely customizable candidate employing process
  • Unlimited job posts
  • Fantastic customer support team
  • Web-based software with no downloads or even installs


  • The software suffers from periodic slowdowns
  • Reports need to be more in depth and clear
  • You can’t type candidates by place or even alphabetically

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How Recruiterbox Even compares to the Best Recruiting Software

Recruiterbox is definitely complete recruitment software with many compelling features. From powerful candidate screening tools towards the ability to track candidates, offers, and a easy to customize recruitment process, there’ s something in charge of most small plus medium-sized businesses.  

That said, Recruiterbox didn’ t make our top recommendations of the best recruitment software because of sporadic slowdowns and reports that could be better—though we think both will improve over time.

Currently, our top choices for the best recruitment software are Breezy HR, with limitless job listings, and Workable, which is great for hiring at level.

Recruiterbox Employing Volume

Some recruitment software restricts the number of open work positions you can have at any one time, so we’ re pleased to say that Recruiterbox offers an unlimited number of them. You might be wondering how it manages to offer this. The answer is simple: Recruiterbox bases its prices on the number of employees at your company, not really on features provided.

Essentially, the amount of employees corresponds to the number of openings you’re likely to post on an annual basis, allowing the software to offer you unlimited job postings whenever you need them.

How important this is for you will vary. If you hire only one in order to two employees each year, it might be better to opt for cheap or even free of charge recruitment software rather than paying for something a person don’ t need. For instance, Recruiterbox’ s pricing starts at a minimum of $3499 annually, so it can be a expensive option, certainly if you don’ t need unlimited job posts.  

In case you do a high volume of hiring every month or every couple of months, you will notice the benefit of unlimited active postings plus limitless hiring managers without needing to pay extra.

Your decision comes down to the size of your company and needs, therefore think carefully and proceed from there.

Recruiterbox doesn’t fully checklist its prices, plus you’ll have to contact them for a custom quotation. A free demo of the software is available.

Recruiterbox Onboarding Tools

Recruiterbox isn’t any slouch when it comes to onboarding tools and offers a variety of them.

With convenient job offer templates and e-signatures, you’ ll have the ability to onboard candidates quickly and without unnecessary hassle. There’ s a repository available for all offer management-related documentation, too, and the information is kept securely on the Recruiterbox platform for added peace of mind.

The work offer letter tools are a particular highlight, allowing you to create offer letter templates and autofill templates with candidate information as required. The tools save a great deal of time and so are especially useful for companies that frequently hire.

On top of that, approval workflows are available for offer letters that enable you to choose when items are sent out at each stage. For instance , if a candidate passes a particular stage of the onboarding process, an email, written beforehand and scheduled beforehand, can be sent to them automatically.

Recruiterbox provides a dedicated resources library and offers complete guides on the best things to say to candidates at every stage of the hiring and onboarding process. Its software offers onboarding functionality and the knowledge for those that want it, and we were impressed with how in-depth the information is overall.

Recruiterbox Employer Branding

Posting open positions on job boards is a good start for businesses, but ideally, you’ ll want to attract applicants through your site and via other tools as well. Recruitment software often features editable career pages and targeted campaigns that reach candidates beyond the usual generic job postings.

Recruiterbox has you covered and allows you to create and manage your branded career pages on your site from within the software. These tools will allow you to streamline the entire hiring process and add a bit of personality to things. They’ re a great place to showcase company culture, for instance, and help you to sell you open positions with style.

We particularly like the mobile-friendly jobs widget. It’ s more crucial than ever to have mobile-friendly content, and candidates now expect a lifetime career site that’ s easy to navigate from any device. Recruiterbox’ s jobs tool solves this problem besides making your job postings searchable via the widget removed, all from the candidate’ s mobile accessory.

Even better could be that the mobile jobs widget blends into your corp} website. You can modify the widget in the Recruiterbox openings API, making it look the way you need it to even although keeping true to the and values of a borrower’s business.

Custom job application forms permit you to fill positions sooner because you can limit the quantity information you adopt and streamline this item down to the essentials. Inside the, there’ s inadequate time in a day, along with multiple applications to go through, it can distract posted by pressing tasks.

For example , if you only want to know a few professional things from lodging a finance application candidates, you can convert the forms as required. You can choose from single-line basics, paragraph answers, drop down menus, and more. When using the competition for top preference being more significant than, Recruiterbox’ s unique job forms have a valuable addition.

You can also create utilisation questions that disregard unsuitable candidates. Clothing, if the role calls for a specific skill, corresponding to C++, you can build a required question suggesting if the candidate keeps that skill as well as many years of experience applying it. If they answer that’s just or only have six long months of experience, it makes it a lot easier to make sure you skip past as well as her application without spending evening reviewing the curriculum vitae.

It’ t worth noting of employer branding implements like these are available in a good number recruitment software ın the marketplace, and Recruiterbox isn’ t offering much in the way of exclusive boasts of. That said, the tools on offer are : practical, forward-thinking, as well as the work well.

Recruiterbox Recruiting Reports

Recruiterbox provides end users with recruiting marque so you can see what’ s working and exactly what isn’ t. You will get these helpful stories by picking a wedding date range, and the software program program will take it after that. Each generated ground-breaking report is emailed locally to you after the company’s creation, and you’ ll be able to relate them with your pros and hiring managers as needed, so everyone can accomplish on improving your selecting game.

Let’ utes say you’ comienza posted a new job opening, but as time passes, you’ re to not get the response your entire family needed or the persons you wanted. You’ re probably posting to career web pages, job boards, in conjunction with other sites. But it were of course ideal to know on a of these is the best root for attracting finest talent. Recruiterbox’ beds reports set out to provide that information, allowing you to improve your hiring ideas.

You’ ll be able to filter right down job positions and wait to see how quickly you weight them at each cycle of the hiring stage. Hiring replacements so that you fill positions split your money wait for great star is costly, for that reason these reports try and help you fix that do, allowing you to speed things up somewhere they might have been too slow.

Recruiterbox’ h source report capabilities allows you to see just what sources your professionals came from and how quite a few00 have been screened, evaluated, and finally, offered a position with the company. The solution can even create an Equal Employment Opportunity A percentage (EEOC) questionnaire with the candidates to enter as they apply for paid position openings to help cut back discrimination.

During the time these reporting showcases are great, we going to remain think the apostille themselves could be more favorable. Specifically, compared to a lot competitors on the market, this particular reports are creatively basic and could become precise when presenting information. That said, Recruiterbox gets updated more often than not, and more advanced revealing options may be coming in the future.

Recruiterbox Interview Scheduling

Recruiterbox offers meet scheduling features this allow your team which can coordinate their agendas. After hearing way back from interested people and screening the parties, scheduling interviews could next step, and it’ s a step which experts state employers want to make reasonably easy after all the work they’ ve done substantially that point. This pivotal stage is where hiring software comes in once again.  

Recruiterbox implies schedule interviews who has relative ease & automatically sends out job interview emails to those who require one. Your associates can sync their specific calendars to the computer software to avoid typical some time conflicts and make time for clashes.

Candidates receive interview applications directly to their email address contact info, and once they’ empieza accepted them, the expensive vacation event is updated but posted on the entire team’ s calendar. The technology successfully eliminates the need to go back and forth between quantity team members, and we feel that it is to be a practical additionally smart solution.

It’ s what’s more worth mentioning about that Recruiterbox features a centralized collection of comments as evaluations from every different team member that questioned the candidate. Those team can data transfer rate candidates and add views, streamlining the criticism. Instead of long mail chains of notes and additionally feedback, each part of the team posts their hand scribbles directly on the candidate’s profile so people involved in hiring moreover decision-making can see individuals.

From simplifying the scheduling practice to the automated ephemeris syncing, Recruiterbox is made with a robust set of work scheduling tools which is shape up adequately against the competition.

Recruiterbox Candidate Acquiring

Whatever our company’ s ideal way of sourcing job hopefuls, Recruiterbox offers so many tools and costly additions to help make the advancement smoother. There’ erinarians everything from automatic type of emplyment postings, external getting options, and the option of forwarding emails about software to remove the importance of manual resume submissions.

The social networking sharing feature, like is one of those straightforward tools that has saved me so much time. This situation allows you to post occupation openings straight to ones social media accounts through the software. You can leave behind logging into every single social media platform one by one and pasting into the link. Instead, you’ ll be able to dispatch your job postings in less than 10 minutes across multiple advertising networks at once.

But the time-saving tools don’ g stop there. Among the our favorite features could ability to forward applicant information to the platform, which then imports that it automatically, including maintains uploaded in the process. Employers would typically have so as to manually open every one email, download i would say the resume, and then transfer to recruitment software—Recruiterbox makes that a business of the past. We’ll hear the pain alleviation already.

In the form of job postings, Recruiterbox will automatically wonderful your new opening in your following places:

  • Indeed
  • SimplyHired
  • Glassdoor
  • ApplyIQ
  • Recruit. get
  • ZipRecruiter

After applicants apply by way of these well-known job opportunity boards, their contact information will go directly to your web Recruiterbox account.

Businesses are starting to appreciate the power of external recruiting, which isn’t sphere Recruiterbox has taken for granted.

With the computer system software, you can add external owners to the applicant tracking system using a not difficult link and email that identifies often the recruiter as an authorised referrer. When the measurements recruiter adds an applicant through the link, an applicant profile gets manufactured automatically. You can use system to track referrals to recognize which sources your top talent and then improve your hiring strategies from there.

Routinely, there’ s no question Recruiterbox’ s aspirant sourcing tools could be just the real deal, and we realise most businesses will quickly realize a lot to like certainly.

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Recruiterbox is a capable recruiting software that we follow recommend. While it didn’ t make involving top picks give, we still have reason to believe there’ s all the time on offer here, and over time, the software only will improve further. If you want web-based recruitment services with robust pick sourcing tools, great customer support, and invaluable interviewing scheduling offers, be sure to book a cost-free demo today.

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