The Best Integrated Marketing Campaigns, According to HubSpot Online marketers

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Integrated marketing is usually any marketing campaign that uses multiple stations in execution. For instance , you might see a well-known new donut taste in a commercial, then drive past the donut shop to see posters of the donut. And when you flip via Instagram once you are able to your destination, you might see a GIF on the feed, displaying the donut.

This kind of marketing is great for increasing leads and brand name awareness. Using several sources to deliver exactly the same campaign diversifies the particular audience that interacts with its content. In this post, let’s look at several recent integrated marketing and advertising campaigns that delivered a great experience can be and leads as well.

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Best Integrated Marketing Campaigns

1 . Hyundai Elantra

Channels:   Spotify, Website

An excellent example of an integrated marketing campaign comes from the 2021 Hyundai Elantra award-winning campaign.

To increase brand awareness among the younger, millennial demographic, Hyundai combined with Spotify plus musicians in UNA, Miami, and NYC to give customers an insider’s guide of the city.

The city guides were made available to audiences everywhere through Spotify podcasts, where drivers could follow along from place to place by listening to the podcast.

These guides were sound, video, and even a microsite that housed itineraries and stop descriptions.

As an associate marketing and advertising manager at HubSpot, I think this is a excellent campaign that utilizes the right channels for the viewers that Hyundai is attempting to reach.

2 . “Fatima, ” the movie

Channels: Facebook Premiere, some other social media channels

In 2020, McKinney and Picturehouse teamed up in order to launch a new film, Fatima, the historic drama of the Virgin Mary’s appearances to three children within Fátima, Portugal, more than a hundred years ago.

The businesses developed social happy to inspire, connect and elevate the film’s key themes. It was a social advertising campaign that included a lot more than 200 pieces of articles reaching 14 mil people.

But one month prior to the movie’s release, the entire world and Fatima had been put on pause due to COVID-19. To keep people interested and engagement up for another four months, the companies created “Together In Spirit, ” a virtual pilgrimage transporting people to the Shrine from Fátima. The advertising campaign videos got more than 27 million sights.

At a time when everyone was isolated, the goal of the broadcast was to provide a message associated with hope, and in the procedure, it became the particular best-performing Facebook Elite event in movie history.

3. Hulu’s HAHA Honours

Stations : Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Website

One of my favorite integrated marketing campaigns in the future along is the launch of Hulu’s SUPER Awards. HAHA is really a clever acronym, position for “Hilarious Cartoon Hulu Awards, ” which I love.

Initially, I saw the particular commercial during a regular ad break while watching — of course — Hulu:

Because there’s no honours show for animated content, the group at Hulu chose to change that — and get fans involved. Fans can vote for the awards on Twitter and Hulu’s website.

I actually appreciate that anyone with a Twitter accounts can participate in voting, regardless of if they are Hulu customers. Some of the types are popular TV shows, like Archer and Bob Burgers, so the masses can election. Additionally , people with no Twitter or Hulu account can vote, just by visiting the site.

The method of using YouTube to introduce the campaign, as well as alternative methods of voting, causes this campaign a chance intended for Hulu to pleasure customers and receive more quality qualified prospects from social media.

4. Victoria Monet’s “Audience”

Channels: Instagram, Facebook, Billboards

For the solitary, “Experience, ” R& B singers Victoria Monet and Khalid collaborated with Spotify for a release advertising campaign. The campaign integrated online and in-person advertising tactics and is the favorite campaign of HubSpot staff writer The writer Fuchs.

In Canada, there was a billboard put up in Toronto, promoting the song’s Spotify launch. In response, Monet posted a picture on Instagram to share with the girl fans and promote the single:

The use of online and in-person marketing methods makes this integrated campaign one that can be seen from anyplace. From the billboard within Canada to worldwide Facebook and Instagram fans, the release of “Experience” was anticipated globally. In fact , in one month, the single became Monet’s most widely used song on the loading service.

five. Gillette, “The Greatest Men Can Be”

Channels: Web site, YouTube

“In 2019, Gillette released its campaign, ‘The Best Men May Be’. The campaign included an uplifting video, a squeeze page that celebrates man advocates and commanders in the community, and a hashtag, #thebestmencanbe, to encourage user participation throughout social channels, inch says HubSpot Marketing and advertising Manager, Caroline Forsey.

integrated marketing campaigns: gillette

Image Source

“The strategy, created in response to the #metoo movement, advised men to hold on their own to a higher regular, ” says Forsey. In the corresponding advertisement for the movement, viewers are shown theoretical real-life instances of males stepping in to be themselves, and making positive change within their community. To increase awareness of the movement, the landing page illustrates real accounts of men upholding the particular hashtag Gillette developed.

“While the campaign received several backlash from both stakeholders and customers, I think it was really worth the price because it expanded the shaving brand name as a relevant, values-oriented brand. For me personally, I shared the particular ad with all our male friends and family people, and it sparked a discussion — which, actually, is what marketing is focused on, ” Forsey commented.

Gillette’s technique of getting their clients involved proved to be successful in the moment and extensive. Discussions, like the one particular Forsey had with men in her life, were taking place nationwide. In fact , my university class acquired one about the campaign. This integrated marketing campaign, boosted by genuine accounts, was proven to be not only successful but valuable.

six. REI, #RecreateResponsibly

Channels: Website, Instagram

Outdoor activity is at the core of REI’s items. REI sells camping out essentials, such as tents, clothes, and protected containers. In 2020, REI partnered along with several groups within Washington state that aim to preserve wildlife and nature, making it the favourite campaign of HubSpot marketing manager, Clint Fontanella.

Outdoor Alliance, The Outside Industry Association, and national parks came together for the #RecreateResponsibly campaign. The point of which was to educate the public about how to stay safe when venturing outdoors, with the main content player being visuals similar to the one beneath:

integrated marketing campaigns: REI

Image Source

This image was shared upon social media to distribute awareness of tips to responsibly venture outdoors to prevent health concerns. #RecreateResponsibly’s hashtag asks followers to share the tips within real-life situations, distributed by REI’s Instagram.

With the hashtag and partnerships, the campaign is also boosted by related blogs on REI’s site. Posts like this one provide ways to stay safe while traveling.

The particular hashtag has been utilized by The National Park Service, Colorado Recreational areas and Wildlife, and Los Angeles National Woodland, and brings understanding to large audiences. The partnerships and REI’s content reveal an educational message and an interactive component — making this campaign diverse and engaging.

seven. Melt Cosmetics, “She’s in Parties”

Channels: Website, Instagram, Facebook

“She’s in Parties” is the name of an eyeshadow palette from Dissolve Cosmetics. Says personnel writer Rebecca Riserbato, “The purple palette sparked a hashtag of the same name on Instagram. For the landing page for the collection, there’s a section dedicated to Instagram posts with all the hashtag. ”

The campaign influenced a purple style, which took over the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Along with this social media content, influencers who have been sent the palette began to upload their own reviews on YouTube.

For this release, a variety of social techniques were used. A matching social strategy, user-generated hashtag, YouTube recommendations, and a spinning landing page were almost all contributions to where the campaign was dispersed. When you know exactly where your audience usually spends their time, such as the team at Melt, you can reach these a diverse, omnichannel strategy.

almost eight. Brew Dr . Kombucha, “Love Wins”

Channels: Website, Instagram

“In May 2020, Brew Dr . Kombucha released the signature kombucha along with limited-edition colorful, rainbow-wrapping for Pride 30 days, ” Forsey recalls. “The wrapping has the lifeline number towards the Trevor Project printed directly on it — the company partnered using the Trevor Project plus supports the organization by means of proceeds of its limited edition kombucha. ”

integrated marketing campaigns: Brew Dr. Kombucha

Picture Source

“Along with the limited edition wrapping, the company a new dedicated landing page designed for #LoveWins, and backed Pride Month with the #LoveWins hashtag throughout its social stations. ”

Forsey continues, “Ultimately, We chose this campaign as one of my favorite incorporated campaigns of 2020 because I was motivated to see this brand uplift and inspire neighborhoods while giving earnings back to an incredibly worthy cause. ”

The brand chose a social movement which was important to them, Satisfaction, and celebrated it with this integrated campaign. This tactic brings consciousness to a social trigger, a respected corporation, and enhances a celebration.

9. The New York Instances, “The Truth Is Hard”

Channels: Commercial, Facebook, Billboard

In early 2018, the particular newspaper The New York Instances had been struggling. With dwindling subscriptions and dwindling trust in the news through the general public, the team behind the famous publication had to learn how to build widespread believe in.

That’s where “The Truth Is Hard” came in — it had been a campaign made to offer transparency. “I think the best marketing not only gets you to pause and be aware at the moment but also stimulates the viewer to take action and learn more following the fact, ” states Alicia Collins, senior brand manager.

The New York Times’ ‘The Truth Is Hard’ campaign will that. It tells a clear and impactful story, and shows the value and significance of journalism right away. inch

Following a tribute to journalism at the 2018 Oscars, the campaign began. The particular Periods aired a minimalist movie to display the clarity of newsprint, and challenged viewers to consider what truth means to them.

Asylum crises, sickness, plus wars — the second phase dove deep into conveying what media endure in order to deliver the most accurate coverage. And, with a paid media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, plus Instagram, all of this content material was broadcast for the world to see.

integrated marketing campaigns: The New York Times

Image Source

This campaign gained the Times their highest amount of new subscriptions since the paywall started, growing signups by 100%. The multiple channels used by the news resource to restore their image to the public proved helpful and made this integrated campaign the win.

Get Started With Integrated Marketing Advertisments

Integrated marketing campaigns can help boost brand awareness, produce leads, and pleasure your customers. The best integrated marketing campaigns come with an omnichannel approach, encourage audience engagement, and hopefully improve your brand name reputation.

And the only way to truly create an integrated marketing campaign is to have a marketing plan template to help you identify the right channels, budget, and strategy for your campaign.

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