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VoiceSage is a cloud communication platform offering a variety of various ways for businesses to communicate.

The Interactive Voice Messages (IVM) solution helps contact centers along with inbound calls, along with additional capabilities which includes text-to-speech, voice documenting, and transcriptions.

The VoiceSage System itself features useful messaging tools designed for both SMS plus email and comes with a drag-and-drop builder together with a range of helpful reports.

In other words: it’ s the little information that allow VoiceSage to stand out from the competition.

Read on for more information about this comprehensive platform.  

VoiceSage Pros and Cons


  • Handle both inbound and outbound comms
  • Easy to learn with restricted knowledge required
  • Send text messages directly to customers’ mobile phones


  • Simply no transparent pricing available for the platform
  •   Recording audio quality could be much better
  •   Little in the way of current monitoring features 

VoiceSage Functions

Let’s take a deeper dive into the core features VoiceSage offers its users.

SMS Services

SMS services are a crucial part of VoiceSage’ s platform and allow you to send notices and alerts straight to customers’ mobile devices. Naturally , this is a compelling way of reaching customers since people are never beyond the boundary away from their mobiles, wherever they actually are.

Essentially, you’ ll be able to send marketing notifications plus let customers respond to these messages with things like updates in order to appointment reminders or even allowing them to reschedule transaction requests.    

Creating and then sending SMS messages is usually both quick and easy in order to do—you’ ll have the ability to send active SMS messages and even email campaigns to customers within a few clicks. You are able to set up automated moves for later, which enable you to spend your time elsewhere and improve customer wedding.

We especially like the drag-and-drop constructor that allows you to use numerous tools, design elements, and ready-to-go templates to set up new promotions. This functionality is not really something every competitor on the market offers, therefore it’ s a highlight.

Campaigns, therefore , can be set up quickly, but simultaneously, they don’ to lose their complexity in the process—the most of both worlds. We’ ll look at the VoiceSage Console that allows you to do this in more details a bit later.

SMS messages come with an average read rate of 98%, and the usual response rate is around 90 seconds across all mobile devices. In other words, they are impressive at reaching users. VoiceSage takes this particular to the next level along with proactive chatbot features, two-way SMS allowing many conversations to be controlled per broker, and payment notifications.

We’ re pleased to see that customers can opt away from further communications when they want to, ensuring you retain your business GDPR-compliant. You’ ll be able to gauge the perfect length of the SMS message utilizing the platform’ s personality monitoring tool too.

An increasingly well-known way of using SMS services is to use these to gather customer feedback regarding marketing projects. You’ ll be able to do this with VoiceSage, providing you with insights into engagement data and framing your strategy following that.

When it comes to TEXT MESSAGE Services then, VoiceSage has a lot to provide users. You’ ll find most of the efficiency on other systems, but there’ s greater ease of use obtainable here, and we believe that’ s a valuable thing indeed.

WhatsApp for Business 

Having the ability to connect with customers via probably the most prevalent messages solutions on the planet is helpful, to say the least. You can create your company profile on WhatsApp Business and link it up to the VoiceSage platform, allowing customers and other businesses to achieve out and find you without hassle.

If you didn’ t know, WhatsApp Business is the business version from the mobile app primarily aimed at small businesses. The app enables you to connect with customers, highlight services and products, and automate messages.

How exactly does the link between the two messaging platforms take place? Well, through VoiceSage’ s WhatsApp API. The API supports two-way conversations meaning customer service queries get solved in the application alone. It’ t important to note that businesses will need to ask their particular customers for permission to contact them 1st, but other than that, what we have here works well.

Key benefits of using WhatsApp include sending multimedia text messages without fretting in regards to the word limit and viewing analytics in order to measure critical metrics such as delivered plus read messages. Creating automated rich mass media messages that make the customer experience more interactive is easy, and you’ ll be able to set up conversations with custom QR codes—a helpful extra.  

That’ s not all though, VoiceSage can configure chatbots to utilize WhatsApp as their shipping channel, allowing customers to self-service on the popular and extremely accessible platform. This particular functionality also has the effect of reducing incoming calls to contact facilities. For most businesses that need to cut down to control things better, this is vital.

Clients themselves can start the particular automated features by interacting with a business plus their WhatsApp amount. It works as simply as this: a customer sends the first message, what ever that may be, and the system starts up the automatic journey—if successful, the particular chatbot will carry on until the issue is definitely solved. A reside agent can come in on more complex issues when the chatbot can’ t solve the problem.  

Best of all is that you simply can integrate this functionality with CRM systems, sites, along with other messaging channels like SMS and Rich Media Messaging (RMM) for an effective multi-channel comms strategy.

WhatsApp Business can, of course , integrate with some of VoiceSage’ t competitors in the room. Still, the integration here is robust plus straightforward, allowing businesses to get ahead and reach more customers. It’ s a significant part of the overall package deal.  

Online Voice Messaging 

VoiceSage offers an interactive voice message company (IVM) which allows contact centers to improve places like first-time resolutions and contact center call avoidance. Basically, by automating these transactions, customers could make payments, complete call-to-actions, answer surveys, plus confirm their IDENTIFICATION on their own. Similar to the WhatsApp capability, an agent can step in when necessary.

You’ lmost all be able to design your own routing how you need, developing how the contact flows without extensive coding or technical experience, which a few other platforms require. Multifaceted customer journeys are super easy to set up, and you’ ll decrease the number of inbound calls because of this.

Other key top features of the interactive voice messaging system consist of text-to-speech—a simple way of creating personalized voice messages—and you can be sure you are GDPR-compliant by transcribing voice conversations to text. The Agent Whisper mode provides your agents with the appropriate contact information before hooking up to the customer.

You’ ll be able to collect payments 24/7/365 times a year on a protected platform, too, and connect with third-party apps to create encoded payment journeys for customers. The latter isn’ t hard to set up either and streamlines the process with no need for additional knowledge, which makes it ideal for those with limited skills.

It’ s important to point out that existing telephone systems will work with VoiceSage via the API, saving a great deal of time and effort. As for security problems, the service uses advanced techniques to confirm customers and existing call information to slice down on fraud and other identity theft.

Routing calls to a different department or real estate agent is as simple because pressing a key, and customers may reschedule calls in a suitable time. You can even send customers automated account alerts, one time password communications, useful dispatch and verification messages, and other notices to prevent things like overspent accounts, fraudulent exercise, fines, and more.

Providing automated appointment reminders via the system allows people to confirm or reschedule if they need it, and you can total customer validation plus identification before interacting with your current booking system. The opportunity for customers to receive SMS confirmation is available as and when required.

It feels like VoiceSage has thought about different situations here and then offered a solution, that is more than welcome. The only thing we found disappointing was the quality of the voice recording, which usually at times sounded distant and muffled. These recording issues aren’ t present each time, and VoiceSage is aware of them, so it may not be a problem in the future. Apart from that, this is a strong part of the overall package.  

VoiceSage Console 

The VoiceSage Console is the platform’ s hub and allows users to generate their messaging strategies in multiple various formats. The user administration features enable you to produce and manage all users with different access levels from a single location.  

On top of that, the campaign builder we mentioned earlier gets some time to sparkle; it couldn’ capital t be easier to get started with new campaigns, as well as the range of templates and tools on offer don’ t limit your choices either.

For those that would like reports on their campaigns, you’ ll have the ability to monitor their achievement through the central dash. The data includes discussion reports, a detailed take a look at your customers’ activities, and other audience information, allowing you to adapt your marketing strategy as required. That said, the current monitoring support is a bit basic.

We all haven’ t pointed out some other key features, from the support team that operates day to day to answer your inquiries via e-mail and phone or the ability to schedule your messages in advance and adjust the operating time of any campaign in progress. There’ s i9000 also the mailbox where you can easily generate and organize your own agent allocation and workflows.

You’ ll be able to focus on customers in different dialects and phone numbers based on location. The VoiceSage platform also supports Secure Access Markup Language (SAML), helping single sign-on with regard to businesses.

VoiceSage’ s Console is where the marketing miracle happens, from the drag-and-drop campaign builder towards the automated flows. We’ re specifically impressed with how easy everything is to accomplish. For those looking for a large amount of power but with higher ease of use, you’ ll find it right here.  

VoiceSage Pricing and Package Options 

We want to see clear and transparent pricing, and unfortunately, this is an area where VoiceSage doesn’ t have much to offer. In fact , VoiceSage provides users without pricing information whatsoever—there are no prices tiers, different deal options, or additional useful details.  

Anyone interested in the platform will have to get in touch with VoiceSage independently and get a custom estimate based on their requests.  

With that said, a totally free demo is available, which will take you via a variety of platform functions, allowing you to see them in action. The free demo requires a simple sign-up, no credit card is required, and you can get started in minutes. That aside, there’ h little else right here.

Not all systems on the market keep their particular prices private, therefore it might be best to appear elsewhere if you like to find them upfront. Remember that custom quotes are relatively common, as well, even if we prefer to see more clear pricing.  

VoiceSage Reputation 

How does VoiceSage build up with users across the web? Well, to put it simply, most users had a positive experience with system overall.  

Users enjoy the simplicity of use of VoiceSage, along with most believing there’ s a good number of functions to enhance their marketing campaigns. Those with restricted technical experience are usually particularly happy. Other people have stated that will managing both outbound and inbound phone calls in one place is definitely beyond valuable, preserving them time and money.  

Some customers believe the customer assistance could be better; particularly, it could be faster to receive a response and that the particular answers offered weren’ t always the best. Others have mentioned they found the woking platform challenging to login with minor troubles when requesting passwords. Overall, though, it’ s clear most users enjoy using VoiceSage and don’ t regret registering, which has granted the woking platform a credible popularity in return.  


We all definitely recommend VoiceSage. It’ s a solid cloud communication system that offers many ways for businesses to connect with their customers. With interactive voice messages, the powerful VoiceSage console, and the simplicity of use, there’ s going to be something here for the majority of users. Whilst other platforms in the marketplace offer similar efficiency in several areas, it’ s still over worthy of your time and consideration.

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