Learn how to Optimize Landing Web pages to Maximize Pay-Per-Call Conversions

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It’s the middle of the night and all of a sudden: drip, drop, drip…

You wipe the face and peer with the darkness at the roof. Uh-oh, something’s leaking up there. Like most people, you reach for your smartphone plus search for a plumber that would be available to help at this ungodly hour.

Scroll, tap, plus voilà: There’s the landing page for day to day plumbing in your area with a CTA to dial the number right away.    

In the olden days, you would likely look up the amount in the phone book (a phone what ? ). Now, people turn to their mobile phones as soon as they have an issue that needs solving or even a question that needs answering.

Animation of someone searching through a phonebook.

Everybody knows there’s nothing more reassuring than listening to a human voice at the other end of the line. And so optimizing your landing pages for pay-per-call advertising campaigns is crucial in this particular digital landscape.

Why Pay-Per-Call Ad Campaigns Are Critical in the Mobile Age group

Pay-per-call advertisement campaigns are the ultimate goal of mobile internet marketing. They’re what each marketer dreams about and strives to get.

Why? Since today 56. 75% of all web traffic originates from a smartphone, a tool that can make a direct phone call to your company with the single touch of a call to action button.

It’ h never been simpler to create high-quality leads with virtually no chaffing . Consider this:

  • Phone prospects enjoy a much higher transformation rate than form-based leads (a 5-1 advantage or much better is not uncommon).
  • Having a phone call, leads don’t have to hide behind technologies : no invasive qualifying questions in order to reply to, no multiple-choice buttons, no pull-down menus, no CAPTCHA riddles.
  • Phone leads are more engaged plus less guarded .

What makes Landing Pages Essential for Pay-Per-Call Campaigns

A landing page is the first thing your possible client will see after they simply click your pay-per-call ad. To be effective, your page needs to become an extension of your ad simply by:

  • Showing clear benefits that will answer your prospect’s search query : If the search term is usually “ weekend break plumbers near me personally ” your benefits must reflect your ability to end up being on site within 30 minutes or much less, your lack of the weekend surcharge, the fact that you run a day to day operation including vacations, and so on.
  • Reflecting the needs of your customer through putting yourself in their shoes : “ We all know how frustrating it really is when your plumbing fails in the most inopportune time, the hassle of a pipe drip, or a clogged destroy when all equipment stores are closed.
  • Presenting a clear proactive approach : This is where you reach out offering your help, where you say, “ Our own reps are always upon standby, just a phone call away to get all your problems solved.

What Should You Include in Your Pay-Per-Call Landing Page Style?

When it comes to pay-per-call landing page design, you should utilize a less is more approach. Your job is to persuade your prospect to contact you without making them fall into a bunny hole of needless information.

Don’t sell your business by showing endless feature lists and a corporation backgrounder. Instead, create a bridge of rely on by reflecting their needs plus offering your solution in a way that makes them feel you’re the particular white knight that’ll come to their rescue.

To this effect, your pay-per-call landing page design needs to consist of:

  1. A headline and sub-headline that reflects your own prospect’s main discomfort point and your remedy. Make this text, font, and color clearly contrast with your page’s background palette.
  2. A call to action button that will jumps out of the page so there’s by no means any doubt in the mind of your prospect that a single faucet will immediately put them in touch with you.
  3. An offer that produces peace of mind . Quite simply, an offer that’ll alleviate their pain, not really showcase your features (so, stay away from expressions that have nothing related to your prospect, like “ 3 decades in business, No job is too small, ” etc . ).
  4. Last but not least, your business logo .

Examples of Pay-Per-Call Landing Pages

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, therefore let’ s look at a few pay-per-call landing page examples and talk about their key elements .

1 . Health and wellness

As you can see, the choice of the forest hero photo evokes a sense of grounding and peace, which is what someone in need of the services of a medication rehab center wants.

The messages encourages without being powerful, emphasizing confidentiality along with free advice.

Most importantly, the call to action is clear and tells you exactly what to do when you contact (“ Press 2” ), yet it uses a subdued shade that complements the colour palette of the history.

2 . Home services

Here’s a squeeze page in response to a search to have an “ inexpensive weekend plumber. Cost is key in the messaging to counter the particular expectation that a weekend plumbing call will be a lot more expensive than the usual regular business hrs call.

This particular landing page’s job is to convey the message that despite the fact that they operate 24/7/365, they’re still inexpensive. To make this also clearer, the call in order to action button stresses that there will be no charge to get an estimate for the work.

Finally, the hero shot shows an expert’ s hand and tools to instill trust and peace of mind—meaning that no matter how horrible the plumbing crisis might be, the prospect shouldn’t worry (because stuff will get better quickly ).

3. Legal

This is a landing page for a legal company specializing in food poisoning personal injury claims. The focus here is to get top payment for their clients , a key expectation for people types of calls.

They clearly mention the fact that clients aren’t expected to have any kind of out-of-pocket expenses in any way and that all providers will be offered on the contingency basis.

They also stress their 24/7 availability, since food poisoning cases often occur after normal office hours and they want to make sure their own prospects know they’ll be available when the incident happens, so they can advise all of them what to do while the metal is hot.

The call to actions is clean and the information makes it clear how to navigate the firm’s telephone answering choices since personal injury law firms handle many types of cases.

Finally, the hero shot reflects the particular predicament of the victim, signaling empathy in the direction of their situation.

Want to Optimize Your own Pay-Per-Call Landing Pages? We’re Here to Help

When it comes to enhancing your landing webpages to maximize pay-per-call conversion rates, you always need to make sure that the job of the page is not to “sell” your services, but to become the natural solution to your prospect’s pain factors.

All your design choices, from the color scheme to call-to-action control keys to hero images, must be chosen to reflect the needs and hopes of your prospect.

The same goes for your own messaging: Empathy drives sales. The more your prospect identifies with your messaging plus feels that you truly understand them, the more they’ll feel comfortable getting action and making that call.

Try Smart Builder to create and enhance variants of your landing pages, and watch your pay-per-call conversions obtain the boost they deserve.

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