Information Visualization: Tips plus Examples to Encourage You

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It’s simply no secret that data can be very powerful — when you can actually understand what it’s telling you, which is.

It’s not easy to get obvious takeaways by looking at a slew of figures and stats. You must have the data presented inside a logical, easy-to-understand way so you can apply your own learnings in an effective way. That’s exactly where data visualization is available in.

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In this article, we’ll give you applicable ways to make certain your data visualization is effective, and provide examples designed for inspiration along the way.

Data visualization allows you to arrange data in a way gowns both compelling and simple to digest.

It’s about representing data in a visible context, such as a chart or a map, to assist anyone viewing this better understand the significance of that information.

How does data visualization work?

Whereas data distributed via text could be confusing (not to say bland), data represented in a visual format can help people remove meaning from that will information more quickly and easily.

Data visualization allows you to reveal patterns, trends, plus correlations that may or else go undetected, too.

Static versus Interactive Data Creation

Data visual images can be static or interactive. For centuries, people have been using static information visualization like graphs and maps.

Interactive data visualization is a little bit more recent: It lets people drill down into the particular dirty details of these types of charts and graphs using their computers and mobile devices, and then interactively change which data they see and how it’s processed.

Time Series Visualization

In addition to stationary and interactive information visualization, you may also listen to the term time series creation . Time collection visualization is what it sounds like — visuals that track information, or performance, during time.

This is important because a major good reason that people want to concentrate on data visualization is to show changes in variables over time.

Time Series Data Visualization Examples

There are many ways to make use of time-series data visual images — you’ll find out more about these below, yet here’s a quick checklist to give you a better knowledge of which visuals are believed time series pictures.

  • Line chart
  • Bar graph
  • Area graph
  • Bullet chart

Data Visual images Best Practices

While determining how you can visualize your data, one of the first things you’ll want to perform is keep the following best practices in mind.

  1. Choose the best visual for your data and its objective.
  2. Ensure your data is easily understandable and viewable.
  3. Provide necessary context for your audience in and around your visual.
  4. Keep the visual as simple plus straightforward as possible.
  5. Educate your viewers with your visuals.

Featured Guide: An Introduction to Data Visual images

data visualization cover

Learn how to apply information visualization best practices inside your marketing with this free of charge guide.

data visualization line chart Image Source

Use a line chart to display your data over the course of time for you to view trends and intervals. You can do this with a single, or multiple, data point(s).

Image Resource

Use a club chart to compare organizations or categories whilst also displaying very clear values.

Thinking how you could use this? Say you’ve used Casted for your content material marketing and need to report on which medium is performing best. You are able to pull data reports from the dashboard in order to visualize the data for key stakeholders.

3. Scatter Chart

scatter plot data visualization Image Source

Use a scatter chart to show the values of 2 different variables as points on a chart.

Picture Source

Use an area graph in a similar way to how you’d use a collection chart.

The difference is that the area below the line is filled up with color and/ or texture with an region chart. Both region and line charts display the advancement of a value.

5. Map

data visualization map Image Supply

Use a map to display data that are geographically located and to show the distribution and proportion associated with data in particular areas.

six. Indicator

data visualization indicator Image Source

Use an signal if you want to display your data with visuals like a gauge or ticker which will clearly display which direction things are moving as time passes.

7. Revolves Table

data visualization pivot table Image Source

Work with a pivot table in summary a large amount of information while specifically highlighting one of the most critical data for audience members.

Image Source

Use a topic graph or chart in a similar way to how you’d use a bar chart. The main difference is that a bullet graph allows you to include more in depth information and information in a way that doesn’t seem or feel messy.

9. Container Plot

data visualization box plot

Picture Source

Use a box plot to view the submission of your data — you’ll have one container plot for each attribute you’re displaying.

10. Matrix

data visualization matrix

Image Source

Utilize a matrix to display the relationships between 100s or thousands of data points, variables, and much more to understand their connections all in one location.

Ready to feel influenced? Let’s take a look at some great examples of interactive and static data visualization.

The reason why Buses Bunch

Here’s an example of a complex data fixed boiled down in a way that appears and feels like a game title. In this visualization, Setosa is showing just how “bus bunching” occurs, i. e. each time a bus gets delayed and later leads to multiple buses to reach at a single stop at the same time.

interactive data visualization example

Image Source

Telling this particular story in figures alone would be pretty difficult — rather, they turn it straight into an interactive sport that makes the data simpler to understand. While the buses rotate along the route, you can click on and hold the button to hold off a bus. After that, all you have to do is usually watch to see just how even a short hold off causes the buses to bunch collectively.

2 . Languages in the World

This interactive by DensityDesign introduces the non-linguist to the many globe languages. All 2, 678 of them.

interactive data visualization example

Image Source

This piece allows you to discover common language families, see which languages are most frequently voiced, and view where languages are spoken around the world.

This is visual storytelling: getting an in-depth subject and breaking it down in an easy-to-understand way.

several. Percent of Oughout. S. Population by Age Group

This is an example of how to present a single data emerge a compelling method. Pew Research developed an animated GIF composite to show changes in population demographics over time. It’s an easy way to tell a larger tale in a neat package.

interactive data visualization examples

Image Source

Plus, this type of micro-content is easy to share on social or embed in blogs, increasing the content’s achieve.

If you want to create a GIF of your own using Photoshop, here’s a step by step tutorial.

4. The Complete History of the particular NFL

In this particular interactive visualization below, an “Elo rating” — a simple measure of strength based on game-by-game results — continues to be calculated for every video game in the history of the National Football Little league (NFL).


Image Supply

That’s over 30, 000 ratings in total. Viewers may compare each team’s Elo to see how each team carried out across decades associated with play.

5. U. S. Thanksgiving holiday on Google Flights

This visual will be powered by Google Trends. It tracked flights as they travelled to, from, plus across the United States on the day before Thanksgiving.

interactive data visualization examples

Picture Source

The visualization starts on the very beginning of the day and plays like a film as time goes on, showing flights moving around the country.

Without showing any kind of numbers besides the time, viewers can see which times were most popular intended for international flights, domestic flights, and flights to/ from various hubs around the nation.

6. Elaborate Really Warming the entire world?

Ever heard an edition of the advice, “Don’t simply show the information tell a story along with it”? That’s precisely what this visualization through Bloomberg Business will — and it’s the interactive part which makes the story move along from beginning to finish. The visual disproves theories that declare that global warming could be explained by organic causes.

The first thing you’ll see is the noticed temperature as really risen from 1880 to present day.

bloomberg climate change data visualization example

Image Source

As you scroll down, the visualization takes you by means of exactly how much different factors help with global warming compared to what’s been noticed, adding a more potent layer of storytelling. The conclusion the authors want viewers in order to draw is made clear.

7. Most Valuable Sports Franchises

Here’s an example of informing a deeper story by adding data.

interactive data visualization example

Picture Source

The interactive visual enables users see the period of time each team offers competed, as well as the amount of championships won. This particular offers a more extensive view of each team’s history and achievement as a franchise.

8. U. S. Wind Map

Here’s a visual comparable that shows the wind speeds plus directions in the Oughout. S. in real-time back in 2015.

interactive data visualization example

Picture Source

May great example of intuitive design: Speed can be represented by outlines moving slowly or quickly, and path is represented through which way the ranges are moving. It could immediately clear what the general trends are usually without any need for numbers unless you click in to the map itself. In addition, capping the number of factors at two causes it to be even easier to stick to.

Examples of Static Data Visualization

9) Where News Audiences Fit in the Political Spectrum

This visual shows data organized on the distribution plot — this is an effective visible choice because it allows viewers to see exactly where each media outlet lies on a spectrum.

media polarization static data visualization example

Image Source

On a spectrum, the distance between each mass media outlet is substantial. If these outlets were just shown one after the some other in a table, audiences wouldn’t be able to see where each one was in context.

10. The Everyday Routines of Famous Creative People

Using information in the book Daily Rituals by Builder Currey, the site displays the daily schedules of famous creatives broken down by time and activity.

static data visualization example

Image Source

Not just is this an example of participating data (you may explore the schedules by individual activity), it’s also an effective editorial piece for a brand.

11. The Year in News

Echelon Insights produced this visual in order to depict the most talked-about news stories associated with 2014 on Twitter.

What do 184. 5 million twitter posts look like? Cool rewrite art!

static data visualization example

Image Resource

12. The Depth of the Problem

When you want to illustrate scale, static data visualization can be a great way to make your point. The infographic below from The Wa Post is incredibly lengthy… and that’s on purpose.

In this case, they’re displaying how crazy significantly a deep-sea transmission from an airplane can be detected by comparing that level to tall buildings, the maximum depth of known mammals, the particular depth of the Titanic ship wreck, and so on.

static data visualization example

Picture Source

It’s a great use of easy visuals and color gradients. Finally, including data to a news story (in this situation, the missing Malaysian airliner) provides essential context.

13. Funding the Final Frontier

While the infographic above is pretty easy, there are ways to create well-designed infographics that deliver a large amount of data. The secret? A simple and clean format that makes it simple for readers to understand the data.

static data visualization example

Image Source

This infographic, created by GOOD Magazine plus Column Five, stops working NASA’s five-year budget to show how plus where the money will be spent. Plus, they have an on-theme style — an overall win.

fourteen. Caritas Kontaktladen Annual Report

Not all data visualizations have to be animated. When real-life data is visualized with real-life examples, the results can be stunning. The designer of this visual took a distinctive approach to the data contained in the annual report.

static data visualization example

Picture Source

The organization provides support in order to drug addicts in Luxembourg, so Luttenberger centered on communicating the objective through real-life visuals. For example , this shopping cart software visualization represents how much of life’s essentials a welfare receiver can afford each day.

15. Austria Sun Annual Report

While there are many methods to visualize data, using the information subject to actually create the data creation can be pretty serious.

This yearly report from Luxembourg Solar uses actual solar power to bring the company’s data to our lives through solar-activated ink on the page.

The good examples of information visualization above good to reference when you develop your strategy. However , it’s also important we consider the much less effective ways to go about data visualization and that means you know what to avoid — so , let’s cover some bad illustrations next.

data visualization sort of MLS salaries in 2013. The sheer amount of information on this chart makes it difficult to read.

bad data visualization examples

Picture Source

Additionally , the size of the variables needs audience members to zoom in significantly to read the data. Some of the boxes that are being utilized to depict data seem to be vertical while most are usually horizontal — this too makes the information confusing to read.

When you include a number of very different variables within a one visual, it also will become complicated for viewers members to understand — the following chart is an example of this.

bad data visualization examples

Image Source

Something else you’ll want to do will be make sure you’re not producing your visual more complicated than it needs to be. For example , this chart has a number of variables that are depicted simply by 3D bars. This particular graph doesn’t need to be 3D — actually it simply makes the information more difficult to comprehend and view.


Image Source

Lastly, let’s review some data visualization equipment to help make this process less complicated.

information visualization resources available today but the following list is here to help enable you to get started. Don’t be scared to test out a few options to determine which choice suits your needs (and data) best.

1 . HubSpot

HubSpot offers several options for data visual images, specifically within Reports. You can create charts and charts in many ways depending on your choice.

There’s also a Dashboard and Reporting accessory that can ease the process of data visualization. Finally, HubSpot allows you to take care of your data and dashboards, as well as customize all of them, in a way that suits your specific needs.

2 . Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop’s data visualization software offers live analytics along with interactive dashboards therefore you’re able to easily place trends, patterns, plus insights.

You will find easy-to-make maps, indicators, and many more visuals, along with straightforward analytics which usually allow you to derive actionable information from computations, reference lines, plus forecasts as a result of your visuals.

several. Chartio

Chartio’s data visualization equipment offer users fifteen types of charts to select from with multiple variations, and even more options once you learn how to use data programming languages.

Along with Chartio, you can bring all your data collectively from locations such as Amazon Redshift, browse your data with the Visual SQL solution, generate and manage customized charts and pictures, and easily talk about them (via web site, Slack, PDF reviews for email, etc . ).

four. Databox

Databox provides a number of methods to upload your data and efficiently create visuals to derive findings.

There are over 70 integrations that will help you quickly and easily generate visuals with pre-built dashboards and reviews. You can also create custom made metrics. Databox after that allows you to connect to Google Sheets or an SQL database, you can also push it through API to view and share your data.

5. Google Chart Equipment

Google Chart Tools allow you to imagine live data on your own website (and mobile) with the help of a number of interactive, customizable charts and data tools. The most typical way to use Search engines Charts is with easy JavaScript that you embed in your web page. Through using the DataTable course, you can easily switch between chart types.

Grow Better Along with Data Visualization

With data visual images, you’ll be able to identify, talk about, and act upon insights in an easier and more effective method.

So , turn to the examples above for inspiration (and as a reference with regard to what to avoid, too! ) and test out the many tools open to determine what works best to your requirements and goals.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published within March 2015 and it has been updated with regard to comprehensiveness.

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