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While most candidate tracking software choices require paid programs, SmartStart is free to use when you have as much as 10 active job listings at a time.  

This free software is a game-changer for smaller companies, businesses looking to scale back their budgets, nonprofits, and more.  

And while SmartStart may be free, it nevertheless offers plenty of useful features that can save time and make the hiring process simpler and more effective.  

Whether you’re looking to attract better quality candidates or want to improve the communication plus collaboration within your HUMAN RESOURCES department, this software program can help.  

SmartStart isn’t well suited for large businesses with high-volume hiring requirements, but it’s an effective and affordable strategy to many smaller companies that are hiring a lot more slowly.  

SmartStart Pros and Cons


  • Free for up to 10 active job content
  • Generate your own career web site
  • Simple job posting plus sharing
  • Intuitive, clean dash
  • Cellular app available on Android and iOS
  • Flexible, secure, modern platform
  • Easy upgrade to a paid strategy available


  • Limited to 10 energetic job posts
  • No cell phone support
  • No ability to hire through the platform

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How SmartStart Compares to Top Applicant Tracking Software program Tools

Given that SmartStart is free to use yet still provides comprehensive functionality plus time-saving features, it is a top option when compared to other applicant tracking software options. Any applicant tracking system requires a paid membership, even on a monthly basis, providing SmartStart a distinct benefit that appeals to smaller businesses and those with tight budgets.  

BambooHR can be another excellent choice, thanks to its HR cooperation tools and easy job posting process. Jazz HR is also highly customizable and includes the ability to send offers and e-sign files, compliance and confirming features, and interview and assessment options for an all-in-one alternative.

SmartStart Hiring Volume and Regularity

With SmartStart, you can post as much as 10 jobs each time. When compared to other candidate tracking software options, this hiring quantity is very small, but it’s also key to what makes SmartStart unique. As long as you remain within this job publishing volume, SmartStart will be free to use.  

The 10-job limit means that SmartStart isn’t the right solution for every business, and it won’t support the hiring needs of larger businesses plus corporations. For these companies, upgrading to SmartRecruiter is a better choice and will let you write-up more than 10 tasks simultaneously. If a company experiences a high-volume hiring period, improving to SmartRecruiter can provide it that required capacity.  

For businesses with lower-volume hiring needs, the particular 10-job limit should be just fine, especially if all those businesses manage their particular job posts well. A business that techniques through the applicant verification, interview, and hiring process promptly may then delete their work posts and take back that space with regard to future posts.  

SmartStart can also be ideal for businesses or departments that are looking to reduce their recruiting spend or even their overall costs. Making adjustments to operate within that 10-job limit could be well-justified by the money that the business would conserve in working with SmartStart.

SmartStart Software program Type

SmartStart is designed for teams as well as for collaboration. Features like interview scorecards and an easy-to-use system mean your hiring team can connect and collaborate simply. The system keeps all of your candidate information in a single place for easier management.  

SmartStart also offers a Employing App, so your team can stay linked and keep moving forward in the hiring process wherever your team members has been.  

SmartStart Human Resources Features

When it comes to human resources features, SmartStart falls relatively short, but it is also important to keep in mind this software is for applicant tracking and isn’t intended to be a comprehensive HR platform.  

SmartStart does offer some equipment like scheduling management and transparent applicant progress tracking. The employee referral portal and an application screening form can help to accelerate the screening and interview process, reducing the burden on your HR team.  

As far as the actual employing and employee onboarding process goes, SmartStart doesn’t offer equipment to help with all those stages. If you want software that doubles since applicant tracking plus overall HR software program, a program like Bamboo HR would be a better choice.  

SmartStart Budget

If you’re working on a good budget or just researching ways to save money, SmartStart is really a wise choice. SmartStart is free to make use of, as long as you have ten or fewer simultaneous job postings.  

With other software program ranging from $30 in order to multiple hundreds of dollars per month, SmartStart is an appealing software choice, particularly for businesses operating on a budget. To become alarmed to worry about contracts plus commitments, so it’s easy to try the application out to see if it’s the right fit for your business.  

Because SmartStart will be free, it’s a perfect choice for many companies and situations. Smaller businesses, or individuals working on a budget, can appreciate the obligation-free, no-cost option. It’s also ideal for startups or for businesses that are going through temporary employing phases and do not want to commit to the particular financial requirements of the long-term paid software solution.  

SmartStart is an attractive choice for non-profits, too, as well as for companies that are growing which are facing substantial expansion expenses.  

SmartStart’s Totally free Recruiting Software

SmartStart offers a prospecting and applicant tracking solution that’s not only comprehensive, but that’s also free to use. Providing the functionality plus time-saving perks that will you’ll see in lots of other software systems, SmartStart wins away against all competitors when it comes to affordability.  

With SmartStart, you can post as much as 10 jobs at any time while using the software for free. This capacity much more than enough for most smaller and medium-sized businesses, as long as they will aren’t doing an active hiring push. As soon as you’ve filled a job and closed your chance, you can post another, so by meticulously managing your job posts, you can save significant cash over a paid subscription service.  

(If your business ever does need to post a lot more than 10 jobs at a time, you can pay in order to upgrade to SmartRecruit, a robust paid provider offered by the same company as SmartStart. We’ll talk more about SmartRecruit later in this post. ) 

While SmartStart may be free to use, it’s far from a bare-bones program with limited features. The functionality addresses from the drafting of the job posts towards the actual moment associated with hiring new employees.  

SmartStart lets you create work descriptions and submit them on any website, distribute these to aggregators, and automatically post them to Fb.  

You can even create a branded internet site, sharing videos plus testimonials to emphasize the advantages of a career along with your business. Other benefits like one-click use can help to encourage more applicants and better-qualified candidates.  

SmartStart also address the candidate encounter. Not only does this software help to increase the particular reach of your work postings by allowing you to post on several platforms, but it also helps you to make a professional very first impression on applicants, which may motivate these to accept job offers.  

Using this software, candidates obtain automated updates, so they have information on their own application progress and the overall hiring process. This alone can arranged your business apart from various other businesses, which might verify an application receipt however never again follow up with applicants. A individualized auto-reply feature will also help with follow-up emails and inquiries, and you may set that auto-reply to include pertinent information to help applicants really feel heard.  

Once applications begin to come in, SmartStart makes the review and monitoring process easy and structured. Scheduling management equipment and personalized auto-reply features make it simple to schedule interviews. Customizable interview scorecards and candidate-sharing features permit easier and more effective interviews. Other distinctive features like an employee referral portal along with a database designed for candidate management help to take the stress out of the hiring process.  

This particular software is also designed to facilitate communication while saving your HUMAN RESOURCES department time. The centralized email entrance lets you keep candidate emails in one location, keeping you arranged and making it easy to retrieve information. Clear progress tracking helps to ensure that your entire HR group is updated on all progress, allowing your team to work together.  

The fact that all of your associates can easily stay updated has important advantages when team members are out of the office for holidays, time off, or even emergencies. With all of the details in one centralized location, any team member can step in to schedule an interview, move a candidate forward in the hiring process, or answer candidate questions that might come in.  

SmartStart also offers extensive support resources. In-product guides and the Assist Center offer comprehensive support on typical topics, including publishing jobs on career sites and posting and managing work opportunities. SmartStart also offers e-mail support. While the lack of phone support can mean it takes longer to obtain answers and assist, the availability of assistance is a benefit, especially given that the software is completely free to use.  

Applicant tracking application is only helpful in the event that it’s functional and secure, and SmartStart excels in those criteria, too. The woking platform is both versatile and secure, thanks to state-of-the-art hosting plus security to protect your computer data. SmartStart also complies with data privacy regulations, offering you peace of mind.  

With SmartStart, you’ll have a fully mobile-optimized experience and detailed analytics. This cloud-based platform is designed for security and reliable performance, ensuring you’ll be able to accessibility your data wherever and whenever you want.  


SmartStart is the free version of SmartRecruiters. While SmartStart is perfect for businesses hiring 10 or fewer functions at a time, businesses with greater hiring amounts will be best offered by SmartRecruiters’ paid options, especially the SmarRecruit core plan.  

The SmartRecruit core product offers the same functionality that you’ll get from SmartStart, using some vital enhancements. This applicant tracking system works to assist you to attract, select, plus hire new staff members.  

It’s enhanced with finding analytics and confirming dashboards to help you much better find those ideal applicants. It’s furthermore pre-integrated with more than 350 recruitment solutions plus connects with more than 200 job boards, ideal for any business trying to source candidates globally.  

SmartRecruit also boasts a 99. 99% uptime meant for impressive reliability. It could be configured for multiple brands and employing procedures, making it a perfect choice for big businesses and corporations that may consist of a lot of brands, departments, or even individual hiring entities.  

Whilst SmartRecruit offers the extra reach and functionality needed for high-volume employing, you can further enhance it by choosing from a variety of add-ons, including:  

  • SmartCRM
  • SmartJobs
  • SmartPal
  • Smart Associate
  • SmartMessage
  • SmartConnect
  • SmartGlobal
  • SmartDistribute

These types of add-ons let you tailor the software’s functionality to your needs. For instance , adding on SmartDistribute gives you the ability to watch all details from your job post on up to 1, 000 boards in a single view. Along with SmartMessage, you can text your candidates and maintain those messages centralized in a single inbox, ideal for teams where multiple people are involved in the employing process.  

Offering these addons is a benefit that will help to keep costs down. While SmartRecruit prices isn’t advertised, choosing just a few essential addons lets you get the particular performance that you need without needing to pay for a larger package deal of features that you simply won’t use.  

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Evaluate The Best Applicant Tracking Providers
We reviewed dozens of applicant tracking providers and narrowed them right down to the best options.

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SmartStart isn’t the right choice for everyone, especially for businesses along with high-volume hiring needs. However , it’s a highly affordable option for businesses that need to have ten or fewer active job postings during a period. This software not just simplifies the process of tracking applicants, but also helps you to bring in more, better-quality applicants and to raise the reach of your job ads. Other advantages like the ability to produce your own career web site page and one-click applications can help to connect you with the candidates you really need. This software offers plenty of functionality, and even though it’s a free option, it is highly effective and ideal for HR teams.  

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