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Choosing the right WordPress style is important for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for ecommerce companies. Your theme may ultimately have a direct impact on your conversion rates. As you know, conversions convert to dollars within the ecommerce world.

Here’s the one thing — selling products on the internet is extremely competitive. You’re up against global giants like Walmart plus Amazon, as well the other smaller ecommerce shops in your industry. It’s unlikely that you have exactly the same budget or resources to a pay the developer to build your site as the major online stores. However , you still really want your site to stick out and to convert people to customers.

The right WordPress theme solves this dilemma for you.

As a small business, your Word Press theme will be your site designer, developer, plus a part of your tech support. Choosing the right one is crucial. There are thousands on the market. Plenty of options stylish, good-looking, and seem like they’d do the job, but not all of them are built with ecommerce shops in your mind.

Whenever you’re trying to find the very best ecommerce WordPress style for your business, you have to look for ways to enhance the customer experience. What will they see if they land on your site? How are the items displayed? What’s the navigation like? You desire everything to be easy to find and be visually appealing at the same time.

As an expert in this space, I’ve researched the best ecommerce WordPress themes and simplified down the top five so that you can consider. Use this guideline as a reference when you research the best option for your ecommerce shop.

1 . Artemis

Artemis Theme

Artemis is a great option for ecommerce shops that sell products with WooCommerce. This theme provides class and professionalism and reliability to your WordPress website.

Artemis has a modern design that’s extremely versatile. The theme comes with tons of different layouts and design options and it gives you the option to highlight what matters the majority of to you on your homepage. You can showcase featured products, specific series, discounts, and more.

It has a visual composer that lets you customize the page by simply dragging and dropping components where you want all of them. You can start with a pre-built template and customize it to fit your requirements and design design.

It is great for sites that will sell clothing yet has the flexibility to achieve niche categories too. For example , let’s state you sell some thing unique, such as bikes or watches. The theme makes it easy for you to emphasize specific highlights of your products having a combination of images and text descriptions.

I love this theme supports videos in the product gallery. Rather than just displaying your customers different angles of each product (which you should be doing), you can even include a video demonstration of the product. The particular theme is completely responsive and goes along with the Slider Revolution wordpress plugin for free, so you can very easily create a slideshow or even presentation of your products as well.

With Artemis, you can also set up a shopping cart dropdown function on your own site. Visitors can add items to their trolley and continue buying without being redirected. There’s also a wish listing feature. These components will help you increase the average order value for your ecommerce store.

Another benefit of this theme is the product quick view option. When a user ticks on a product, the image enlarges and shows a quick description from the item, as opposed to redirecting to a new landing page. This feature helps to ensure you always have fast loading times.

Artemis will be stylish, dynamic, and overall one of the best e-commerce WordPress themes you can buy. In my opinion, it’s very worthwhile $59 price tag.

2 . Vitrine

Vitrine Theme

If you would like your ecommerce store to stand out from all the cookie cutter designs out there, I’d certainly recommend the Vitrine WordPress theme.

This is one of the best ecommerce WordPress themes because it’s so easy to use. You can transfer and install a demo with just one click on. Other themes need complex downloads and configurations that are confusing and time consuming. You won’t have that will problem with Vitrine.

There are greater than 30 shortcodes available that make it easier that you can customize the content in your website. This style is fully ajaxified as well.

Vitrine lets your customers add items to their own wish lists, fast view items, plus compare different items on your website. The theme also has intensive options for add-to-cart functionality.

Also i like the sticky help to increase cart feature that this theme offers. Instead of putting your most significant CTA at the top or bottom of the display screen, where it can be hidden or out of view, the sticky switch ensures that it’s in plain sight all the time.

One more why this is among my favorite ecommerce WordPress themes is because it comes with blog design templates as well. Blogging is a great way to drive organic traffic to your site and keep people returning, even if they’re not at all times shopping. But , your blog layout shouldn’t look the same as your product catalogs. Vitrine identifies this with styles made specifically for ecommerce blogging.

Social media marketing is also crucial for ecommerce stores — and the Vitrine theme makes it easy. Rather than downloading a separate social networking WordPress plugin for your specific feature, there is a built-in Instagram feed plugin. I love this because it amplifies the work you’re currently doing on social and helps transform visitors into fans. You want to make sure your readers follow you upon social media so you can still market to them later on.

Vitrine employs lazy launching, which is great for sites with lots of photographs. Instead of loading all the pictures at once, they’ll just be loaded as the user scrolls. Along with lazy loading, you won’t have to worry about gradual page loading occasions on product pages with tons of pictures. (And you want tons of images. )

The Vitrine WooCommerce WordPress theme costs $40.

3. Halena

Halena Theme

I’d recommend Halena to anyone who wants a modern and minimal style on their ecommerce site. The layouts are extremely simple, which is great for showcasing top items on the homepage.

The designs offered by Halena help remind me of luxurious websites. But that will doesn’t mean you have to charge $10, 500 for a watch to make use of this theme. You are able to transform any e-commerce site into one that’s elegant and tasteful by using Halena.

The designs are of high quality and really showcase your images in a manner that is more creative, distinctive, and somewhat fuzy. It’s certainly not the conservative or traditional theme.

Unlike other WordPress themes, the content and settings on different Halena demos could be mixed and matched. With all of the configuration options, I’m sure you will be able to create a style you’re completely pleased with.

You are able to completely customize your product pages along with additional landing webpages. The theme can help you create an About Us page that generates leads.

Halena offers four unique item layout styles.

  • Product zoom
  • Lightbox
  • 360 degree
  • Video

This theme has a extensive ajax product filtration system. It allows clients to narrow their particular searches down by selecting multiple qualities and filters from the side menu.

One of my personal favorite features of this style is the unique lookbook. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you are selling clothing on your own ecommerce site. You can show images of models wearing different items, and allow website visitors to click on content articles of clothing that grab their attention. By adding hotspot hooks that are ajax allowed, users can add these items to their trolley by directly simply clicking the image, as opposed to navigating to a product page to buy it.

Don’t learn how to code? No problem. Halena has a visual web page builder that is simple enough for anyone to use, irrespective of technical skill level.

Hundreds of free fonts come standard when you install this particular WordPress theme, which is priced at $49.

4. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer Theme

Shoptimizer is optimized intended for speed and conversions — two of the very most important elements for every ecommerce website.

This plugin is unique in the sense that it’s built in a different way. Rather than focusing on the most recent design trends, the developers analyzed data. After researching the top ecommerce websites on the web, they came up with styles that follow those best practices.

The first best practice: acceleration. The reason why Shoptimizer is so fast is because the particular theme automatically minifies the main CSS files on your website. Additionally, it creates a critical CSS file that tons content nearly immediately from the viewpoint of your website visitors. In addition to super fast page launching times, Shoptimizer is also made to improve your organic reach by improving your SEO strategy.

Next, a distraction-free cart. Along with Shoptimizer, the peruse process clean and maintains the user focused. By removing clutter plus steps from checkouts, it will decrease your shopping cart software abandonment rates while increasing conversion rates.

Shoptimizer also has a sticky club for the product information. When people scroll on the product page to obtain more information, the name, product thumbnail, cost, and add to trolley button stay on top of the page within plain sight. This particular theme includes important information next to the particular add to cart switch for every product. I’m referring to things like:

  • Client reviews
  • Availability
  • Return policies
  • Shipping choices
  • Safe checkout badges

Many of these add credibility aimed at your website and increase the possibility that your website visitors may buy something.

You can also influence FOMO and shortage on your product web pages. This theme has an option for a sales countdown timer, as well as a real-time availability tracker. These persuasive techniques will help you drive a lot more conversions.

The theme is created for accessibility, making it easier for you to reach as many customers as you can, including people with impairments or disabilities.

Speed plus conversions aside, the particular theme is also superbly designed. You can purchase this particular ecommerce WordPress theme for $99.

Pro Tip: If you want to buy this particular theme, add this to your cart yet don’t check out immediately. I left this in my cart for a few minutes, which induced a popup offering it for $49 instead.

5. Hugo

Hugo Theme

You’re a business owner, not a web site designer. Hugo recognizes the fact that not all e-commerce webmasters are skilled in design. Some website owners just want to sell without having to deal with complex configurations on their websites.

If this sounds like you, after that you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Hugo WordPress theme.

The layouts offered by Hugo are incredibly simple. If you want to create any changes, simply to use the drag-and-drop web page builder. It’s responsive and hassle-free to create. Instead of spending days or weeks creating your ecommerce store, you can be up and running very quickly at all.

Overall, the styles on Huge are usually modern. You can select different color schemes to match your company logo and make certain that you’re appealing to the correct audience.

Hugo’s biggest differentiation from other ecommerce WordPress themes that we have seen is the backend simplicity. It’s ideal for new WordPress customers or ecommerce store owners who are not concerned with minor design details. If you’d rather spend time marketing as opposed to playing around along with endless customized elements on your website, this is the best ecommerce Wp plugin for you.


What’s the best ecommerce WordPress style?

With the amount of options to choose from, it is a difficult question to answer, but after extensive research, I have been able to slim down the top five.

Each one of the styles on my list has something that helps it be unique or stands apart from other options. Therefore take the time to review every to see which style fits the needs of your ecommerce site. No matter which theme you choose, I’m confident that it will be better the overall design, design, and performance of the ecommerce website.

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