The very best SEO Tools the Pros Really Use in 2021

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Want to jump straight to the answer? The best SEO tool for most people is certainly SEMrush.

When I first started using SEO tools and tried to figure out which one was right for me, I was pretty baffled.

There are a couple of tools in the space, and they seem to overlap a lot. There are also way too many specialist tools in order to sort through.

Which ones have data I could trust?

After using these tools for years and years, I have come to realize that there are actually only a few tools that will SEO experts really use. I’ ve put together this list of the five better to save you the research work.

Read on to determine which one is right for you.

Best 5 SEO Tools of 2021

  1. SEMRush – Best Overall SEO Software
  2. Ahrefs – Best Advanced SEO Software
  3. Yoast – Best SEO Plugin regarding WordPress
  4. Screaming Frog – Best SEO Moving Software
  5. Pitchbox – Greatest Outreach Software

First, you can find three main equipment in the market: SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. Everyone uses one of those three. We’ll get to our recommendations for these down below.

I contact them the SEO workhorse — and all three of them be eligible as one of the best seo tools. These types of workhorses carry the almost all the weight in any SEO program, but you just needs one SEO workhorse.

Any serious SEO program definitely needs a SEO workhorse. The rank tracking, keyword research, plus link analysis are all too difficult or even time consuming without one particular. I’ve tried to escape without paying for them; which was a mistake. I could have got gained a lot more traffic by using one of these equipment from the beginning.

Once you pick your main SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION workhorse, I highly recommend you take full advantage of the particular free tools. Search engines Analytics and Search Console are both first class and I consider them both required equipment in day-to-day SEO operations. Plus they are free.

Further than that, there are a few specialty tools worth collecting if you’re doing all those types of tasks.

Pretty simple all-in-all.

Here’s how your decision process will go:

  • Pick SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Moz as your SEO workhorse.
  • Install a SEO plugin if you’re on WordPress.
  • Add a professional SEO crawling device if your site is certainly massive.
  • Add an outreach tool if you’re carrying out link building.
  • Get the free SEO tools in place: Google Analytics and Google Search System.

Best SEO Tool General: SEMrush

Go to SEMrush

  • 7-day free trial
  • Link evaluation & keyword research
  • Rank tracking reports
  • Competitor evaluation

Try SEMrush free of charge

If you’re new to this particular whole SEO thing, I highly recommend that you simply go with SEMrush.

Compared to the other “SEO workhorse” tools, it is by far the easiest to use. Ahrefs definitely includes a learning curve plus Moz has never clicked with me — I can never understand finding anything.

SEMrush’s rank tracking reviews are also the best in the market. I check the reports every early morning. Within a few minutes, I feel like I’m within complete control of what’s going on. All the other equipment spread stuff out all over the place. Or the reports coddle me too much and don’t have enough density. SEMrush provides that perfect balance associated with usability and depth with its reporting. You will have everything you need without getting overwhelmed.

SEMrush has all the other essential parts of a SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION workhorse: link evaluation, keyword research, plus competitive analysis. All of them are more than good enough to hold their own against the some other SEO workhorses.

SEMrush Position Tracking

Simply for Quick Sprout followers, SEMrush is offering the 7-day free trial, which they don’t normally do. In order to give you complete access to their professional plan, they will ask for a credit card before starting the particular trial.

Greatest SEO Tool just for Advanced Folks: Ahrefs

If you’re more comfortable with all this SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION stuff and need tool to really flex your skills, go with Ahrefs.

They are the “new” SEO kid on the block and I have to admit, their particular tool has a great deal of depth to it. Every time I log in, I find a hidden feature or review that makes me giddy.

That’s also the one weakness, I’m still discovering brand new features I had no clue existed. Ahrefs doesn’t hold your hand whatsoever. For an SEO professional, it’s liberating. The particular tool is denser than granite. But I’ve watched SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION beginners try to get their heads around this and they really struggle. After poking in regards to bit, they quit logging in completely.

Ahrefs Dashboard

Ahrefs is perfect once you know exactly what you want and therefore are determined to get it.

On specific features, I prefer the link evaluation in Ahrefs within the other tools. When you’re planning on carrying out a lot of link building, it is worth getting through the learning curve.

Best SEO Plugin to get WordPress: Yoast

There are probably thousands of SEO plugins for WordPress.

Only one of them matters: Yoast.

I actually consider it a needed plugin on any WordPress site. This automates a ton of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION tasks and can make things like meta game titles and descriptions quite simple to update.

I don’t spend any moment on this decision — I install Yoast and move on.

Just use the free of charge version of Yoast; there’s no reason to upgrade.

Check out our complete list of recommended SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION WordPress plugins here.

Best SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Crawling Tool: Screaming Frog SEO Spider

There’s an example of a SEO task the fact that main SEO tools have trouble with: crawling and auditing huge sites.

When you have a site along with thousands of URLs, there is just no way to endure the site on your own. As well as the audit tools in SEMrush, Ahrefs, plus Moz are quite basic.

For a massive site that needs a huge audit, an ardent crawling tool the actual task so much more workable. The entire UI and all the workflows are made around having to deal with thousands of pages at once. There’s no extra clicking or back and forth. And the tool automates as much of the process as you can. You’ll instantly find all the broken hyperlinks, missing meta descriptions, bad redirects, and duplicate content in your site.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is our preferred site crawler. It’s been around the longest and has site crawling dialed.

A person didn’t hear this particular from me, consider site audits are generally a one-and-done type task, you can sign up for the tool, pay for a couple of months while doing your site cleanup, then terminate it once you are done.

The only real folks I know that have long-term subscriptions are usually SEO consultants who do multiple audits every month for clients.

Best Outreach Tool: Pitchbox

I remember the days whenever you could get away without having doing any backlink in SEO. That is how we built the particular KISSmetrics marketing blog to over 700, 500 visitors per month. We just posted a lot of great content over an 8 year period.

Nowadays, that’s not nearly enough. SEO just gotten too aggressive.

My principle is that if I am not willing to do outreach for backlink, I shouldn’t become focusing on SEO designed for traffic. I should find another strategy to grow my business.

I’ve done a bunch of outreach projects from Gmail and a Search engines Sheet. It’s this kind of pain. Especially when a team is included. Keeping track of who contacted who, updating last status, remembering to deliver follow-ups, coordinating and updating templates, it’s all a massive discomfort that takes up a lot of time.

And outreach is painful enough, no reason to make it any harder.

These days, We consistently use an outreach tool when link building. I don’t actually consider the option of skipping it. A good outreach tool automates the majority of the outreach. It’s a game-changer. I used to hate outreach with every fiber of my soul, now I don’t mind it.

Our favorite tool with regard to outreach is Pitchbox. It’ll find contacts for you, automate email follow ups, and keep track of all your outreach contacts. Seriously, use it.

Make Use of Google’s Free Tools

Google Analytics is certainly our favorite website analytics tool. And the research data in Google Search Console is a gold mine. Don’t bother trying to pay for some of the paid analytics device. Google Analytics offers you more than you’ll ever need and it is completely free.

We have a guide on how to setup Google Analytics right here.

After you get Google Analytics installed, go set up Search Console too. It is completely free and you’ll get access to your data once Google Search Console verifies your Google Analytics account. Other than the authentication to demonstrate that you own the site, there’s nothing else you have to set up for Search Console.

Google Search Console is the one and only place to get real key word data from Search engines. Every other tool is a best guess. It also records all the errors Google picks up in your site, tells you what is been indexed on the site, and gives a person impression and click-through data on all of your keywords. I can’t overhype it enough —  use it.

We never work on websites without installing both of them and they’re completely free. Even though they were paid, they’d be worth every penny.

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