How to Create a Product Launch Email [Outlines + Templates]

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There are few times more interesting in a company compared to during a product launch. Anticipation brews along with a sense of optimism emerges around the possibility of a growth in market share.

Nevertheless, a question always comes up when a new product roll-outs: perform enough people learn about this launch for this to be successful?

There are multiple avenues to communicate via during a product release — ads, social media, PR, and weblog promotion, to name a few. Yet, one of the most underrated and effective communication methods to alert internal and external stakeholders is a product release email .

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Not only do product launch emails make your customers aware of the product launch, however they also communicate important information about the start to those inside of your corporation.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps for creating three different types of product launch emails, including offering suggestions for your product launch e-mail subject lines and outlining the ideal product launch email series.

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Inner Product Launch E-mail

You’ll want to talk about an internal product start email with your entire corporation on either your day of or just before your product start. With this email, you turn all of the workers at your company straight into an enthusiastic, well-informed, word-of-mouth marketing team by providing them with:

  • An overview of the product
  • Why employees ought to be excited about it
  • “Lazy copy” intended for email and social media that employees can copy and paste

Here’s a plan of an internal item launch email. You may also download it as being a template with more information.

1 . Subject matter line and examine text.

Keep the subject line at or under twelve words. We’ll provide a list of examples beneath.

2 . Greeting and tl; dr .

Just like you, the particular employees at your company are busy, therefore capture their attention with a quick hello there and a 1-2 phrase overview on the product launch.

3. What is it?

Provide your readers the very basic info on your own product, like what it’s called, what does, when it’s accessible to the public, and how much it costs. You must also include an image therefore readers have a visible reference.

four. Why it matters.

Why should your own employees be excited about this launch? You can go a little more in-depth here, so describe what void the product fills in the market and exactly what opportunity you’re seizing on to expand your own market share, delight more users, and broaden your customer foundation.

Some questions you can answer in this section are:

  • Does this up-date address a common consumer complaint?
  • Have you been bringing your item up to par for the marketplace you’re in?
  • Do you have statistics or revenue projections in order to prove the importance?

5. How functions.

In this section, give a brief overview of the steps required to get or use this product/feature. How do your clients sign up? Are there any utilization limitations? Anticipate frequently asked questions — particularly through salespeople, marketers, account managers, and support reps — and try to reduce confusion in advance.

6. Which it’s for.

If you haven’t currently covered it, say who the designed audience for this method, or if any users will automatically see this brand new feature. This section is very important for regional or even language-specific products.

7. Where to go with questions.

Give the contact info and name of the person or people who are greatest equipped to solution any questions concerning the product, its start, or its advertising.

8. Sluggish copy.

It’s good to make it as simple as possible for employees to share the product launch over email or social media. Provide sample textual content and URLs which can be copied and pasted — or better yet, pre-made social links from a site like Share Link Generator.

Here’s a good example of lazy copy for every situation.

  • Twitter: We’ve just launched [ Product Name ] here @[ Company Name ]! This new function will let you [ List Main Benefit ]. Click here to learn more about this [ Insert URL ].
  • LinkedIn: It’s a fantastic day here at [ Company Name ]! Today, we’re announcing our launch of [ Product Name ] – a brand new product that [ List One or Two Major Benefits or Features ].
    We’re thrilled to finally share this with our customers. Learn more with our website, and reach out to me in case you have any questions about the new product! [
    Insert Product Page URL ]
  • Email:

internal product launch email template lazy copy

Product Launch Email Layouts

Remember, it can save you time by using product launch planning and email templates. You can download free item marketing email themes here in our Product Marketing Go-To-Market Package. You and your team can work together to make a fantastic product launch campaign if you take advantage of these tools.

So when a person create or discover the template that’s right for you, add in your product’s information and get your own network buzzing about it.

Internal Product Launch Email Issue Lines

Need a good email subject line for your internal product launch announcement email? Try one of them on for size.

  • It’s Period! [Product] is now live. Click on to learn more!
  • We all just launched [Product] – And we need your own help
  • [NOW LIVE]: [Product] is available to the public
  • [Product] commences today. Here’s what you need to know.
  • The moment you could have all been awaiting: [Product] is here.
  • [PLEASE READ]: Everything you need to understand [Product].
  • [Product] goes live these days. Help us distribute the word!

Internal Product Launch Upgrade Email

The internal product launch upgrade email is best distributed to direct stakeholders in the product launch. By way of example: product marketers, product managers, designers, interpersonal, and PR.

These emails should be sent routinely prior to the official product start (every week, almost every other week, etc . ) and provide readers along with actionable steps on exactly what has happened since your last email, exactly what needs to be done, plus whether or not you’re on track for launch.

Here’s an outline of what your inner product launch update email should look like. You can also download this as a template with increased details.

1 . Subject line plus preview text.

Keep the subject range at or below 12 words. We’ll provide a list of good examples below.

second . Days until item launch.

Reiterate the scheduled time of the product start in addition to how many times remain.

3 or more. Major updates.

List out any major updates that have occurred between the prior email and this 1. For example: a annoy was fixed, final designs were approved, or you secured positioning in a leading routine on announcement day time.

4. Resources.

Link out to shared documents, the particular campaign planning spreadsheets, or any other assets that your team might need to reference this week.

5. Progress towards goals.

Help remind your team of the overarching campaign objectives in this section and provide a status update (complete, meeting, going above, or lagging).

6. Updates from the team.

Explain to you brief status up-dates and developments from each team. This really is also a great spot to share each team’s focus for the upcoming week.

seven. Questions or remarks.

Encourage receivers to reach out to you directly with any questions.

Inner Product Launch Up-date Email Subject Collection Examples

Select a subject line for your internal product release update emails plus make it the standard intended for whenever you send out your updates.

  • [Date] Bi-weekly [Product Name] Update
  • [#] Days Until [Product]: This Week’s Up-date
  • [Product] Launch Standing: Today’s Action Items
  • New through [ Company ]: A Solution for [ Main Problem ]
  • [ Product ]: A Solution to Your [ Problem ]
  • Available Now: [ Product ], the Solution to [ Problem ]
  • [ Product ] is Now Accessible. Here’s How You Can Have it.
  • Problems With [ Problem ]? Try [ Product ] – New from [ Company ]
  • At Last – A remedy to Your [ Problem ]
  • Meet up with [ Product ]: A New Product to Help You [ Benefit ]

External Product Start Email

Time has come to share your own exciting new product with the world.

When you have an established list of loyal contacts in your CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, create a list of receivers you think would take advantage of the product launch email. While you can distribute a mass e-mail to all of your contacts, it makes sense to group your contacts with each other by their lifecycle stage or their interests so that you’re prioritizing customers who would end up being most interested or ready for your new item.

Here’s the way you might want to format a message to your contacts in order to encourage them to buy or learn more about your new product.

1 . Subject line and examine text.

Keep the subject line from or under 12 words. We’ll provide a list of examples beneath.

2 . Greeting and tl; doctor

Like your other employees, your customers are usually furthermore quite busy. Don’t hide the lede — start the email away with the big information! Buzzwords like “new, ” “big news, ” or “now available” would be good to implement here, alongside a quick summary of what the product is called, what it does, plus an image of the item.

3. Introduction to the product.

Give a high-level summary of what the product is, precisely why it was made, and what it does.

4. Key features.

List the key features or benefits of this particular offer. If you have a product demo video, you may want to link to it here.

5. Call-to-action.

Leave your own contacts with an doable next step. Do you want these to reply to you with questions? Sign up for the demo? Check out the cool product page on your website? Whatever your preferred next step is, allow it to be abundantly clear using a link or simply by bolding the actions.

External Product Launch Email Issue Lines Examples

Want to grab the interest of your contacts? Attempt one of these product launch email subject ranges:

  • New from [ Company ]: A remedy for [ Main Problem ]
  • [ Product ]: A Solution for your [ Problem ]
  • Available Now: [ Product ], the Solution in order to [ Problem ]
  • [ Product ] is Now Accessible. Here’s How You Can Get it.
  • Problems With [ Problem ]? Try [ Product ] – New from [ Company ]
  • At Last – A remedy to Your [ Problem ]
  • Satisfy [ Product ]: A brand new Product to Help You [ Benefit ]

Product Launch E-mail Sequence

To spread the word for your product launch more proficiently, consider enrolling your contacts into an email sequence in your e-mail marketing software. Here are the steps you might want to stick to:

Internal Item Launch Email Series

1 ) Introductory email: Alert the employees the product advancement is in progress plus why. 2 . Pre-launch email : Let employees know when the product is set to be launched and what is expected of them on launch time.
a few. Launch day e-mail : On the day of the product launch, alert all employees the item is available to the open public and provide share links.
4. Follow-up email: After some time provides passed, send employees an update of the performance against goals, and a reminder of how employees can help the product launch be more effective.

External Product Launch Email Sequence

When you want to build anticipation among your contacts, consider an external product launch e-mail sequence. This can be used to gradually increase your prospects’ interests before and after the product comes out.

Remember: you may only want to enroll people in this particular sequence that fulfill certain qualification criteria.

1 . Pre-Announcement Email.

This email comes once you feel the product is inside a good place and you’re comfortable announcing its release day to the public. It will include a basic description of the product in addition to an expected time period. We suggest not identifying an official launch date until you are absolutely self-confident the date you have selected is accurate — you never know what could go wrong between occasionally, so it’s best to perform it safe.

2 . Announcement Email.

This e-mail should be the official e-mail announcement of your item. We’ve outlined what should be included in this email in the section above, but remember to keep the content in this email short, informative, and workable.

3. Follow-Up Email.

This email should be sent to the contacts you feel would be a good suit for your new product but didn’t follow up with your own original email. I implore you to remind them that you simply think they would take advantage of this new product and you’re excited to listen to if they’re curious.

When developing excitement for your new product, having this series can keep your customers waiting in anticipation of the next best thing. Take a look below at an example of a real, recent item launch.

Email to Customer about New Product Example

Samsung has been extremely successful in advertising its new Galaxy Fold cell phones, as well as its emails have been building suspense for them for over a year.

This email example serves as one of its pre-announcements, allowing excited customers in order to pre-order the device. Earlier emails they’ve sent have included the specifications and features of the Fold, which email gives a time frame of when customers should expect its arrival.

email to customer about new product example

You can maintain it simple as demonstrated above, or get creative in your new product emails — just make sure it’s conveying the data your customers want to know.

Ready, Set, Start! (Your Next Product)

Build your e-mail marketing campaigns in a way that attracts your own internal group, and your customers in search of the next best thing. Hopefully you can implement several tips from this guideline into your marketing, and wish you the best of luck in your following product launch.

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