twelve Unique Ways to Create Leads With QR Codes

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If you’re like a lot of people, you may be wondering how to use cellular marketing to generate prospects for your business. Regarding HubSpot users, the good news is that you have a within the — the HubSpot platform automatically creates a mobile version of your site for you.

But what should you do next? After you’ve got a mobile website, what cellular tools should you use to attract new customers for your business? QR rules are one of the easiest equipment to get started with. You’re probably already acquainted with QR codes, when not, they’re the particular square barcodes like the one on this write-up that are being used by businesses to drive prospects for their websites.

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In performing research for our brand new book Go Mobile , Jeanne Hopkins and am took a deep dive into the most significant mobile tools for small- to mid-sized businesses. There are plenty to pick from, but we’re going to focus on the most effective QR code uses to develop your business.

Who uses QR codes?

The brief answer is anyone with a mobile phone. In addition to our keys and wallet, our phone is one of the few things we can’t leave the house without. Businesses have got picked up on this and so are constantly finding brand new ways to use QR codes to get us to engage with them, or even make their processes smoother.

Uses of QR Rules in Everyday Life

While the concept of when to implement QR codes may be brand new, you’ve probably already gotten familiar with their use in local companies you’ve visited. Here is some instances exactly where you’ve most likely encountered them:

  • Community wifi network entry
  • Restaurant choices
  • Instruction guides
  • Cashless payments
  • Web promotions during live occasions
  • Contact information and Linktrees

Later in this article, we’ll discuss the many different ways to use QR unique codes. But first, we’ll drill down into how you can make your own QR codes.

How to Make Your Own QR Program code Promotion

Over the Move Mobile website, we utilized QR codes to provide clues for a nationwide scavenger hunt for four iPads hidden across the nation. Visitors to the site can scan the QR codes to down load the clues. To make sure that we captured network marketing leads from the promotion, we also provided the particular clues via e-mail for anyone who filled out the form on the site. That way, we capture the particular lead information so we can re-market to that audience in the future.

Creating a QR program code promotion is actually pretty simple. Here are the steps we followed whenever we created the advertising for our iPad nationwide scavenger hunt.

1 . Create a Squeeze page

First and foremost, you’ll need to create a mobile-optimized landing page. That means a landing page that is designed to end up being viewed on a smart phone screen. Keep elements simple – for example , on a mobile squeeze page, forms should be held to a few fields only. Most people don’t have the particular patience to fill out lengthy forms from the smartphone.

2 . Create Your QR Code

Once you’ve developed your landing page, duplicate the URL into a QR code generator. There are plenty of QR program code generators on the web, so just do a look for one. Paste your landing page URL in to the QR code electrical generator and, like magic, your QR code is going to be generated on the spot. This particular QR code is exclusive to you, so no one in the world has another one just like it.

3. Add Your own QR Code for your Promotional Materials

Get your QR program code from the generator. On a PC, that means right-clicking it and saving it to your pc. (On a Mac pc, you can drag plus drop. ) Now that you’ve got the QR program code handy, add it to your promotional materials. That includes any printed materials or websites that are going to be part of the promotion.

4. Have the Word Out

There’s no stage in launching the QR Code advertising if you’re not going to allow world know about this. So broadcast your message using your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fb, or any of the other social media tools at your disposal. The important thing part at this stage of the game is to allow as many people know about the promotion as possible.

5. Stretch Out the Promotion

For our ipad tablet Scavenger Hunt, all of us wanted as many individuals as possible to take part, so we’d upload a new QR code each day for several days. That way, our audience builds, and we’re able to create just as much buzz around the promotion as possible.

The right way to Put QR Unique codes to Work for Your Business

There are a variety of ways you can use QR codes for your business, and new ones are cropping upward every day. Here are some excellent ideas you can use beneath.

Hija De Tu Madre (pictured above), the Latina fashion and accessories brand, cleverly placed a QR code on one of the shirt designs. This encourages viewers in order to “Scan for community y cultura, ” enabling people to learn more about the brand and finally convert them in to new customers.

  • “Hello, My Title Is” Tags: You know individuals big red plus white tags people wear at events with their names with them? If you put a QR code in place of your name, you will engage people plus easily be able to start conversations.
  • Event Posters: Advertising a meeting? Upgrade your paper prints and fliers with a QR code passersby can easily scan. Have the code take them for your event page exactly where they can view almost all pertinent details and purchase tickets.

  • Outdoor Billboards: Be one of the first businesses inside your market to run a giant QR code on a billboard for your company. In the example over, Cygames enlisted the help of 1, 500 drones to form a giant QR code in the sky to celebrate the anniversary of one of their video games.
  • Museums and galleries : Make it easy for viewers to find out more about your projects and upcoming projects. Putting a QR code next to art work in place of text is an excellent alternative to the standard explanation. Guests won’t have to crowd each other to read it, and they may take the information with them. Should you be selling at a photo gallery, it may also be worthwhile to enable payment through the QR code too.
  • Product Packaging : If you sell a physical item, adding a QR code that tells the buyer more about your own brand or the item itself can build connections and believe in. If you sell food, consider using a QR code for the ingredient list, or maybe easy recipes to use the item in. For makeup, have QR unique codes that give more information on how the products were produced, tested, and where ingredients were sourced.
  • Using QR Codes to Grow Your Business

    There’s simply no real mystery to using QR codes to grow your business. What you just have to do is produce the code, plus drop it into the promotion. Be sure you test the campaign prior to going public with it – people who scan your code expect items to work relatively smoothly the first time out of the door. But other than that, running a QR code promotion is a snap.

    A key point to remember about QR codes is that they’re simply a mechanism to engage prospects plus customers. In other words, they’re not the end-game, so it’s under your control to figure out how to use these to capture the website visitors you drive to your website as leads making use of landing pages.

    Once your technique is in place, making use of QR codes to grow your business is relatively basic. All you have to do is generate the program code, and drop it into your promotion. Make sure you test the marketing campaign before you go public from it — people who check out your code expect things to work relatively smoothly the first time from the gate. Give them an experience that delights them and keeps all of them coming back for more.

    This is a visitor blog post written by Jamie Turner, founder and chief content officer of the 60 Second Marketer. In addition , Jamie is the co-author of the book Go Mobile , written with Jeanne Hopkins, VP associated with marketing @HubSpot. He is a regular guest upon CNN and HLN on the topic of digital marketing and is a popular mobile marketing loudspeaker at events and corporations around the globe.

    This informative article was originally released in January 2012 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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