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Let’s face this, running a restaurant isn’t easy. Mixing upward customer orders, working out of ingredients, or taking too long to take payments are just a few of the ways things can be wrong. Luckily, restaurant point-of-sale (POS) techniques solve a amount of these problems simply by helping you run your restaurant more efficiently. To lessen the time needed to research POS systems, we created a list of the best available.

The Top 6 Best Eating place POS Software

  1. Lightspeed Eating place POS – Best for Full-Service Restaurants
  2. TouchBistro Cafe POS – Great for Food Trucks
  3. Revel POS System – Best for Quick-Service Restaurants
  4. Toast POS Software program – Best for Pubs and Nightclubs
  5. Epos Today POS Software – Best for Cafes plus Coffee Shops
  6. Square Cafe POS System – Best for Fast Casual Dining places

POS systems target all kinds of restaurant types. We broke down the top six we thought were most relevant to our visitors.

#1 – Lightspeed Restaurant POS — Best For Full-Service Restaurants

Check out Lightspeed POS

  • Sends purchases directly to the kitchen
  • Works with UberEats and DoorDash
  • Scalable to get multi-location restaurants
  • Fully customizable floor plans

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Lightspeed’s Restaurant POS system is the best software regarding full-service restaurants. The software program helps with ordering forward, tableside orders, delivery orders, and contactless payments. While it is the best for full-service restaurants, it also provides features for quick-service restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, and coffee shops, bookstores.

Lightspeed streamlines orders and reduces wait times by causing tasks more efficient. Restaurant customers can choose single-seat checkouts and split bills by guests, items, or courses. Employees can take orders from an iPad and easily send out them to the kitchen. The preset menu modifiers allow employees to quickly customize individual orders.  

Full-service restaurants can customize floor plans and create multiple choices assigned to particular devices. Managers can provide staff members different degrees of access. Kitchen employees, waiters and waitresses, and bartenders might have varying restrictions or none at all. The software program also comes with greater than 57 integrations with regard to greater personalization.  

Lightspeed may be used to manage pickups, takeout orders, and deliveries. The platform integrates along with food delivery applications like UberEats, DoorDash, and Foodora regarding receiving orders. Most online orders could be taken from one display screen. It can also be used for social media marketing, and it runs reports that reveal opportunities for improvement.  

For increasing businesses, Lightspeed has a system that’s easy to scale. It comes along with built-in multi-location reports for those looking to expand. Users can add brand new locations, run their particular existing restaurants, and track revenue. This cloud-based platform can be managed anywhere. This even comes with an off-line mode when not connected to Wi-Fi.  

Lightspeed Restaurant POS comes with unlimited day to day customer support along with video clips, demos, webinars, plus onboarding support. Users must request a quote for pricing information, and the system comes with a 14-day free trial. Users can also buy additional hardware through Lightspeed if required.

#2 – TouchBistro Restaurant POS — Best For Meals Trucks

Check out TouchBistro POS

  • Sales, taxes, and payment reports included
  • Wireless payment terminals for easy storage
  • Wi fi connection not required
  • Visual selections for faster orders

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Food trucks need a POS system with specific capabilities, plus TouchBistro’s Restaurant POS offers just that. It will help users quickly serve long lines, and contains features that assist businesses that constantly move locations with limited space. The product also serves breweries, wineries, coffee stores, bakeries, cafes, family-style restaurants, fine eating, and more.

To maintain lines moving rapidly, TouchBistro offers incorporated payments that enable customers to pay simply by tapping, inserting, or swiping credit and debit cards. It offers visual menus to reduce consumer decision-making times, and it has efficient register buttons for finalizing transactions quickly.  

The platform is easy to use and requires small training. Its cellular payment terminals are usually wireless, allowing employees to move them round the truck and shop them quickly. Restaurant promotions and selections can be prescheduled. This can help reduce time squandered on manually changing from breakfast in order to lunch hour, for example.  

Since on-the-go Wi-Fi can sometimes be hard to rely on, TouchBistro lets users process transactions with no need for an internet connection. To improve sales, the platform will remind employees to upsell with quick add-on options. Users can also run detailed product sales reports, allowing them to track promotions and improve their offerings.  

In addition to sales insights, TouchBistro provides users with more than 50 helpful reports. Payment reports display users the most common varieties of payments processed. Taxes reports show users different state plus local regulations depending on where the food pickup truck is parked. Customers can see revenue analytics categorized by soft type, sales classification, menu item, and much more.  

TouchBistro offers 24/7 customer care via email, conversation, and phone. The particular product’s pricing starts at $69 per month, and users should request a quotation for additional details. Customers have the option to try a free demo of the item before purchase. TouchBistro also offers add-on software and hardware products for greater personalization.

#3 – Revel POS System — Best For Quick-Service Restaurants

Visit Indulge POS System

  • Manages employee payroll and schedules
  • Always On Mode if link is poor
  • Edits several menus at once
  • Tracks inventory, top sellers, plus KPIs

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Revel’s POS System is the greatest platform for quick-service restaurants. It comes with solutions for each back-of-house and front-of-house, and it includes smart reporting, employee administration, inventory management, menus building, Always On Mode, customer screen systems, and more.

This system’s reports help users identify monthly progress, most frantic hours, top menus items, and essential performance indicators (KPIs). For managing workers, users can monitor hours worked, provide payroll, and create work schedules. Inventory management features let employees know when items have to be restocked and assist maximize profitability.  

When creating a menu, users can add combos, descriptions, plus visuals to items. Users can also change menus at multiple locations at once. Normally On Mode is advantageous when Wi-Fi can be unavailable. It does this particular by taking offline payments and putting them in a queue. When the connection is reestablished, these types of payments will then become processed.  

Its customer screen systems come with trademark collecting, CRM data processing, loyalty programs, on-screen tips, and order displays. Additional features include multiple transaction options and Indulge Concierge Services that will manage the POS for its users. Indulge also offers an in-house payment processing option called Revel Advantage for industry-leading rates.  

Indulge users have access to 24/7 customer support. New customers can request a totally free demo and must contact Revel to get a pricing quote. The program starts at $99 per month, and customers can pay for onboarding starting at $674. Revel also offers hardware add-ons such as barcode scanners, self-service kiosks, iPads, transaction devices, networking, ink jet printers, and more.

#4 – Toast POS Software — Best For Bars and Discos

Visit Toasted bread POS Software

  • Menus reflect inventory changes
  • Simultaneous open bar tabs
  • Pre-authorization decreases unpaid tabs
  • Automates happy-hour prices

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If you need a system for your pub or nightclub, Toast’s POS Software is your very best option. The device aims to minimize time bartenders spend entering information onto a screen, and more period pouring drinks plus interacting with customers. While not every bar or nightclub serves meals, this platform aids in fast-casual, casual eating, and fine eating restaurants as well.

Toast offers versatile menus that allow users add automatic happy hour prices, create daily specials, plus app up to eighty six menu items at the same time. If a particular alcohol is running low, Toast can reveal it on your menus. Users can add an item name, its cost, quantity available, online orderability, and inventory status.  

For establishments with multiple bars in the same building, Toasted bread lets customers open up tabs with all of them simultaneously. For example , in case someone opens a tab at the outdoor bar, he or she can walk within and order another drink from the indoor bar on the same tabs. It also gives clients suggested tip amounts, the ability to split checks, and paper, text, or email statements.

This software program also comes with charge card pre-authorization. This helps to ensure that card information is usually securely stored whenever tabs are opened. As a result, stolen and fake card fraud is reduced. This too lowers the risk of clients leaving without paying their own tabs. It ensures every card has an ample amount of money, and employees can easily see taxes, tips, and subtotals on tab.  

Toasted bread POS users receive 24/7 customer support. It offers all-in-one POS options starting at $0 per month and ranging over $272 each month. Potential users ought to reach out to Toast for the quote and can ask for a free demo. The platform also features optional add-ons like payroll management and shipping services.

#5 – Epos At this point POS Software — Best For Cafes and Coffee Shops

Visit Epos Now POS

  • Kitchen Display Screen to get smooth communication
  • Rewards programs to build customer dedication
  • One-touch orders keep ranges moving
  • Mobile app stock tracking

Request the call

Epos Now’s POS Software is an excellent tool for cafes, bakeries, and coffee stores. It uses marketing strategies, promotions, and reward programs to increase consumer loyalty. Users may manage and teach employees, track supply, and record product sales from the app. It includes tools for growing transaction amounts, also it fulfills and processes incoming orders.

The platform is cloud-based, so users may access it at any time through anywhere. From different devices, users can perform actions like clocking in and out, monitoring customer service, updating the menu, and assigning POS restrictions. Epos Right now has reporting equipment as well, letting customers better understand data on employees, margins, sales, inventory, plus customers.  

The tool has a Kitchen Display Screen to ensure smooth communication in between back-of-house and front-of-house employees. Images plus recipes of menus items are kept so employees can easily make coffees, smoothies, or other drinks. One-touch ordering speeds up the ordering procedure and makes sure lines are always moving.  

Epos Today officially costs $999, but it offers product sales over 50% throughout every season. Check its site for the most up dated pricing information.

#6 – Sq . Restaurant POS System — Best For Fast Informal Restaurants

Check out Square POS System

  • Social media marketing equipment included
  • Square gift cards boost loyalty
  • No return or chargeback costs
  • Tracks loyalty program and promotion results

Attempt for free

Those looking for a Pos software to fit their quick casual restaurant should consider Square’s Restaurant POS System. It has a Kitchen Display System to guarantee the accuracy of tickets, it accepts tableside or in-line mobile payments, it offers pick-up and delivery options through its totally free online website, also it keeps lines from becoming stagnant simply by stressing speedy utilization.

Square’s Purchase Manager keeps online orders in one place, and it reduces mistakes by bypassing manual order entries. Most payments are PCI compliant and have end-to-end encryption. There are similar rates across credit cards, next-day transfers, simply no chargeback fees, with no refund fees. Sq . also has gift credit cards meant to increase client loyalty.  

Users can monitor, send, and create social internet marketing campaigns. Square offers helpful tools to generate campaigns, target audiences, and run post-promotion reports to track results. Users can log specific customers to understand why they’re returning, to see which loyalty programs work greatest, and to send customized messages.  

Square has a free plan that allows limitless devices and places, and it includes customer support available during business hours. Its Plus plan includes a free trial offer and costs $60 per month per place. Its Premium plan has features like Square Payroll and Square Marketing, and also you must request the quote for pricing details. Square In addition and Premium both offer 24/7 support.

How to Find The very best Restaurant POS Software For You

Select a restaurant POS system along with tools that will make working your restaurant significantly easier. Reporting, menus editing, pickup plus delivery, flexible obligations, and inventory administration tools are particular features to look out for.  

Reporting Features

When deciding on a POS system, a single with reporting capabilities can be very helpful. Could is not a must-have, most top POS systems include them. Users can obtain a better understanding of workers, menu items, plus customers by using a strong reporting system.

Reporting tools determine things like which marketing campaigns are the many successful, which menu items sell probably the most, and what time of day will be the busiest. Understanding this provides users the ability to notice what works and adjust what doesn’t.

Menu customization options are strongly urged when searching for a restaurant POS system. It’s crucial to be able to remove not successful items, adjust product prices, and add images and explanations to your menu effectively.  

Additional features to look out for would be the ability to edit selections at different locations simultaneously, apply special offers and discounts, and automate menu fuses based on the time of day.  

Pickup and Delivery Options

If your restaurant currently offers pickup and delivery, you need a Pos software that can handle these types of services. You want a system that’s capable of getting customer orders efficiently and ensuring you have orders ready for pickup or easy delivery.

Look for a program that integrates along with third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEats. Enabling customers to place orders, enter payment, and add tips off their mobile devices is important, plus a system with curbside pickup options is a bonus.  

Flexible Payments

A restaurant Pos software must be able to acknowledge flexible payment options. These include options like credit and free e cards, cash, mobile obligations, and gift cards. The more ways clients can pay, the better.  

Failing to get this done creates headaches with regard to both your employees and customers. Various other helpful features incorporate a customer’s ability to open tabs, add suggestions, and split bills. Also, choosing 1 with pre-card consent is helpful for protection reasons.  

Inventory Management

While inventory management isn’t mandatory, it can be extremely useful for dining places that want to handle these tasks. Stock management features assist employees keep track of elements and recognize whenever something needs to be restocked.  

Some inventory management equipment automatically sync using the menu, informing customers if a certain item is low in share or unavailable. They reduce time wasted on manually counting inventory, and they make the entire process more effective.  


If you think it’s time for a cafe POS system, I hope this short article helps you pinpoint the actual product you need. Lightspeed is the best for full-service restaurants, while Revel is suited for quick-service establishments. Food trucks should consider TouchBistro, and cafes should consider Epos Now. Toast ideal bars, while Square is suited for quick casual restaurants.

Before you make a final decision, you should also consider the five helpful POS tools we highlighted. Such as reporting options, menu customization, pickup plus delivery tools, flexible payment capabilities, and inventory management support.

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