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Want to jump right to the answer? For the majority associated with companies, Brand24 will provide the most useful features for improving customer experiences as well as for boosting the company’s online reputation.

A good status has always been a key component associated with success for a company or organization.  

A couple of decades ago, word of mouth was extremely important in maintaining an optimistic reputation. Generating an optimistic reputation these days, however , involves monitoring what individuals are saying about the business online.  

Businesses can dedicate several employees to try to maintain customer reviews plus social media mentions. Or, they can rely on the very best reputation management software to efficiently keep track of and respond to current and potential customers.

The Top 6 Best Status Management Software Tools

  1. Brand24 — Best overall status management software
  2. BirdEye — Best for monitoring customer reviews
  3. Podium — Best for enhancing customer review outcomes
  4. Status. com — Best for understanding reputation ranges
  5. Yext — Best for producing success with local searches
  6. Mention — Best for improving social media existence

#1 – Brand24 — Best Overall Popularity Management Software

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  • Easily monitor brand name mentions
  • Track marketing advertisments
  • Get negative review alerts
  • Watch competitor performance

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Brand24 has an amazing level of versatility in order to serve the online reputation management needs of any sized company. It can help one monitor their own reputation on the web and monitor the efficiency of competitors.

Users can stipulate keyword searches for social networking, blogs, message boards, client reviews, and other shops. The keywords may involve a slogan or the company title.  

Brand24 will then search for any kind of instances of those keywords and send alerts pertaining to them. In some instances, it may be helpful to look for keywords related to competitors, allowing the company to track competitor performance alongside their own.

With its system, Brand24 keeps track of all customer connections, whether they’re harmful, positive, or fairly neutral. If desired, Brand24 will send alerts when it encounters a negative-tinted review or social networking post, giving the company the ability to respond instantly.

Additionally , Brand24 can generate reports about the frequency of describes, likes, and well-known hashtags related to the business. This is a useful method to manage the transmission of a particular advertising campaign.  

Actually Brand24 offers a feature where a company may measure the performance associated with two or more of its advertising campaigns to compare all of them, measuring which from the brand-related hashtags will be performing better.

For those new to reputation management software, Brand24 offers a wide range of helpful functions. It has multiple training tools and webinars to give customers the information they need to make the most of Brand24’s features.

Brand24 offers three pricing tiers ranging from $49 to $299 each month. Brand24’s pricing tiers allow for a different variety of maximum keyword lookups. Users can test the software for free during a trial period.

#2 – BirdEye — Best for Overseeing Customer Reviews

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  • Watch client reviews
  • Respond to customers quickly
  • Ideal for large companies
  • Generate consumer insights

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Online consumer reviews are critically important to any business. Five-star reviews may boost the brand and increase sales. One-star reviews can sink the product quickly.  

BirdEye is able to monitor customer reviews from more than 200 different sites, keeping track of what customers say. Companies can setup BirdEye to generate automatic responses to different types of reviews.

For that most positive reviews, BirdEye can link to all of them and highlight all of them on the company’s social media marketing feed. It can also produce data from customer opinions, helping the company understand why its customers are responding the way they are.

As an added benefit, BirdEye allows a company to connect along with customers who keep reviews on the firm website. BirdEye facilitates messaging through textual content, live chat, social media contacts, or e-mail. After connecting using the customers, BirdEye will certainly encourage them to leave testimonials on popular sites too.

BirdEye is definitely an especially strong status management software package for large companies. The features may work for some smaller organizations as well, especially those that depend on online product sales. Nevertheless , BirdEye’s cost is somewhat higher than some on this list.

BirdEye offers a free demo for potential customers. For those who want to receive cost quotes, they’ll have to provide some info to BirdEye.

#3 – Podium — Best for Enhancing Customer Review Outcomes

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  • Encourage more reviews
  • Use a live chat option
  • Boost company’s reputation
  • Faster responses can be

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When companies obtain five-star reviews, this rarely happens by chance. They have to work at this to make sure happy clients leave reviews. In fact, satisfied customers don’t always take the time to keep reviews like miserable customers tend to do.

Podium is a reputation management software package that focuses on encouraging customers to depart more reviews. Odds are high that this can generate a higher degree of five-star reviews, improving the overall reputation of the brand, product, and company.

As the primary focus, Podium helps the company respond quickly to customer requests and questions. These prompt responses will impress customers.  

When customers let the corporation know that they have a new good experience, Podium sends messages that will encourage them to leave positive reviews. Podium will even point the customers toward certain websites and social networking channels where the company wants more positive evaluations to appear.

Podium maintains the conversation lines open by offering things like a live chat button for the company website along with a phone number for texting customer support. All of these marketing communications from customers appear in the Podium dashboard, allowing for immediate responses.

Potential customers can request a demonstration from Podium. They are going to need to contact Podium for a custom price quote.

#4 – Reputation. com — Best for Knowing Reputation Levels

Visit Reputation. possuindo

  • Generate a reputation rating
  • Make quick feedback
  • Track firm mentions
  • Send out customer surveys

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Companies that struggle to figure out exactly where these people stand with clients can use the Reputation. com software to find out multiple insights.

Reputation. com utilizes its data monitoring about the company and it is brand to give a reputation score. This score offers insights on how customers are interacting with the business.  

Those using Reputation. possuindo will be able to use the score to determine areas where the company is having success with customers and locations where it could improve.

By using the Reputation. com dashboard, users can easily see all customer testimonials in one place. This simplifies responding to each positive and harmful reviews, making the company appear highly thinking about its customers’ opinions and experiences.  

Companies can use the dashboard in order to any social media discussions regarding the company and brand as well.

When customers are talking about the company, Reputation. possuindo makes it easy to request those customers to get more feedback or to take a survey.  

In helping the company create improved responsiveness, Reputation. com aims to boost website traffic, social media strikes, and customer transformation.

Reputation. possuindo offers a demonstration version. To receive a price estimate, potential customers will need to contact the company.

#5 – Yext — Best for Generating Success with Local Searches

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  • Location-based results
  • Manage information effortlessly
  • Produce customer analytics
  • Enhance brand awareness

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When clients start finding your company through searches, Yext helps you manage the info they see. This enhances brand understanding by delivering a consistent message.

When utilizing Yext, companies receive placement on over 150 digital solutions and search engines. Yext then works to improve the brand’s reputation, helping the company appear higher on the page in most kinds of searches.

It uses special techniques to improve search results by trying to answer queries customers have. Any time a customer types a question as a search phrase, rather than generating a link, Yext tries to help the organization answer the research question.

Additionally , Yext excels in generating results for the company in nearby and location-based lookups. When a customer is looking for a specific item or a type of restaurant in the region, Yext works to put the company favorably in the search results for services like Google Maps, Amazon . com Alexa, Apple Maps, and Yelp.

Yext includes a service where companies can produce their own information webpages. These landing webpages provide all of the crucial information about the company, while also generating discount codes or special offers. For companies with several locations, Yext may ensure the information continues to be consistent across locations.

Companies can make use of a variety of analytics from Yext to make sure they’re hitting the types of customers they want. Additionally, it encourages customers to achieve out, creating more leads and conversions.  

Prospective customers can request a demo from Yext. They will need to contact Yext directly to receive a price quote.

#6 – Mention — Best for Improving Social Media Presence

Visit Mention

  • Make a publishing schedule
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Generate automated responses
  • Reasonable price points

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Working with a strong social media presence can quickly build the particular success and reputation of a business. Nevertheless , generating engaging social media marketing posts over and over can be hugely challenging.

Point out works to enhance the social media presence that a organization has, allowing it to interact with customers on a personal level. Mention may also help a company boost its marketing results.

With Mention, companies can generate an idea for posting upon social media on a regular basis, which includes setting up a posting schedule. Having an content calendar in place to handle social media posts are able to keep the company focused on the messaging versus wanting to generate ideas on the fly.  

Additionally , Mention will monitor several social media outlets for mentions of the company. It uses this information to help a company understand what aspects of its brand name are resonating along with customers and which are not.  

Mention applies blocking techniques to the social media marketing information it screens. These simplify the process of analyzing the data, providing companies more useful information about their efficiency levels.

Point out also can monitor a wide range of online information resources beyond social media, for example news articles, weblogs, product review content, customer reviews, and message board forums. It Mention can even create automated responses to posts or it can alert someone in the company to craft a personal response.

Mention offers a free trial offer period for several of its pricing tiers, which vary in price from $29 in order to $199 per month. It offers a free tier in addition to a custom priced tier.

How to Find the very best Reputation Management Software for You

Reputation management software is not a one-size-fits-all prospect. Different brands of this software will give you specific features that may better serve the needs of a particular business.

Think about areas where the business struggles to manage its customer engagements. These could be social media marketing interactions, customer evaluations, and general describes online. Then, choose a software tool that matches those needs.  

Customer Evaluations

When customers are shopping for a particular product, they’re almost certainly going to consult online customer reviews intended for information. When a company’s product has a couple of one-star reviews, these can sink the product’s reputation very quickly.

The majority of reputation management software packages give businesses the ability to keep an eye on client reviews. The best equipment will monitor evaluations from dozens of internet sites. Less powerful equipment will only monitor one of the most popular sites, such as Amazon. This may be enough for some companies, although.

When the organization receives a poor evaluation, the software finds it and provides the company a chance to post a response or to request the customer for more information.  

Even if the consumer who left the indegent review doesn’t react to queries for more information, showing a willingness to achieve out has its very own benefits. It displays potential customers that the company will attempt to create things right when customers are unsatisfied.

Some companies may set up the particular reputation software to respond to positive reviews as well, thanking the customer.

Social Media Interactions

Some of the best ways to react to customers involve keeping an eye on social media. When a customer mentions the company or even organization, many popularity management software packages will discover that social media write-up and give the company an opportunity to respond.

With a powerful social media brand, an organization or business can generate new customers and promote desirable sentiments about the company.  

Some reputation software packages will only monitor a few extremely popular social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter. However , your company may want to seek out a younger customer foundation, which could be found on TikTok or Instagram. If so, seek out reputation software that focuses on these outlets too.

General Brings up

For larger companies and businesses, keeping an eye on everything clients are saying online is essential. The most powerful popularity managing tools will scan the Internet in general, seeking mentions from the company or brand. These locations may include:

  • Movie uploads
  • Podcasts
  • Message boards
  • Blogs
  • News articles
  • “Best of” listicles
  • Trending topics
  • Hashtags

Smaller companies probably don’t have to monitor their status across all of these venues. They can look towards a software package which has more of a focus on a particular area of online reputation, saving a little bit of money.


Through our research, we found that Brand24 gives companies the largest range of options for controlling reputation online. It combines accurate measuring of social media as well as other mentions for the company, while also producing helpful reports plus analytics about the information it collects.

However , it may not supply the best results for every type of company. Mention’s particular strength lies in improving the social networking presence of a firm. BirdEye and Podium focus on helping businesses generate more online reviews that paint the company in a positive light.

Improving online reputation is definitely an area of running a business that can occupy a lot of time whenever owners try to manage it on their own. Providing a few software packages to increase the reputation of a business will save time while generating results.  

Social media and other on the web sources provide a exclusive opportunity for businesses to achieve potential customers. The software tools on our list can help businesses make the most of these types of opportunities in an efficient manner.

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