How to Get Followers on Pinterest: 25 Tips for 2022

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Equal parts social networking platform and search engine, Pinterest had over 431 million active monthly users in early 2022. But the popularity of the platform means it’s a crowded space, and the task of getting followers on Pinterest can feel daunting.

Fortunately, you can find tactics you can carry out right now to increase your own real follower rely on Pinterest to increase web traffic, drive sales, and help your great gain authority.

Here, we’re going to dive into everything you need to find out to grow your Pinterest audience today.

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1 ) Use a Pinterest business account.

On Pinterest, business accounts have access to tools for example unique content forms, advanced analytics, shopping features, and the ability to create an ad account to promote your content.  

When creating a new account, you can opt to turn it in to a business account during the setup process. When you have an existing account, you are able to convert it to some business account to keep authority.

2 . Optimize your username and Pinterest bio.

Your user name and bio are completely searchable. Make sure you include search terms associated with your niche that your customers may be searching for on Pinterest to boost profile visibility.  

For example , content creator Chelsea Clark simon added the key word “plant-based wellness” with her Pinterest profile, making her content more prone to show up for users who include the expression “plant-based” in their Pinterest search.

How to Get Pinterest Followers: Optimize your Pinterest bio and name with keywords

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3. Submit Idea Pins.

Idea Pins are a multi-page video-based format that Pinterest rolled out globally in 2021. The beta version of this function rolled out within 2020 and had been called Story Pins, and was initially used similarly to Instagram Stories.  

Now, the Idea Pin feature allows creators and businesses to report, edit, and share up to 20 pages associated with content within one post. Notable Idea Pin features range from the ability to record voiceovers, add transitions, label other accounts, plus add music.  

Because Concept Pins don’t expire after 24 hours like story features upon other social media systems, creators can use the particular feature to grow their reach and wedding.  

4. Include text on the Idea Pins.  

Once you have the hang of creating Idea Pins, try which includes text overlays to produce your content more accessible, and easy to understand. Text on Idea Pins is also searchable within Pinterest, so be sure you include keywords potential followers are searching for.

5. Focus on a particular audience.  

Even if your products or services could, in theory, be purchased by anyone, you need to laser focus your own Pinterest marketing strategy. You’ll find that as you narrow your target, the better you can use create content that truly resonates with them. By identifying a niche plus dominating it, you can expand your reach as your content is consumed, shared, plus recognized.  

Creating a buyer identity is the first phase to defining your audience, humanizing all of them, and understanding their needs.

6. Blog post original images.

84% of Pinners use Pinterest to determine what to buy — which means it’s vital you position yourself in front of them by creating original articles for your brand. Try out posting original infographics, graphics, or pictures that reflect your brand’s message. Additionally , when you do re-pin, make sure you’re re-pinning articles that aligns well with your own brand.

7. Include related topic tags to improve video reach.

Pinterest is no longer encouraging the use of hashtags and instead recommends creators use topic tags to categorize their particular content and improve reach. Here’s ways to use the topic label feature:

8. Build a cohesive brand to get recognition on the system.

People work with those they such as, know, and rely on, so the goal is to go from a unfamiliar person in your prospects’ eye to being identified and trusted. Upon Pinterest, that means escalating the number of impressions your articles earns from your potential audience. An “impression” refers to any time a potential customer “sees” you or even your brand. Minus a consistent look and feel, your content won’t be recognized as becoming related, which means you never ever build that trust.  

Based on Forbes, color improves brand recognition simply by up to 80%, plus consistent brand demonstration across platforms boosts revenue by up to 23%. The big takeaway is that a consistent (and recognizable) brand identity is paramount in order to increasing ROI for the Pinterest marketing initiatives. By building a brand identification, your target audience will begin to recognize you within the niche, which is the initial step to building rely on.

9. Blog post infographics to promote proprietary data for your firm.

Infographics really are a perfect mix of data, visual, and written content, making them extremely shareable. For this reason, 40% of marketers reported that will infographics were the kind of visual content that will helped them achieve their marketing goals in 2021 according to Venngage.  

Infographics do well upon Pinterest, particularly, as it’s a visual platform with the capability of displaying long, vertical pictures. By creating a custom-branded infographic and expressing it on Pinterest, you’re establishing trustworthiness by educating your audience. It also gives another opportunity for “impressions” to increase your brand name recognition if the infographic is branded correctly.

10. Use keywords in your panel names and pin number descriptions.

Pinterest users typically discover brands through hashtags and searches, therefore it is important you consist of both in your descriptions and images.

When writing your own pin description, really critical you stay specific and descriptive. This ensures the highest chance that your pin number will match a user’s true search intent. For instance, suppose you have a pin for healthy dinner recipes. You’re more likely to have users find and engage with your pin if it’s saved to a board titled “Healthy Recipes” (which is what they are likely searching for) than something vague like “Healthy. ”

11. Include relevant keywords in your Pinterest name, too.

Pinterest marketing doesn’t just come down to the shareability of individual posts but also discoverability. You’ll want to position your brand in front of Pinterest users who are actually searching for your content. By including a couple of relevant keywords into your Pinterest name, your account is more prone to show up for interested searchers.

12. Use Pinterest Trends to plan your articles.

Those using Pinterest business accounts have access to a tool called Pinterest Trends, which ultimately shows which keywords and topics are well-known across various specialized niche areas. Use the tendencies tool to find what your potential customers are looking for and let these results inform exactly what content you discuss.

Pinterest furthermore creates an annual report called Pinterest Forecasts, which outlines which topics will likely development on Pinterest for that upcoming year based on search patterns plus unique data.

13. Share brand new content weekly.

According to Pinterest, the particular recommended posting cadence is at least 1 original pin each week. To get the most from your Pinterest traffic, make sure that your pins lead returning to your website (or that you’re linking your own Idea Pins to your products).

fourteen. Be active plus engaged on Pinterest.

Like any social media marketing site, Pinterest favors active accounts. This consists of ensuring you pin number on a regular basis, manually pin number others’ pins, plus follow other boards. If you have trouble keeping up with your Pinterest action, create a social media calendar to have a more focused plus organized publishing technique. You can also try using a tool like Tailwind, which allows you to schedule your Pinterest pins ahead of time.

It’s vital a person re-pin often. Consider going to the “Explore” plus “Trending” pages plus re-pinning from there. The greater you re-pin plus engage with other boards, the more likely you are to improve your reach.

15. Follow other users.

If somebody is following a business with similar happy to yours, chances are that they had be a good follower for you as well. Take some time to research competitors’ and follow their followers — if your articles is up-to-par, the can more than likely follow you back.

On the other hand, perhaps there are businesses with products or services basically well in conjunction with your own personal. For instance, let’s say you’re an interior designer, and also you find a company that will sells handmade furnishings on Pinterest. You may follow some of their supporters since their fans are likely interested in possibly decorating or beautifying their home.

16. Add a Pinterest adhere to button to your e-zine or website.

You can likely enhance traffic to your Pinterest account if you embed a Pinterest follow button in an email newsletter or on your website. Since traffic to your site, or clients to your newsletter, are most likely already interested in your own product or solutions, they’re a strong audience to target.

In addition, depending on where these are in their buyer’s trip, your Pinterest account might actually help them decide whether your company is the right suit for them.

17. Use Pinterest areas to organize your planks.

Pinterest sections are similar to H2 parts of your blog posts — they enable you to organize your full Pinterest board into categories, so users can more easily find just what they’re looking for.

For instance, take a look at Twins Mommy Blog’s board:

page displaying pinterest sections
While the full board is about “Starting the Blog, ” that it is then divided straight into five sections, which includes how to make money blogging and blog visitors tips. A user might only check out the generate income section and re-pin that content while not having to see or re-pin the rest of the board.

Sections, then, make your individual content very likely to be found and re-pinned.

18. Promote your pins.

For those who have a business account upon Pinterest, you could consider putting money behind a pin to improve visibility and achieve — similar to paying for an ad on Facebook.

For instance, take a look at what I notice when I type “travel” into Pinterest:

page displaying Pinterest Promoted pin
Main pins, prominently shown under the search term “Travel, ” is Wikibuy’s promoted “How to Travel Like a Pro” pin. Promoted pins were proven successful — in fact , 50% associated with Pinterest users have made a purchase after seeing a Advertised pin, and Advertised pins are re-pinned an average of 11 instances.

For improved visibility and reach, then, why not?

19. A/B test your pins to see what works.

You don’t have to throw spaghetti against the walls to see what sticks. By testing various variables with your target audience, you can continually transform your campaigns as you find out more about what resonates using them.  

Here are some different variables in order to on Pinterest:  

  • Alternate head lines for your pin name
  • Alternate thumbnail images for your pin number
  • Alternate post copy for your pin’s description

Be sure that you only test one particular variable at a time. Set a time period to run the test, and then compare each post’s performance using Pinterest analytics. Just make sure your A/B test’s results are statistically significant before you make any decisions on future runs.

20. Use Pinterest’s free shopping tools.

If you’re planning to drive traffic to specific products, you can make Product Pins which have additional metadata in making them even more searchable which increases your chances of being found by users on the platform.  

21. Join the verified merchant program.

Increase your company’s credibility by learning to be a verified merchant on Pinterest. Accounts which are a part of the program receive a coveted verified check mark confirming the particular account has been vetted by Pinterest, possess products show up under related search terms, may activate a user profile “shop” tab, and are also able to access exclusive insights to see transformation data.

How to Get Followers on Pinterest: Join the Verified Merchant program, like Fenty Beauty Image Supply

twenty two. Apply for Rich Pins.

If you anticipate users pinning content directly from your website, you may want to consider applying for Rich Pins.

Rich pins automatically draw in key data from your website when Pinterest Pins are created, and allow existing pins to remain up-to-date with what’s listed in your website. There are three types of rich hooks:

  1. Product Wealthy Pins pull precise inventory and product availability information out of your website.  
  2. Recipe Rich Hooks which include a formula name, list of substances, and pertinent cooking food information pulled through blog posts that feature recipes.  
  3. Article Rich Hooks that include the name of an article, meta description, and author information.  

Rich Pins are free to use. To get going, add the necessary the meta tag provided by Pinterest to your website, then submit an application.  

23. Re-pin older content.

Pinterest Pins have a lifespan of about four months, which is significantly longer than additional social media platforms like the 15-minute span of the tweet, or the 48-hour span of an Instagram post.

Being mindful of this, don’t be afraid to pin older happy to new boards to continue its lifespan even more and engage with a whole new audience.  

If you do choose to create pins from older content, be sure you refresh the pictures for better engagement.  

24. Claim your website on Pinterest.

In case you haven’t already, make sure your company’s website will be claimed by the recognized Pinterest account.   According to Tailwind, 80% of Pinterest balances with high wedding have claimed their particular websites on Pinterest.  

In the image below, you can view the publication The Good Trade has claimed its website using the globe and checkmark symbol next to the particular company’s URL.

How to get Followers on Pinterest: claim your website to improve engagement

Picture Source

25. Schedule your pins.

Like most social media platforms, the key to success on Pinterest is consistency. To produce sharing to Pinterest simple and easy, consider booking your pins ahead of time so they can go live when your audience is probably to engage.  

You can use popular software such as Tailwind to schedule your pins or even use the scheduling device within the Pinterest platform.  

Reasons to Avoid Purchasing Pinterest Followers

Sure, you can find tools you can use to purchase Pinterest followers but this method is not within your best interest.

Buying Pinterest supporters essentially means that you simply buying fake balances to increase the number of followers you have, which will make this look like your business can be popular on Pinterest. This can be tempting — why do the hard work of cultivating a following, when you can pay less than $20 designed for 1, 000 fans, instantly?

Unfortunately, buying followers does more harm compared to good. Here’s why.

1 . It might be against Pinterest suggestions.

In fact , your organization could be banned from the site if Pinterest figures out you’ve purchased followers according to  their guidelines.

2 . You’ll tank your engagement (and overall performance, too).

Increasing your follower count number can actually harm your success on Pinterest since Pinterest’s formula doesn’t just calculate follower count — it also measures wedding metrics.

For example, let’s say you have hundred real followers and 1, 000 false ones. You blog post a pin that is re-pinned 10 situations. Out of your real followers, that’s 10% — an incredibly good wedding number. But Pinterest calculates 10 re-pins out of 1, hundred, which is less than 1 percent.

Eventually, more followers could decrease your engagement metrics, which will make both Pinterest and your real followers believe your content isn’t very actually that good.

3. Buying supporters doesn’t result in ROI.  

All those fake followers will not become real customers. You will become much more successful on the system if you take the time and resources you would’ve dedicated to buying followers and use it instead to implement some of the methods listed above.

They have critical you function diligently to find and engage with real people — since real people will help you figure out what your own potential future clients expect and choose from their online content material.

Now that you understand how to increase your quantity of real Pinterest followers, it’s time for your most time-consuming but most fun part of Pinterest marketing: creating plus implementing a content strategy for your business.

Editor note: This post was initially published on Mar 25, 2019 unfortunately he updated for comprehensiveness.

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