sixteen Leadership Resources for virtually every Stage of Your Career [+ 9 Extra Tools]

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When you think of management resources, terms such as ROI, budget, plus management might come to mind. But the data is within.

There’s a brand new way to think about leadership. It’s time to focus on the relationships which are essential to business achievement.

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According to the 2021 Gallup report, only 20% of employees feel engaged at work. Low worker engagement is a quality of life issue, and it is also expensive. Low engagement costs businesses $8. 1 trillion per year.

Whether or not you’re starting your best job or managing a tough team, these resources for leadership development can help. These are the tools that can help a person thrive both personally and professionally.

While there are many qualities that make someone a great leader, this listing focuses on three areas that anyone can use:

Leadership Resources for Empathy

Leadership Resources with regard to Communication

Leadership Resources for Support and Development

Let’s get started.

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Empathy can improve:

  • Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Preservation
  • Inclusivity

But a 2021 EY study says that 54% of employees left their particular jobs because of a lack of empathy from their manager.

These sources can help you be a a lot more empathetic and genuine leader. And they can help you whether you’re trying to support your teammates or leading your own team.

1 ) The Radical Candor Framework

Book, Podcast, and Workshops

Price: $18 for the book, price varies for other services

Leadership resources: Radical Candor Framework

Commitment: Varies depending on the services you select

What it offers:

After an essential presentation, Kim Scott’s boss, Sheryl Sandberg– yes, the one who wrote Lean In– had some opinions. Harsh feedback. The type of feedback that stings. But because Scott knew that Sandberg was coming from a compassionate place when giving her feedback, Scott accepted it, moved on, and became much better.

Scott got this pivotal discussion and used it to develop a framework designed for giving better suggestions at work. It’s a framework for opinions that embraces each brutal honesty and profound empathy.

Why we such as this leadership resource:

The Radical Candor Framework offers worthwhile advice on how to add empathy to your relationships at work. It’s a useful tool for frontrunners at any point in their professions.

2 . No Straight Path


Price: Free

Leadership resources: No Straight Path

Commitment: 30-50 minutes per week

What it offers:

This new HubSpot podcast hosted by Ashley Menzies Babatunde examines the human stories behind the shiny façade of business leadership.

Rather than drawing a clear series from start to achievement, Menzies unpacks the particular ups and downs of lifetime. This podcast discusses how setbacks and unexpected gifts can build a path towards leadership and achievement.

Why all of us like this free management resource:

Tactical business podcasts could skip the problems or put an optimistic spin on tough moments. This display offers a fresh option. It emphasizes the quality of empathy not just individuals, but also for yourself.

3. LinkedIn Learning

Online programs

Price: $19. 99 a month for an annual subscription

Leadership resources: LinkedIn Learning

Dedication: Course times vary from 20 minutes in order to 5+ hours

What it offers:

If there’s a professional skill you want to enhance, chances are, LinkedIn Learning has a course for this. It offers classes within everything from Excel, in order to audio production, to coding.

Precisely why we like these sources for leadership development:

Their development doesn’t just train traditional ideas about leadership. Top-rated programs in 2021 incorporated:

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Critical Thinking

4. TED Radio stations Hour


Price: Free of charge

Leadership resources: TED Radio Hour

Commitment: About an hour, once per week

What it provides:

Around here, we love a good TED talk. Yet trying to pick only one out of volumes associated with valuable presentations is really as tricky as endeavoring to pick one thing to watch on Netflix. That’s why is the TED Radio stations Hour podcast therefore valuable.

Why we like this free leadership resource:

It takes some of the most interesting TED talk subjects — like producing amends, balancing function, play, and rest, or even gratitude– and builds episodes depending on them.

5. Blinkist

Cellular App

Cost: $8. 34 a month for an annual subscription

Leadership resources: Blinkist

Commitment: 15 minutes each day

What it offers:

Blinkist offers bite-sized overviews of the latest non-fiction books that you can read or listen to on your cell phone. This helps you keep plan the latest research for the topics that are necessary to the people on your group.

Why we all like this leadership useful resource:

This is a great learning tool meant for time-strapped professionals. Empathy begins with understanding, and this app makes it easy to recognize challenges plus passions that may not be top of brain in your world.

6. Side Bustle Pro


Price: Totally free

Leadership resources: Side Hustle Pro

Commitment: Each event is under an hour.

What it offers:

Side Bustle Pro highlights dark female entrepreneurs who have made their part job a lucrative business. Host Nicaila Matthews Okome talks about finance, online business, plus marketing. She also covers business styles in fashion, health, plus wellness.

Precisely why we like these totally free leadership resources:

This podcast recieve more than extensive selection interviews with business specialists, there’s a Boot camp series too. This really is great for new audience who aren’t certain where to start. The Boot camp boosts newbies with an ebook, uplifting emails, and an involved Facebook community. A lot of her podcast visitors share the challenges that led them to create their products and services.

A lot more resources:

If you’re working on empathy abilities on your own, you may enjoy these resources just for active listening. Great choice comes from CompassPoint. They offer online and in-person training for nonprofits plus BIPOC leaders.

Grammarly and Harris Poll states that businesses shed up to $1. 2 trillion a year through ineffective communication.

And only 19% of U. S. workers think that leadership communicates effectively in their firm.

Get ready to improve your communication abilities.

7. Toastmasters

Online learning and club a regular membership

Price: Golf club membership costs $7. 50 per month, plus includes Pathways learning in the membership charge.

Leadership resources: Toastmasters

Commitment: Varies, may include attending meetings for you to two hours everybody to two weeks.

What it offers:

Public speaking isn’t exactly a requirement for being a strong leader, yet as you progress inside your career, it might become part of your job (think: presenting at large team meetings or to a board), and it’s a skill that can help set you apart from the pack.

You can join the Toastmasters club and take part in their on the web learning program. Their particular resources can step up your skills along with advice on topics like:

  • Presentation abilities
  • Goal setting
  • Dealing with nervousness plus building confidence

Why we like these resources for leadership development:

Toastmasters has been a leader in public speaking since the company started in the early 1920s. With over three hundred, 000 members plus 15, 000+ night clubs, they offer a large community. They also have a broad selection of tools to develop your communication and leadership skills.

almost eight. Rapport Leadership Training

Online and in-person workshops

Price: Courses run from $199-2, 595 per course

Leadership resources: Rapport Leadership Training

Commitment: Differs depending on the training you select

What it offers:

Their focus is intensive second . 5-day courses. Rapport also offers self-guided on the web learning to work on leadership skills.

Choices include:

  • Augmenting Culture
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Comments and Coaching

Why we like this leadership resource:

Rapport has 30+ years of experience in principles-focused training. Their intensive courses concentrate on applying new skills to real-life situations. Rapport online classes also include a range of different media to support unique learning styles.

9. Bunch

Mobile app

Price: Free

Leadership resources: Bunch

Commitment: Two minutes a day.

What it offers:

This coaching application is a simple way to add leadership learning to your busy timetable. It offers quick daily leadership tips. They likewise have leadership style quizzes and targeted suggestions for deeper learning.

Why we such as this leadership resource:

This app personalizes the experience of learning. Instead of giving common tips, they work to align their particular content with your main interests. Bunch also offers a podcast, a blog, and an active Slack community for extra support when you want it.

10. Simon Sinek’s InspireU

On the web courses

Price: Course fees range between $40-250, and there is also a free podcast.

Leadership resources: Simon Sinek’s InspireU

Dedication: Course times run from under twenty five minutes to 90+ minutes.

What offers:

Live and on-demand on-line courses that include Sinek’s teachings from his books. They also have resources for self-care and leadership from a range of experts. His popular “Start along with Why” course includes both solo plus partner exercises.

Why we such as leadership resources:

Sinek’s philosophies have got influenced leadership considering since his Ted Talk in 2009. This course focuses on the value of inspiration in leadership. If you are struggling with motivating yourself or your group, this could be a great useful resource to recharge.

11. MindTools

Club with entry to exclusive resources

Price: Limited free of charge access, and $27 per month for membership.

Leadership resources: MindTools

Commitment: Varies according to the training you choose

What it offers:

Mindtools offers numerous resources for communication including:

  • Brief trainings
  • Professional interviews
  • Book synopsis

The reason why we like these resources for leadership growth:

Mindtools contains both personal plus organizational learning modules. This can help you no matter what your leadership difficulties are. Their free of charge tools for communication alone contain a wealth of tools for growth.

Whether you want to dig in to value propositions plus body language or have the basics of offering feedback, Mindtools is an excellent resource for leadership growth.

More resources:

The GLSNext mobile app provides insights from company leaders in movies, blogs, and pod-casts.

Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead Hub

Book, Videos, Podcast, Workbook, and Training

Price: The book costs $20. Training costs differ by the facilitator.

Leadership resources: Brené Brown's Dare to Lead Hub

Dedication: Varies depending on the source you choose

What offers:

Brown writes powerful books that can help you much better understand how to lead. The girl site also has hubs that enable an even more intensive exploration of the themes in her books.

This includes the “Dare to Lead” hub, which offers a video, workbook, assessment, and other tools intended for aspiring leaders.

Why we such as resources for leadership development:

Sometimes, it feels like we have to know everything to be a leader. We need to learn how to manage projects, delegate tasks, plus analyze outcomes. But then, there are the leadership lessons that no longer always get the greatest headlines, like learning to be accountable and embrace vulnerability.

Taking risks needs some degree of becoming susceptible, and strong leaders know when to take calculated risks. But that doesn’t just apply at work leadership — Brown’s resources also explore how vulnerability and courage can help in other areas of life.

13. HubSpot Academy

On the internet courses

Cost: Free

Leadership resources: HubSpot Academy

Commitment: Varies depending on the resource you choose

What it offers:

HubSpot Academy is best known for its excellent certification applications in Inbound Advertising, Sales, Social Media Marketing, plus Content Marketing. But it doesn’t stop right now there. This leadership reference also offers 100+ training, courses, and understanding paths to support frontrunners in every facet of company operations.

The reason why we like these free leadership resources:

The HubSpot group is constantly creating brand new content and upgrading courses to meet the needs of a rapidly altering work world.

14. Dale Carnegie Training

Online and in-person courses pertaining to groups and individuals

Price: Training course prices range from $150-2500 per course.

Leadership resources: Dale Carnegie Training

Dedication: Varies by education. Most on-demand courses offer a full 12 months of online accessibility.

What it offers:

Carnegie has unique courses pertaining to both organizations plus individuals. Online courses are available live on the internet, on-demand, and with an internet subscription.

Just before 2020, 98% associated with Carnegie courses were available in person just. They scaled quick to create leadership resources that are available in thirty-two languages and in eighty six countries.

The reason why we like this leadership resource:

We all need feedback from the real human being, and occasion, it can be probably the most enlightening to get it from someone outdoors your company or business.

Carnegie began teaching about leadership in 1912. The particular principles of his best-selling book concentrate on ideas about well-being that are only at this point taking hold in workplaces.

Whether you’re looking for wide instruction on leadership or more targeted studying for your specific challenges, Dale Carnegie classes can help.

They provide over 80 course options. Their website also offers white papers, situation studies, and training calls if you’re not sure where to start.

15. Could Built This


Cost: Free

Leadership resources: How I Built This

Commitment: About an hour a week.

What offers:

This particular podcast has over 400 episodes associated with business leadership know-how. Each episode features the founders of a business and how they got their begin.

Why all of us like this free leadership resource:

Hearing founder stories is definitely an easy way to consume topics like responsibility and resilience. It’s also a chance to know how founders manage complexity in their startups. These anecdotes can help you determine which skills and tools can help you get ready to meet your goals.

16. HubSpot Podcast Network


Price: Free

Leadership resources: HubSpot Podcast Network

Commitment: Varies by podcast, usually about an hour

What offers:

If you’re not ready to choose a favorite, the HubSpot Podcast Network provides 26 podcasts and counting. Each includes a unique take on business development, growth, and priorities.

From stories of legendary failure to the recovery that followed it, HubSpot hosts job interview guests who talk about their most interesting organizational, cultural, conceptual, and team information.

Why all of us like this leadership useful resource:

If your schedule is tight, there is nothing like getting the essentials done while listening to a strategic podcast. These podcasts cover focused topics like change management, negotiation, and tech news. This resource can shed light on the big and little challenges you face as a leader each day.

So , spend time with professionals from HubSpot and The Bustle. They offer insights you may use on your path to leadership enlightenment.

A lot more resources:

Books are also great sources for leadership development. These two long-time bestsellers continue to be relevant plus popular if you want to learn how to lead effectively.

  • How to Win Buddies and Influence Individuals by Dale Carnegie
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

If you want more sources for support and development, these are another great tools to appear into:

  • ASAE
  • In Good Company
  • Coursera
  • Black Creators

Put These Leadership Resources In to Action

It isn’t really unusual to seek out a list like this after a tough conversation or problem at work. And it is just as common to add a bookmark for your browser and overlook it until the next issue pops up.

So , get started at this point, even if you can only spare a few minutes. One great resource could be all of that you need to change the method you lead.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been up-to-date for comprehensiveness.

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