Celebrating HubSpot’s Third Yearly World Certification Week

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Last week, HubSpot wrapped up the third yearly World Certification Week – a global virtual event where learners and peers through all around the world linked and grew by dedicating time to their professional development.

This community of individuals learned about a variety of market topics, connected with other learners and believed leaders, and earned thousands of HubSpot qualifications. HubSpot certifications are usually awarded year-round, however for one week, we given $5 to education-focused organizations for every qualification completed.

The first World Certification Time kicked off in 2020 when a team member bought a “certification day” web site and we awarded more than 2, 300 qualifications. This event has continuing to grow each year, along with over 7, eight hundred certifications awarded in 2021 and eleven, 159 certifications in 2022.

We are lucky to bring people together to share in the sense of community, relinquish, and grow much better. Thanks to you, i was able to donate 10 dollars, 000 in 2020, $35, 000 within 2021, and $50, 000 in 2022.

HubSpot World Certification Week Statistics

In addition to learning plus supporting a good cause, participants from around the world were dedicated to making World Certification Week fun. From learning together in organizations and taking qualifications live to helpful competitions and certification-inspired videos, participants obtained creative and produced the World Certification 7 days their own.

Globe Certification Week Effect

We want to thank the 7, 815 of you who have took part in World Certification Week and completed eleven, 159 certifications.

By participating, you advanced your career and gained valuable understanding while helping other people. Your contributions may have a big impact on others as well.

This year’s World Accreditation Week donations are supporting the following organizations:

  • Teach For All is really a network of partner organizations that came together to develop collective leadership and to ensure children from all over the globe get the chance to fulfill their potential.
  • Laboratoria’s objective is to create possibilities for women in Latina America by developing an inclusive and diverse digital economic climate.
  • The Clontarf Foundation aspires to help young Aboriginal plus Torres Strait Islander men to improve their particular education, discipline, living skills, and self-pride and equip these the tools to participate more meaningfully in society.
  • The Halogen Foundation is really a not-for-profit Institution of the Public Character (IPC) charity that seeks to help young people reach their potential to influence and business lead by becoming beneficial change agents.

What’s next?

We are already pumped up about what’s in store pertaining to WCW 2023 whenever more learners, companies, and agencies is going to take part in this initiative and extend the impact.

Till then, you can take HubSpot Academy courses any day of the year. From Inbound to Contextual Marketing, choose the programs that will help you excel about what you do and develop better. See you the coming year!

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