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Years ago, We worked at an office where the only period I ever heard through my manager was if I fell lacking expectations. Without positive feedback, I seemed all of my benefits went unnoticed and they didn’t matter almost as much as my loss. This caused myself to lose motivation plus my productivity started to suffer. It also forced me to keep the company and look for better opportunities somewhere else.

Whilst it’s important to let employees know high are areas that need improvement, it’s similarly important to give good feedback so they understand where they sparkle. Giving positive feedback boosts morale, generates confidence, and motivates employees to do their finest. It also helps you keep great people who will certainly move your business forwards.

A study by the Society associated with Human Resource Management found that 80% of HUMAN RESOURCES leaders work at companies that have an employee recognition program.

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Of those frontrunners, 89% reported their particular recognition program helped improve the overall employee experience. 86% said it improved employee relationships and 84% said it enhanced employee engagement.

There are many ways to give positive feedback, however you must understand what it is.

What is beneficial feedback?

Optimistic feedback is the behave of recognizing plus praising someone for accomplishments, strengths, and talents. Positive opinions tells an employee what they’re doing right and what they should always do.

If you focus on what someone shouldn’t do without also touching on the things they should do or keep doing, if you’re only providing half of an instruction, ” says HubSpot’s Historical Optimization Team Supervisor Amanda Sellers . “Good constructive feedback paired with good feedback, on the other hand, is really a balanced way to paint a whole picture, leading to more effective outcomes. ”

In the workplace, positive comments from leadership come in many forms, like congratulating someone upon hitting an important milestone. It can also be in the form of highlighting an employee’s important contribution in a team assignment.

“My approach is that at any time I get and have positive feedback regarding someone I work together with, whether I’m their manager or expert, I pass it on, ” states our Director associated with English Growth Aja Frost. “This is a great way to help other people understand how they’re perceived and recognize all of them for their work. I aim to be because specific as possible. ”

How to Give Positive Feedback

Though every employee is different, it usually helps to do the following when giving optimistic feedback:

  • Link the positive behavior to business results. For instance , explaining that an employee’s understanding of social media algorithms has increased the company’s engagement across platforms.
  • Reward all of them for their hard work with something you know they’d appreciate, such as a digital e-gift card through Rybbon or a present from Reachdesk.
  • Deliver the opinions as soon as possible after noticing the employee’s achievements or strength.
  • Whenever possible or appropriate, deliver positive suggestions in front of others.
  • Be specific and detailed in your suggestions. Include the who, what, where, and why of the matter, so the recipient can apply the feedback to future projects.

It’s also crucial to check in and ask about their preferences. With the earliest conversations I had developed with my manager at HubSpot, I was asked how I would rather communicate and get feedback. Did I favor email, video call, virtual chat, or even some other way? This has helped us connect effectively and I definitely suggest asking your employees the same query early on.

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Positive Suggestions Examples

Obviously not everyone knows the ideal thing to say in each and every situation, but do not worry! Here are some types of positive feedback that you could give in different situations to encourage your own employees’ success.

1 . When an Employee is Being a Group Player:

“I appreciate your commitment to keeping everybody on your team focused and up-to-date using their tasks. Thanks to your time and efforts, the project has been completed on time plus impressed our clients. Thank you so much for your hard work. That kind of team player mentality is definitely an asset our business values highly. ”

2 . When an Employee Needs a Boost in Confidence:

“Hey John! You have been doing an excellent job lately. Given that starting here, you have shown so much development. The quality of your work improved and your ability to multitask has helped our own projects run smoothly. Thank you for your hard work, and don’t think twice to reach out when there’s anything I could help you with. ”

3. When an Employee Hits a New Landmark:

“Congratulations to Sarah on leading her first social media marketing campaign. To watch her grow from a good assistant to the strong leader she is today has been an praise. I can’t wait to see more of her amazing ideas in the years ahead. ”

four. When an Employee Finishes a Difficult Assignment:

“Thank you a lot for completing this. I understand it was more difficult than we at first thought and required more time. Your good attitude through everything and your attention to detail is much appreciated. Could was your first time completing such a job, we knew you were the right person to take it on. ”

5. When an Employee Handles Conflict in a Professional Manner:

“Thank you for solving the issue with a negative client today. It’s not easy to navigate conflict with an unhappy client, but you handled it with such grace. Conflict resolution is a crucial part of the job and you also clearly demonstrated your skills in that region. ”

six. When an Employee Assists a Coworker:

“I just want to give thanks to Jeffery for training our new hire, Jessica, and helping her acclimate in order to both her new role and the firm. Jeffery has made themselves available for all of her questions and has offered excellent guidance. All this has made Jessica’s transition into the company seamless. ”

seven. When an Employee Assumes Additional Tasks Outside Their Role:

“I just want to give a shout out to Michael for taking it on himself to assume some of the responsibilities of the particular assistant manager while we look for anyone to fill the function. His proactiveness provides helped us greatly, and because of that we have been able to devote time to finding a profitable candidate for the part without falling at the rear of on our initiatives. ”

8. When an Employee Exceeds Goals:

“I just want to congratulate Laura to get finishing strong this particular quarter soaring past her goal. We initially wanted to boost our following upon social media by 15%, but thanks to the girl hard work we increased by 30%. ”

9. When an Employee Takes on More Responsibilities:

“Promoting you to director associated with sales has proved to be a great decision given how well you modified to your new obligations. Your flexibility when you take on new tasks has really pushed the department forward. We can’t wait around to see how you keep grow in this new position. ”

10. When an Employee has Submitted Outstanding Work:

“Excellent job on this record, Adrian! It’s obvious you’ve taken the notes into consideration and also have paid close focus on detail. The way you have organized your uncovering makes this report easy to break down with the associated with our team. Thank you for your hard work! ”

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to receiving feedback. However , always remember to become timely, detailed, and sincere when offering positive feedback for your employees. By doing so, you’ll foster a workplace culture that encourages growth, high well-being, and employee retention.

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