How to Make a Wix Site in 6 Easy Steps

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Want to bad started? Click here to sign up for Wix and make a website these days.

Every business needs a web site. They used to be much harder to create, be expensive of money, and require serious expertise. That’s not the case any more.

I know it can be intimidating, but you can make a website today within hours. I’ll explain to you how.

Really dont need to tell you it doesn’t matter what kind of business you are releasing — whatever it really is, it needs a website. Even when it’s just a very basic “digital business credit card, ” you need to have an internet site to increase your achieve and establish a digital presence.

The most basic version of a website is a location people can find important information about you and your company: your location, telephone number, and email address. Should you be going to sell services and products online, your website can facilitate those dealings.

Is your website a blog? If you want to make money along with your blog, you’ll wish to build it on the website. If not, you do have a few other options to pick from for your blog platform. Check out our tutorial on choosing the best blog platform for you, for any of that advice.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’ s get back to the task at hand: how you can create a Wix site. There are tons of different internet site builders out there, yet Wix is the one I recommend. I think it is the best website constructor.

I like it has an AI-powered engine that will help you do things such as pick a template, fit your site design to your logo colors, plus upload pictures from the social media accounts. Wix also offers robust safety and nearly bullet-proof reliability, all concealed from the public view. So , even after your website is built, you never have to think about those things.

When I used Wix for the first time, I was actually surprised by just how much of the creative function Wix did for me. I was already planning on Wix to make code simple with its drag-and-drop builder, but it assisted in ways I didn’t know I required help on.

Wix is free to begin. You’ll eventually wish to upgrade to one of the premium plans, that are very affordable, but we will talk about that in greater detail later on.


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Best Website Builders to Make a Wix Website

If you want to make a Wix website, you’ ll need a website builder. Here’ s the very best options.

  • Wix  – Best website builder for your first website
  • Bluehost WordPress Website Builder  – Best for developing sites that grow with your business
  • Squarespace  – Best website builder meant for creators of all stripes
  • Weebly  – Best for making money by having an ecommerce store
  • GoDaddy  – Best for building your website from your phone

You can read our full reviews of each website builder right here.

6 Learning to make a Wix Internet site

Even though it is easy to make a Wix website, you can still cut some of the trial and error out by using this step-by-step guide as a reference point. I’ll show you the websites I built using the AI generator and exactly what it’s like in case you skip that function.

  1. Produce an account
  2. Answer the queries
  3. Select a template
  4. Edit your site
  5. Optimize your site for mobile devices
  6. Connect your domain

Step 1 – Develop an account

Such as almost anything else you will online, the first thing you need to do is set up your account . It’s really guaranteed should only consider you a few seconds.

From the Wix website, click on the “get started” button in the center of the screen.

If you’ve been doing research and discover yourself on a different one of the Wix webpages, you can still “get started” without having to navigate back to the home page. Just look for the same button, which might be worded slightly differently with respect to the content that you’re looking at. For example , from your “Explore” page, you will want to click “Create Yours Today. ”

It should be pretty self-explanatory, but if you are struggling, you can always get back to the homepage, or simply just click here to create your account .

Unlike other platforms that request nearly everything but a blood sample to sign up, Wix asks for just two things:

  • email address
  • password

It’s optional, but Wix will certainly ask you several follow up questions to assist you create exactly what site you’re looking for. These questions help Wix’s ADI builder develop a site you like quicker.

That are you creating a Wix site for?

  • your self
  • a client
  • company you work for
  • someone else

What sort of site Wix site are you building?

  • company
  • web store
  • music
  • designer
  • blog
  • profile
  • events
  • pictures
  • dining places and food
  • accommodation
  • beauty plus wellness

What is your level of expertise building sites?

  • built sites skillfully
  • made many websites
  • made a couple of websites
  • never done this before

Here’s an example of exactly what this might look like to suit your needs, depending on the options that will you’ve selected above.

Step 1 in making a Wix Website

From here you’ll have 2 options:

  1. You can allow the Wix ADI to create a website for you. All you need to undertake is answer some questions, and it’ll make a site for you in just a few minutes, filled with custom text and images. It’ ersus almost magical great it is — you need to definitely try it out.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the Wix Editor to make a internet site on your own. For our learning reasons today, I’ll initial walk you through using the assistant. (It’s easier, and you do not give up any manage in the end. ) After that, I’ll show you the best way to do it on your own.

Step 2 – Answer the questions

Creating a Wix website is like doing all your taxes with TurboTax —  you don’ t have to be a professional and you don’ big t have to guide the particular conversation. Simply get a cup of coffee and answer every query that comes your way.

Wix what is the name of your website

The questions begin really easy, and truthfully they don’ t get much more difficult from here. First upward, the name of your website. If you don’ t possess a name yet, Corry wrote a great posting about coming up with a title and buying the domain here.

So , if you haven’ t done that however, you can start over generally there. Or, you can develop your Wix website and come back and update it later on. Everything you create today will be private until you press Publish.

I’ ll discuss you the screenshots We took along the way.   You’ ll even have an option to upload your logo. If you don’ t have one main yet, Corry also wrote a article about that. It’ h called  How to create your first brand identification on a budget.

Wix features quiz

At this point, you might be thinking, Oh poo, I don’ t have a logo or colors or any of the — breathe in. It’ s totally OKAY. You can start in any of such places, with a name, a brand, or a web site.

Once you have the other pieces in place, you can go back and update the others. Don’ t let the variety of different parts of this process slow you down. Just keep cranking. Remember, it’ h just like doing your fees: answer the queries and don’ big t freak out. The software is here now to help.

Wix website palette automatic

At Quick Develop, we do have a logo, so I uploaded it. The Wix AI pulled jointly a trendy color palette that looks excellent. It’ s thoroughly clean, modern and professional. Honestly, it’ ersus the type of color palette I’ d have to expect to pay a lot meant for.

Next, you’ ll be requested to pick a theme you enjoy. This is different from a template. It’ t more about picking the look and feel of the site. Think about the kind of person who’ ll visit your site. Think about your ideal client.

What do you desire them to think about if they get to your site. What words will place into their mind about you? Or, if you want to keep it simple, which usually look do you like greatest?

For our test site, We chose Minimal. It suits the spending straightforward growth approach we have at Fast Sprout. Grand was obviously a little too formal, Soho a little too new or hip. Bold was definitely our runner up selection.

Wix pick your website style

Step 3 – Choose a template

At this point in the process, Wix will give you a few ready-made options:

Wix pick your homepage AI builder

Pretty great which i did that in about five minutes, maybe less. The web pages look great and I could happily stop right here. Scroll through every one of them and pick the a single you like best.

This doesn’ capital t have to be a perfect match up. You’ ll still have a chance to change every feature in the following steps.

In case you don’ t utilize the Wix AI device, you’ ll jump into the process at the template level. If you know what you want currently this is a good place to start.

Also, if you don’ t like what the AI builder created, you can always jump to picking your own design template. You’ re certainly not locked into anything at all.

There are countless standard Wix themes available at no charge. You can search for a template based on category. For example , let’s say you want to produce a Wix business internet site. Some popular types include:

  • automotive & cars
  • advertising & marketing
  • consulting & coaching
  • finance & regulation
  • house animals & animals
  • real estate
  • services & maintenance
  • technology & applications

All of the template options can be found on the left aspect of the dashboard. Take some time to scroll by means of and find one that fits best for the type of web site you want to build.

Wix Website template categories

Check out the first template about this page. It’s a “Coming Soon” landing page. Even if your website is not built just yet, it is important to at least start with this type of landing page.

For startup company companies, creating a internet site may be the first thing one does, even before you actually sign-up your business name or create an LLC. Wix understands this, which is why they give you this option.

Alternatively, you are able to select a blank template and build your own from scratch. While this is certainly something you can think about, I recommend going with one of the pre-designed templates.

This will make your daily life much easier in the long run, particularly if you’ve never produced a Wix internet site before. If you’re up for a challenge and want to become a bit more unique, go ahead and give the blank design template a try.

Once you hover your cursor over each design template, it will tell you in the event that it’s free or even if you have to pay. Once you find a template that you want, just click “edit” to carry on.

Step 4 – Edit your site

After you select a template, you’ll be delivered to the Wix Publisher. I went using a template I singled out my own, so the Wix auto colour scheme isn’ t applied.

Basically, this is exactly what your website will look like if you decide to publish it now. It’s up to you to make the necessary changes to help make the website your own.

Here’s a basic look at what you’ll observe when you’re modifying the content on your future site:
Create a Wix Website step 3

Anything can be changed just by clicking on it. Start with the fundamentals, like replacing the particular template company using the name of your real business.

For the purposes, let’s simply say I am redecorating the Quick Develop homepage with Wix.

In less than one minute, look at what I was able to accomplish.

Create a Wix Website example page

I changed the Axis Team with Quick Develop on the center from the page, as well as the in the top left corner of the menu pub. I also swapped out the particular dash on a crimson background with the letter “Q” on a eco-friendly background in the remaining corner of the menus bar.

The particular financial consulting texted was changed to “Grow your business, faster. ” You can also see that We changed the red “get started” package to a green “contact us” message instead.

Look at the menus options at the top of the screen as well. The initial template had a “news and updates” web page. I clicked on that and changed it to “blog” mainly because that makes more sense for the site that will I’ m building.

Again, I actually made all of these changes in less than a minute. What you just have to do is select what you want to change, plus follow the instructions at the screen. It’s that simple.

You can change images with any custom photos you have taken for your site. Or you can refer to the guide on the greatest places to get web site images (paid and free).

It is easy to drag and resize any of the content on each web page, too. The Wix Editor allows finish customization based on your personal preferences.

Action 5 – Optimize your site for mobile phones

The cellular version of your website should not look the same as the desktop edition. Part of having a good website means that it needs to be easily accessible through smartphones and capsules.

If you don’t possess a good mobile site, you could lose over fifty percent your customers: more than 52% of all Internet traffic originates from mobile devices.

Thankfully, Wix makes it easy to optimize your web design for mobile customers. Just click on the cellular icon at the top of the screen to switch in between desktop view and mobile editing.

Edit Wix website for mobile

Wix does a great job of changing the content for you, so it’s instantly optimized. However , you might want to manually make some changes on your own. The modifications you make here won’t impact the particular desktop version of the site.

Just before your site goes live, make sure you go through the cellular version of each page to ensure that’s it’s properly optimized to your liking.

Step six – Connect your own domain

Before you can publish your site and also have it go reside, you’ll need to link your domain name.

The easiest way to do this is certainly from the dashboard. Simply click “Connect Domain” in order to proceed.

Connect domain to Wix website

By default, your website domain will be: yourusername. wixsite. com/mysite

You’ll have the option to alter the “my site” portion of that domain for free. But , that’s definitely not how you really want your site domain to appear.

When was your last time you went to a legitimate plus credible site that will had all of that extra stuff, including the site builder in the website name? It’s not a good search for your business.

Wix gives you the option to get a domain name directly from their particular platform or connect a domain name that you simply already own. I recommend not buying your own domain from Wix, but at a place that specializes in domains, and putting a lot of thought into obtain the right domain.

If you haven’t accomplished this yet, make reference to our recent manual on how to buy a website name.

Wix lets you create a website at no cost, but you’ll eventually want to upgrade to some premium account. This is when (and why) you should do that. Without paying for a premium account, you’ll be stuck with the particular “wixsite” in your domain name.

Packages from $11 per month, in case you’re using this site for business reasons, you’ll want to pay more than that. Actually Wix’s most expensive business plan is just 35 dollars per month. It comes along with features such as:

  • accept online payments
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • connect your custom domain
  • free domain for one year
  • 50 Gb-storage
  • $300 ad vouchers

So evaluation all of the premium programs to find the one that’s best for you. Depending on whatever you select, it will only cost you between $132 and $420 each year. That’s pennies thinking of how much money you can make with a website.


It’s that easy. You’ve learned how to make a Wix internet site.

There’s very little to it — just six easy steps.

Once you go through every thing outlined above, all you have to to do is release your website, and it will become live on the Internet for everyone to see.

To recap, create a Wix website for the first time by following these simple directions:

  1. Produce an account
  2. Answer the queries
  3. Choose a template
  4. Edit your site
  5. Optimize designed for mobile devices
  6. Connect your area

That’s it.

Once you complete the guidelines, you can publish your site and start generating prospects, driving traffic, and selling products on the internet. Your opportunities are usually endless.


Go to Wix

14 day free trial
Paid plans start at $11 a month
Wide range of layouts
Easy to set up and use in minutes
Try Wix for free

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