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Wish to jump straight to the answer? The outbound contact center service for many people is Nextiva or Five Star Call Centers .

Imagine if your outbound call agents had been engaged, able to manage customer rejections, and consistently hitting their particular connection rate targets. Moreover, your business has a steady pipeline associated with qualified leads and it is continually innovating based on your outbound researching the market findings. All this is achievable, even without an on-premise outbound call center.

We’ve examined the five greatest outbound call center services to take your own strategy to the next level.

The Top 5 Best Outbound Call Center Services

  • Nextiva – Best for most
  • Five Star Call Facilities – Best for customized plans
  • TeleDirect – Great for prepaid packages
  • Signius Marketing communications – Best for scheduled appointment management
  • CIENCE Technologies – Best for managed lead generation

Here’s a full breakdown of the best outbound call middle services and where each service stands out. We also have a handy section for selecting the best call middle service at the tail end of this submit.

Nextiva – Best for Most

Visit Nextiva

  • One-step agent login
  • Works with PBX
  • No equipment required
  • Starts at $18. 95 per user per month

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Nextiva is a cloud-based Tone of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call middle solution. It provides a simple solution for producing a call middle from scratch. You don’t need to invest in costly hardware or extented agent training.

Nextiva home page

Your agents simply log into the platform and start starting outbound calls in the click of a switch. The setup procedure is also straightforward and doesn’t require specialized skills. It’s as simple as downloading the Nextiva software and setting it as your arrears calling app. You can also lease VoIP equipment from the company should you be interested in building a full-on professional call center.

Nextiva page with boxes to invite users or add a user manually

The platform also works with your on-premise Personal Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems. Nextiva PBX SIP Trunking service eliminates actual physical phone lines in favor of an internet-powered telephone system. This support starts at $14. 95 per month to get a metered connection and $24. 95 each month for unmetered contacts.

Nestiva SIP Trunking in a VoIP Business Phone System

The Nextiva VoIP call center remedy supports inbound plus outbound communication. It is about packed with essential functions, including:

  • Call monitoring
  • Call documenting
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Call routing
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Reside call status
  • Call temperament
  • Line whisper announcement

The company is also affordable, with three pricing tiers. These include:

  • Essential – Costs $18. 95 for each user per month
  • Expert – Costs $22. 95 per user a month
  • Enterprise – Costs $32. 95 per consumer per month
Nextiva pricing with options for Essential, Professional, and Enterprise plans

The fundamental plan is good enough for small businesses only interested in sales or even marketing outbound calls. You get all the essential features, including unlimited video and voice calling and Google and Outlook connections integration. There’s also unlimited internet fax, one of Nextiva’s most popular features.

Please note that unlimited calling only applies to U. S. plus Canada inbound plus outbound calls.

Larger agencies can upgrade towards the higher tiers to relish advanced features like dashboards, management alerts, and scheduled reviews. In addition , there are limitless voice and video conference calls for inner sales meetings or product pitches.  

On the downside, Nextiva’s most prominent features lean in the direction of inbound calling. Because of this, it’s a good solution for most businesses that manage between inbound plus outbound strategies. What this means is the feature fixed may be limited in case you focus more on outbound efforts like B2B lead generation, collections, appointment setting, or sales and marketing. And if you don’t have much in the way of inbound calling needs, Nextiva may give you more than you can use.

Still, Nextiva is a solid choice for many individuals. It is affordable, user friendly, robust, and scalable. The service is specially suited for small businesses seeking enterprise call middle functionality on a budget.

Five Star Call Facilities – Best for Custom made Plans

Visit Five Star

  • Fully outsource outbound calling
  • Gets you competent leads
  • Choose only the services you need
  • Shared and dedicated agents available

Demand a quote

Nextiva is a great overall choice for a business that prefers a balanced method of its call center. But if you have more specific needs in mind, Five Star Call Center is really a terrific alternative. System lets you outsource your whole outbound calling marketing campaign if you prefer to take a hands-off approach.

Five Star Call Center home page

A few of the noteworthy outbound campaign features include:

Product plus service sales – You can outsource your product sales department to Five Star. Its agents will require over telemarketing calls.

Leads and qualification – Five Star actively generates brand new leads and authorize them based on their likelihood to purchase your products or services. The company also offers discussion services to help you develop a targeted marketing strategy for the leads.

Market research – The company starts market research activities for example customer polls plus surveys on your behalf. You can use this data to inform your business operations plus marketing activities.

Appointment plus payment reminders – Five Star Call Center providers follow up on outstanding payments or upcoming appointments. This company is crucial for reducing no-shows and non-payments.

Other outbound services you can delegate to Five Star include product awareness drives, quality assurance, client retention programs, plus membership renewals. The business also offers multiple inbound call center services, including order administration, live answering, information taking, help table, and customer service.

The best part is Five Star doesn’t bundle its products like most call middle services. Instead, you choose the specific services you desire. You can even negotiate a lower rate for higher call volumes.

You can also customize the particular service delivery model. For example , you can choose shared agents who also work on other accounts. Alternatively, you can pay much more for a dedicated agent who only ideal for your account.

Five Star Call Centers message box page

Five Star pricing depends on the specific providers you choose. However , this costs an average of 80-90 cents per minute intended for shared agents plus $26 per hour for a dedicated agent. There is also an agent training fee averaging around $20 per hour.

Elegant Call Centers is a wonderful option if you have particular outbound calling services that you want to delegate. The pricing is also very flexible, therefore you only pay for the services you need.

On the downside, the provider may be too expensive for most small businesses. You’ll also get into a long-term contract, and it takes time for you to train agents just before deploying your outbound calling campaign. So the costs can add up quickly, even with contributed agents.

TeleDirect – Best for Pre-paid Packages

Go to TeleDirect

  • Per-second pricing
  • Prepaid moments never expire
  • Outbound and inbound services obtainable
  • Only pay for services you use

Request a quotation

TeleDirect has a similar business model to what Five Star offers. You can outsource custom outbound contacting services for a charge. You only pay for the assistance that you use. The woking platform also provides comparable outbound call center services, including:

  • Customer preservation
  • Leads
  • Visit setting
  • Market research
  • Telesales and upsells
  • Planned callbacks
  • Surveys and suggestions
  • Seminar and event registration
Teledirect home page

The main difference is that TeleDirect lets you purchase prepaid minutes. So that your minutes do not expire and roll over to the next month if you don’t exhaust them. Furthermore, the service costs per second. Therefore you pay precisely for that time you use, right down to the second.

TeleDirect pricing plans consist of:

  • $387 for 300 mins
  • $1, 100 for 1, 000 minutes
  • $2, 970 for 3, 1000 minutes
  • $5, 580 designed for 6, 000 moments
  • $8, 800 for ten, 000 minutes
  • $15, 000 for 20, 500 minutes

The platform also favors bulk purchases, therefore businesses with high outbound call quantities can make extra savings. For instance, purchasing 300 minutes computes $1. 29 per minute. However conversely, you’ll pay out 93 cents each minute if you buy the 6, 000 minutes package deal and 75 cents per minute for the 20, 000 minutes package deal.

The pricing model is even more attractive when you consider that you simply aren’t locked into a contract. For example , you can end your subscription as soon as you exhaust your minutes at no charge. TeleDirect will even refund you up to 80% of your remaining minutes in case you aren’t happy with the service.

The only caveat here is the twenty nine minutes of month-to-month usage required to keep your account. However , it is a reasonable target, also for a small business. Finally, the extra costs, like agent time invested after your contact, are pretty transparent.

TeleDirect also provides inbound call center services. These include customer service, order processing, help desk services, and reservation services. In addition , you also get superior inbound call center services such as Tier I tech support, overflow, and after-hours support.    

Again, you are able to choose between a contributed agent who works on multiple accounts and also a dedicated agent working only on your account. You’ll need to contact a sales rep towards your exact pricing based on your services plus agent choice.

The only major drawback with TeleDirect will be the extra costs required to keep tabs on the agent’s performance. For instance, you will need to pay extra to get into text message notifications and call recordings to monitor agent performance.

Otherwise, TeleDirect is a great option if you’re searching for a prepaid assistance. It’s easier to keep close track of your budget, and any unused minutes roll over to the next 30 days. It’s also a fantastic solution for business users with high call volumes.

Signius Communications – Best for Appointment Management

Visit Signius

  • Call script development included
  • Integrates with Calendly and Google
  • 12 locations in the US
  • Begins at $42 monthly

Request a free consult

A small practice may not need a full-fledged call center. Signius Marketing communications fills this niche area by letting you delegate your appointment administration. It’s a particularly excellent option for solopreneurs who want to focus more on the particular day-to-day running of the practice.

Signius Communications home page

The company serves multiple industries, including:

  • Health care
  • Property management
  • Contractors
  • Attorneys
  • Government
  • Universities
  • Fortune 500
  • Small business
  • Utility businesses

The process is simple. Just get in touch with Signius to develop the script. Then, the company’s agents will be the point of get in touch with for your clients. System also integrates with popular appointment-scheduling systems like Google Calendar, Setmore, and Calendly.

The company is usually 100% US-based in case you are worried about the language barrier. It has 12 locations, including Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, and California.

You will need to contact Signius Communications to find out precisely what you get for each of their pricing tiers. However you can get started with regard to as low as $42 per month. Either way, you aren’t locked into a long-term agreement and only pay monthly.

Signius Communications pricing, including options for Starter, Pro, and Premier plans

Finally, the company provides additional packages, which includes Inbound Call Center Services, Answering Services, and Technology Solutions.

The main bad thing is that Signius Communications offers limited outbound calling services. This isn’t a problem if you’re only looking for appointment management for your practice, irrespective of size. However , you’ll need to look somewhere else if you need more services such as market research, leads, or surveys plus feedback.

CIENCE Technologies – Best for Managed Lead Generation


  • Expert-qualified leads
  • Targeted audience research
  • Build a custom phoning team
  • Detailed progress reporting included

Book a free call

CIENCE Technologies has a unique take on outbound calling technique, focusing on lead generation. Its People-as-a-Service (PaaS) model means you’re spending money on a team of experts to meet the criteria leads on your behalf. It is a terrific option if you don’t want to take any chances with your lead generation attempts.

CIENCE Technologies home page

CIENCE takes over your whole sales development procedure, so you may not need an in-house team. Instead, you’ll get a ready pipeline of qualified appointments without doing any of the effort. It’s also an excellent option for enterprises that are looking to accelerate their own time to market.

The service lets you create a custom sales development representative (SDR) team to study your own target audience. The company also offers a proprietary data source with millions of records across numerous industries. So the only issue is to wait for an entire pipeline of qualified leads.

The organization is also very clear in its methods. The particular SDR team adheres to best practices, including playbooks, copywriting, accuracy targeting, lead certification, objection handling, plus appointment scheduling. You also get weekly reviews, complete with details such as the number of emails delivered, number of new connections, and appointments established. You can also choose the people you want on your team.

For example , some of the experts that might staff members your team include:

  • Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Outreach Planner
  • Research QA
  • Caller
  • Messaging Specialist

Again, you choose who you want on your team based on your specific needs. Therefore , your specific price depends on the services and project staff members you choose.

Within the downside, CIENCE could be expensive for small enterprises. It offers custom pricing, but most projects start at $1, 000 each month. There’s also a three-month minimum subscription to qualify for the support.

Fortunately, the business website offers an RETURN ON INVESTMENT calculator so you can figure out if the service is definitely worthwhile.

CIENCE Technologies pricing and ROI calculator

Otherwise, CIENCE is an exceptional outbound calling service pertaining to businesses that want in order to outsource the entire outbound sales process. Rather, you’ll be able to focus on core aspects of the organization and have a ready market to sell to.

How to Find the Best Outbound Call Center Services for You

We’ve done our best to highlight where each outbound call center service shines. Hopefully, our review technique helps decide which provider matches your needs. It’s still okay if you aren’t there yet. There is a logical procedure you can go through prior to coming to the correct bottom line.

Decide on Handled vs . Unmanaged Outbound Calling Services

The first step in selecting your call center service is to determine how you’d such as the service delivered. The majority of businesses prefer a maintained service. That means outsourcing your outbound phoning campaign to a third party.

A handled outbound call center service is beneficial for several reasons. Very first, if nothing else, you will rely on someone else’s expertise, infrastructure, technology, and staff to operate a vehicle your outbound contacting strategy. It’s furthermore an optimal strategy to keeping your call center costs down.

Some of the essentials costs you can prevent or at least minimize by outsourcing your outbound calling strategy consist of:

  • Employing overheads
  • Technology stack
  • Full salary
  • Managerial costs
  • A dedicated customer success manager

All services showcased in our review, except Nextiva, offer handled call center services.

Of course , we included an unmanaged service for companies that would like to retain control of their contact center strategy. This particular control is crucial when you have already invested in an in-house call middle. In addition , a service such as Nextiva will help you create a virtual call middle, which is the direction most businesses are getting anyway.

You might not even need to improve your existing PBX equipment or purchase new VoIP hardware. Nextiva is extremely flexible and will find a way to save you cash, time, and hard work. Finally, this assistance is exceptional designed for handling distributed contact center teams.

A managed assistance is perfect if you need to build a call center from the beginning. It will save you period, money, and work. Plus, a handled vs . unmanaged service’ s return on investment (ROI) is unbeatable if you don’t have the existing infrastructure.

To conclude, a good unmanaged service such as Nextiva is better to get upgrading an existing contact center. The company also provides consultation and agent training services if you need external help constructing or refining your outbound calling teams and strategies.

You can get your providers to the same degree as the best-managed services, allowing you to rip the benefits of both worlds. You receive word-class calling center agents while retaining control of your facilities and services.

Specify Your Outbound Calling Services

Most people associate outbound calling with leads generation. While this is a big part of it, it’s only one measure of achievement. Outbound strategies assist meet numerous company objectives, including:

  • Market research
  • Prospecting
  • Telemarketing
  • Fundraising
  • Selling
  • Improving brand awareness

Each outbound contact center service has its pros and cons. Therefore it’s beneficial should you have a good idea of the goals you want to meet. But , again, you can’t fail with Nextiva for those who have an operational call center. You’ll outfit your team with everything it needs to provide results.

Things are more granular if you are looking for a managed services. Most companies reviewed here offer similar solutions. However , some businesses excel in particular areas.

For instance, CIENCE Technologies is a best choice if you’re most interested in B2B leads generation. The service will be unrivaled for its electronic ad platform, business lead response, multi-channel prospecting, and premium sales data.

Nevertheless , if you’re only interested in appointment management for any large or little practice, Signius Communications is a better choice. You won’t a lot more than it really worth for features or services you don’t need. Instead, you simply pay for a particular program you need.

Likewise, TeleDirect is a excellent option if you primarily use telemarketing with regard to lead generation. Telemarketing continues to be a very effective sales device despite getting a bad reputation. TeleDirect provides this method down to a science.

Lastly, Five Star Call Centers is a good bet if you wish to outsource market research. The organization conducts polls and surveys on your behalf. You can use the information gathered in order to streamline your decision-making or business functions.

It is also common to have multiple outbound calling requirements. For instance , you may need market research, recruiting, and lead generation solutions. In this case, you want a organization that can bundle these services together in a affordable price. Five Star Call Centers is an especially attractive option for its custom plans and discounts in order to save you money.

Pricing Structure vs . Your Budget

Once again, many of these companies offer very similar services. So the final choice may come right down to how much you are ready to pay. Each outbound call center is usually priced differently. So that you want the prices structure that carefully matches your budget.

A transparent pricing structure like Nextiva is perfect if you’re on a tight budget. You know exactly how much you are likely to pay and when. So that you can estimate your costs accurately. TeleDirect is also an attractive option if you are looking for a managed program.

TeleDirect provides prepaid packages, so you can purchase only the moments you need. The a few minutes also roll over to the next month, and you get discounted prices for bulk purchases. So again, the organization is a solid selection for budget-conscious companies.


We think that Nextiva and Five Star Contact Centers are the best outbound call centers. Nextiva is a top option for businesses that want to upgrade a current call center. Five Star Call Centers, for its part, offers unparalleled custom packages, and that means you only pay for everything you use.

You may still find more options to consider. TeleDirect offers a exclusive prepaid model that will suits small businesses along with low call volumes. Enterprises can also increase savings by purchasing more minutes. CIENCE Technology stands out for its outstanding lead generation service, while Signius shines in appointment management.

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