Creating a Job Description That Attracts Ideal Applicants [8 Tips]

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As a direct response copywriter, I are experts in making readers take a specific action. I actually write a variety of copy, including articles, getting pages, sales emails, and job explanations.

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This article will walk a person through an approach to job descriptions that permitted me to double my conversion rate of visitors-to-applications in less than a year. You will see the strategies plus best practices I used to grip candidates, exciting all of them enough to take action.

What is a job explanation?

A job explanation is a document written by an employer that listings the tasks and responsibilities of a specific role together with the skills and experience needed to qualify for the position.    

1 . Research your target candidate.

Many studies show that people buy upon emotion first, not to mention now rationalize their purchases using logic.

Submitting an application for a job, in that meaning, is a lot like making a purchase. Depressing the “Apply Now” button is an mentally charged decision.

When writing your work ad, tap into these emotions by finding out everything you can about your target candidate (i. e., the person anyone prefer that should be interviewing). What are their very own professional goals not to mention values? What makes these folks happy?


Create a target choice persona or a blend of your ideal worker. (Download these customer persona templates to get started. )

Take advantage of information you find to ensure potent promises that your choice of target candidate would like to hear and, more importantly, you already know you can keep .

Are you hiring for a role through content marketing? Think about aspects of your present marketing team that you like to see reflected in your new hire.

  • What are your current employees’ career goals?
  • What do they cherish most about the business enterprise?
  • Which elements of expertise do they loss that your candidate offers?

These are the majority of valuable pieces of details that can help you workmanship a corresponding position description and ensure your potential candidates will be fit at your operation – both widely and professionally.

2 . Optimize work title with key terms.

Every day, the project hunt leads many people to search millions of keyword phrases. This makes SEO required for the recruitment approach, especially when writing job classified ads.

In your search for be unique and sought after, don’t make up a brand new, creative name for an established role. Or in other words, don’t call the open content affiliate marketing position an “Attention Ninja” or “Audience Crafter. ”


For a part in content marketing and advertising, title your job precisely what you’re looking for, such as subject material marketing manager. If you’re in the B2B living space with clients worldwide, for instance, add a several more adjectives: “Global B2B Content Promotion Coordinator. ”

Keep in mind that the experience a higher standard your ideal nominee can change the words each uses when looking for jobs web-based.

If you’re choosing for a mid-level articles marketer, for example , regard words like “strategist, ” “specialist, ” or even “manager. ” Is the content an individual produce part of a far larger digital marketing strategies operation? If so, comprise of that in the subject.

Post the position under a recognizable, keyword-friendly title, as that’s what candidates could be searching for.

the 3. Start with a company the conclusion.

Open your task ad’s main text message copy with a “Company Summary” paragraph. Yet don’t simply paste your own business’s “About Us” boilerplate description into the job listing.

Your “Company Summary” should help to squeeze job for which you hiring into situation for the applicant.

If your company is sold security software, for example , it won’t be enough to simply state your company title, when you were formed, the types of software packages a person offer, and where by you’re located.

Your applicants will want company details precise to the team they would be joining.

Here’s an example of the summary for a made-up software development supplier looking for a content marketing and advertising tactics specialist to join their team.


Security Software Co. is a Boston-based software developer that puts today’s virtually all pressing ecommerce security and safety challenges at the heart from the brand. We just turn the best cybersecurity technology into trusted methods for the small web based business, and after a decade portion more than 70 clients, we need someone to assist us tell the stories that make any difference most to our users.

Should you summarize your company in a way that resonates with your suitable candidate, you’ll turn yourself into to dive straight into the job description alone.

However , take into account this doesn’t visit the second paragraph pursuing the company summary on top of. Describe your start position using subheads, or sections, in this particular order:

  1. Benefits
  2. Requirements
  3. Responsibilities

some. Concisely describe the particular job’s benefits.

Every ad ought to start with a exact description, or review, of the role. It should snappy and convincing – just be sure to enhance that with the big-picture benefits as well.

General Electric performed a nice job describing the benefits of their roles in the commercial below, throughout the an amusing string to help the company adjust its brand. Tune in to how the person from the blue sweater describes their new financial position:

Folks inherently want to be a part of something bigger than herself. Appeal to that aspiration by helping job hopefuls envision the impact of these work.

If you’re hiring a software developer, explain how their particular work will effect your customers. Will it help them beat traffic? Can it help them communicate far better with their family? Does it help them get clean up drinking water every day? End up specific. The more certain you are, the more persuasive your message could be.

Here’s precisely how our fictional business organisation, Security Software Co., might describe the use of working as their most recent content marketing medical specialist:

Example of this

As the Content Advertising Specialist for Safeguards Software Co., you are going to create articles, infographics, and eBooks of which build an employed audience. Your goal is to drive thousands of people to subscribe to our newsletter plus follow us about LinkedIn. Your success will expand Reliability Software’s global arrive at – helping scores of parents protect their children from online predators – while concurrently developing your personal make as a foremost authority in our space.

5. Review the benefits package.

Now that you have the candidate’s attention, draw them all deeper into the advertising with a section devoted to the other benefits: your company’s benefits package.

According to a 2021 Indeed report, 83% of employers claim their companies became more transparent about compensation and incentives in their job outlines.

Instead of easily listing your advantages, use examples to help candidates envision the benefit.


At Security Software programs, we ask plenty of our employees, which explains why we give so much frequently. In addition to your competing salary, medical/dental/vision arrange, and matching 401(k), we’ll shower an individual with perks, as well as:

  • Dress: Wear anything you want to the office – and stay as comfortable at work as you are in your own family room.
  • Flexibility: Two days a week, please skip the go and hit the deadlines from home.
  • Food: Protect hundreds of dollars with food each year through the use of our well-stocked, nutritious kitchen.
  • Along with: Stretch apart the stress every morning in our in-house are often the studio.

6. Keep the job’s requirements clear and even realistic.

This section will be your ad’s almost all sterile, so seldom close with it. Stick it in the middle, sandwiched relating to two sections the fact that highlight promise and additionally opportunity.

Keep your list of requirements solely as long as it needs to become. You don’t desire to scare great prospects away with banal prerequisites. You also seldom want to engage and inspire unqualified people with a fabulous shortlist.


To be believed to be for this role, listed here are the skills we’re trying to find:

  • At least 3 years within the similar role through comparable goals as well as responsibilities (security and/or software background, preferred)
  • Bachelor’s degree on English, Marketing, Landline calls preferred
  • You must be an excellent writer, someone who understands how to skeleton a message in a distinct, concise, and powerful way. You must also be aware of mechanics of an cost-efficient, effective marketing software campaign.
  • This is an independent position, so you should get self-sufficient and self-motivated. It’s also a very creative role, so you has to be able to gracefully acquire criticism and reviews about your work.
  • No less than 3 years in a the same role with exact same goals and accountabilities (security and/or program background, preferred)
  • Bachelor’s degree in The english language, Marketing, or Marketing and sales communications preferred
  • You must end up an excellent writer, someone who understands how to figure a message in a clean, concise, and interesting way. You must also understand the mechanics of an cost-efficient, effective marketing automation campaign.
  • This is an independent position, so you should always be self-sufficient and self-motivated. It’s also a imaginative role, so you have to be able to gracefully get criticism and advice about your work.

7. Benefit from strong verbs to go into detail the job’s accountabilities.

Responsibilities will be the job but they might also generate excitement not to mention promise in a enthusiastic candidate.

Commence each bullet issue of your job tasks with a unique, but, fitting verb. For instance , the role does not necessarily “manage” people, this ” shapes ” them all. The role does not “oversee” projects, that ” allows ” their very own success. See the difference?

One bit can offer a fresh viewpoint, altering the reader’s frame of mind.


As Protection . Software’s sole Subject material Marketer, you’ll fulfill the initiative’s strategic necessities on your own, experimenting, understanding, and adjusting as you go. Throughout your journey growing our brand’s clients and reach, you are going to be responsible for:

  • Sculpting informative, fun, digestible articles that will audiences can’t stop reading.
  • Planning beautiful, rich infographics that are as engaging as they are shareable.
  • Publishing easy-to-skim, value-driven electronic books for download in exchange for business-email contains.
  • Crafting persuasive, laser-focused obtaining pages that compel your target audience to take an individual valuable action.
  • Purchasing aim for ad spend on well-performing social media platforms.
  • Pulling potentials through each stage of our marketing funnel, gradually warming them all up for a powerful conversation with income.

almost eight. Remove bias from a ad.

You might, your job description can show bias and turn over great candidates. Precisely how? Through the use of jargon, gendered language, culturally-specific expression, and insider terms.

For instance, keywords like “aggressive, micron “guru, ” “fearless, ” and “killer instinct” may seem ordinary but they carry a good masculine bias allowing it to affect your aspirant pool. Using Americanisms like “up the alley” can also confuse applicants whose native language isn’t Everyday terms.

The Certainly report also found that will 30% of recruiters surveyed have prioritized inclusive job types. You can do so by means of leveraging tools such as Textio that confer your job description create recommendations to help you creative endeavor a bias-free marketing.

The Final Product

Here is what our situation job ad intended for Security Software Company. looks like when sewed together:

Content and articles Marketing Specialist

Security Computer software Co. is a Boston-based software developer that will puts today’s virtually all pressing ecommerce basic safety challenges at the heart of its brand. We become the best cybersecurity technological innovation into trusted options for the small ecommerce business, and after a decade of serving more than 75 clients, we need you to definitely help us explain to the stories of which matter most to our customers.


As being the Content Marketing Medical specialist for Security Software Co., you’ll make articles, infographics, and even eBooks that create an engaged end user. Your goal will be to push thousands of people to subscribe to our newsletter and observe us on LinkedIn. Your success will definitely expand Security Software’s global reach ~ helping millions of mum and dad protect their children via online predators ~ while simultaneously coming your personal brand to be a foremost expert in our space.


In Security Software, all of us ask a lot of our own employees, which is why we give so much in return. Together with your competitive wages, medical/dental/vision plan, and additionally matching 401(k), we will shower you together with perks, including:

  • Dress: Slip on anything you like to any office – and be like comfortable at work because you are in your own living room.
  • Flexibility: 2 days a week, feel free to miss the commute in addition to hit your deadlines from home.
  • Meals: Save hundreds of dollars on food each year thanks to our well-stocked, healthy kitchen.
  • Location: On the days experts the office, get here instantly thanks to our seriously accessible central position.
  • Wellness: Stretch away the tension every morning within our in-house yoga practice.


To be believed to be for this role, here i will discuss the skills we’re looking for:


As Stability Software’s sole Information Marketer, you’ll fulfill the initiative’s strategic requirements on your own, experimenting, understanding, and adjusting as you go. Along your journey to grow our brand’s audience and reach, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Sculpting educational, entertaining, digestible reports that audiences cannot stop reading.
  • Designing outstanding, rich infographics that can be as engaging as they are shareable.
  • Posting easy-to-skim, value-driven eBooks for acquire in exchange for business-email addresses.
  • Making persuasive, laser-focused landing pages the fact that compel your target audience to look at one valuable actions.
  • Purchasing targeted ad expend on well-performing social media operating systems.
  • Pulling prospects through each and every stage of our advertising funnel, gradually increased temperatures them up for some productive conversation together with sales.


This particular ad, for all intents and purposes, can be a generic example. It could be designed to illustrate, in a high level, the tactics that make candidates look and feel something when they study a job ad.

Nonetheless, it’s imperative to first use your information about the role for which you’re hiring to get an accurate ad – one that reflects your company’s culture as well as specific needs.

Editor’s Queries: This post was actually published in Sept. 2018 and has been upgraded for comprehensiveness.

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