twenty Webinar Landing Page Illustrations That Will Boost Conversions

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Hosting a webinar is a great way to connect directly to your audience, raise awareness for your brand, and establish your business as an expert in the field. According to Zippia, 73% of B2B webinar attendees turn out to be qualified leads whilst 20%-40% of B2C attendees become potential clients. With that said, one way to get audiences to your webinar is to have a good webinar landing page.

A webinar landing page gives audiences a first impression of the high quality of your webinar. Developing a webinar landing page can seem daunting. Fortunately, there are many outstanding web conferencing landing page examples on-line that can give you some inspiration.

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Webinar Landing Page Examples

To help you craft an ideal landing page for your webinar, I’ve gathered twenty examples from various companies.

1 . Slack

This web conferencing landing page is smart and straightforward while featuring an interesting image that corresponds using the topic. If you scroll down, you’ll find a paragraph that obviously states the purpose of the particular webinar and who seem to benefits from tuning within. To the left of the section is an easy-to-fill-out sign up form that additional enforces the fact that the particular webinar is meant pertaining to business professionals.

The landing page can also be easy to share with others thanks to the social media buttons featured above the particular paragraph.

Webinar landing page example from Slack

second . CXL

CXL’s webinar squeeze page features multiple phone calls to action:

  • “Join this class to learn what are the true benefits of Google Analytics 4 …”
  • “Get unlimited access”
  • “Watch on demand anytime”

These CTAs concisely explain the point from the webinar and persuade visitors to register plus tune in. The “About This Workshop” plus “What You’ll Learn” sections give much better context around the subject.

The registration form is also guaranteed doesn’t require a great deal of information — only the visitor’s first title, last name, and current email address.

Webinar landing page example from CXL.

3. Google

The particular colorful illustration catches the visitor’s interest, and the copy can be easy-to-read thanks to the strong headlines and detailed paragraphs. The CTA button also encourages visitors to view the recorded webinar.

Webinar landing page example from Google

four. HealthCheck360

This webinar landing page gets straight to the purpose by immediately having the registration scaled large against a dark background.

Webinar landing page example from HealthCheck360

5. Salesforce

Salesforce uses large bold lettering because of its headlines and hotline. Its registration form also features a call to action at the top. Combined with the unique image to the correct of the form, this particular landing page is both visually appealing and simple to navigate.

Webinar landing page example from Salesforce

6. P& G

The topic of the webinar will be emphasized by the strong white text towards a blue background. The professional firmness of the webinar is certainly further made clear by corresponding image of what appears to be a meeting. The internet copy above the particular registration form explains the key takeaways of the webinar.

The landing page also features a section under the sign up that encourages visitors to sign up for job notifications and forms of communication.

Webinar landing page example from P&G

7. ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot keeps the landing page for its webinar expending organized with daring lettering over a geometric image.

Webinar landing page example from ThoughtSpot The paragraph beneath includes everything site visitors need to know about the web conferencing and its purpose. Even better, below the paragraph are images from the webinar speakers and their roles within the company to provide credibility.

Webinar landing page example from ThoughtSpot

6. Alibaba

Alibaba’s webinar landing page features a video as well as a CTA button encouraging visitors to watch the recorded webinar instantly.

8 Alibaba

9. LinkedIn

This particular landing page prioritizes simplicity and ease simply by featuring a bulleted list of key takeaways from the webinar and enabling LinkedIn members in order to easily autofill the particular registration form.

Webinar landing page example from LinkedIn

10. Zoom

This landing page shows Zoom hosts regular webinars five days a week at specific times, and there are many points on the web page where those who are curious can register.

10 Zoom

11. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric uses a bold graphic with the word “Innovation” in big, striking green letters towards a green background. Below the image is the headline, which stands out thanks to its brilliant green lettering. Registering is easy and even enables visitors to pick the particular sections of the web conferencing they are interested in observing.

Webinar landing page example from Schneider Electric

12. Airbnb

Airbnb uses multiple pictures to catch visitors’ attention. It also informs visitors the webinar is about 60 minutes long, which will enable viewers to set apart the time needed to watch and take information. Though this webinar is sold out, the particular page is still beneficial to visitors since it features a CTA switch that will take them to similar events being held on the website.

Webinar landing page example from Airbnb

13. Bosch

Though the page could be improved simply by including bolder text messages and an interesting picture for its webinar landing page, the registration type is front and center and easy in order to fill out. Those who try some fine straightforward, no-nonsense strategy may appreciate this site.

Webinar landing page example from Bosch

fourteen. Cisco

Cisco uses a countdown to allow viewers know once the next webinar is going to be hosted. To join ahead of time, viewers can click the “Add to Schedule” button and possibly sign in or make an account.

Cisco Webinar

fifteen. Trello

Trello sticks towards the minimalist approach and forgoes any brilliant imagery. Instead, the business uses bold lettering and the company logo, accompanied by a paragraph that explains the purpose of the webinar. The yellow CTA button at the end of the landing page stimulates visitors to watch the particular webinar on demand.

Webinar landing page example from Trello

16. Adobe

Adobe uses gradient shades to draw the particular viewer’s eye towards the text highlighting the particular webinar’s topic. Underneath the image is a paragraph that goes into higher detail about what audiences can expect and the enrollment form is nicely displayed to the left.

Webinar landing page example from Adobe

17. Grab

The webinar topic is made obvious thanks to large strong lettering on the landing page’s banner. The banner includes the subject, the date of the webinar, and a CTA.

Webinar landing page example from Grab W

18. Prudential

Prudential is a great example of how to proceed after a webinar has ended and visitors discover your landing page. The name and parts of the particular webinar are displayed in bold plus there is a brief word or two explaining the topic. Below the copy is a CTA button that directs viewers to watch the recording and download the slides.

Webinar landing page example from Prudential

nineteen. Oracle

The design for Oracle’s webinar landing page is simple yet visually fascinating. The large white heading shows the subject of the particular webinar. If you scroll down, you’ll see the peaceful image of a female on her bike plus a paragraph giving higher insight on the remaining. The bottom of the page has images of the webinar’s speakers and their roles to add legitimacy.

Webinar landing page example from Oracle

twenty. Gartner

Gartner doesn’t depend on imagery at all. Its webinar landing page includes a huge headline then the time, date, and length of the webinar, then a paragraph explaining the topic and essential takeaways.

The particular registration form features a strong CTA and only requires a work email, making it incredibly simple to register.

Webinar landing page example from Gartner

Webinar Squeeze page Best Practices

Whilst it’s good to have your own unique approach to creating the best webinar landing page for your organization, it’s important to adhere to the next best practices:

  • Incorporate a clear, catchy, and concise headline to grab the reader’s interest.
  • Write an engaging body paragraph that expresses exactly why readers need to tune into the event.
  • Include high-quality, eye-catching imagery.
  • Consist of strong CTA control keys that urge visitors to register and pay attention so they can be transformed leads and spending customers.

In case you are unsure of to find the proper tools to host a web conferencing, ON24 is a firm that provides many types of products and services that can make virtual event web hosting and webcasting basic.

Furthermore, eWebinar and Wistia are two more businesses that have excellent equipment for webinar plus video hosting correspondingly.

Now that you have samples of webinar landing web pages and best practices to bear in mind, you’re ready to begin designing your page!

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