15 of the Best Public Relations Examples to Inspire The next Campaign

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Journalists crave juicy stories plus viral marketing campaigns, but standing out there in a sea associated with conventional pitches is among the biggest challenges for almost any public relations professional.

When you need a dosage of inspiration, it could be helpful to explore the most compelling PR performs in recent years. To save a person some time, we curated a list of the absolute the best to get the creativity flowing for your next strategy.

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Read on to get influenced by some of the best minds in public relations.

1 . Spotify: Wrapped

public relations example: Spotify Wrapped

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Spotify’s Wrapped marketing campaign has quickly changed into a viral, end-of-year event. Since 2016, the streaming application has provided each consumer with a “wrap up” of their listening behavior which are delivered within colorful, eye-catching graphics. Naturally, you can discuss your stats upon different platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok.

Spotify’s Covered is not just another marketing and advertising campaign— it’s a virus-like, multi-platform, FOMO-inducing social campaign. It’s extremely personal, relevant, and shareable. It’s this winning combination that its rivals, specifically Apple and YouTube, haven’t been able in order to recreate.

second . Subway: Eat Fresh Refresh

For the greatest time, Subway offers rolled out countless marketing campaigns offering its trusty tagline, Consume Fresh! But now, in light associated with changes to each its brand plus menu, a new strategy has emerged, fittingly titled “Eat Fresh Refresh. ” The particular campaign includes a lot of sports stars, such as Steph Curry and Serena Williams, that lend their laughter to promote Subway’s new meal options.

In a single commercial, Tom Brady pulls a loaf of bread from an extra-large perfume bottle. “Smells so good, you can nearly taste it, ” he narrates. May humorous take on the moody, often confusing perfume ads – while highlighting Subway’s new ingredients plus options.

3 or more. HostelWorld: Even Divas are Believers

Traveling the world can give you some of the best encounters of your life, but it may also thrust you into situations that you will want to scrub from the memory, like remaining the night in a hostel. There are countless hostel horror stories on the web and hundreds of videos that mock their food scattered throughout social media — so needless to say, they don’t have the very best reputation.

Yet HostelWorld, a hostel booking website, made a decision to team up with Mariah Carey to freshen up their image plus showcase the pleasurable reality of staying in a modern day hostel. Together, they blasted through affordable accommodation stereotypes by spotlighting the lesser known amusement of hostels like having access to the same facilities as more expensive lodging, but at a cheaper price, and being able to connect with other fellow travelers.

HostelWorld’s message is simple: if hostels are wonderful enough for divas like Mariah Carey, then they’re wonderful enough for everyone..

4. Lego: Repair the World

According to Lego, rebuilding the world starts with a single (lego) brick. It’s a powerful message for those repairing their lives subsequent several tumultuous yrs — and one shipped by a company that believes in building, experimenting, and breaking the rules.  

This campaign is not just well-timed, but it efficiently presents its products in a way that goes further than their basic functionality.

5. Dove: #TheSelfieTalk

When it comes to producing positive brand organizations, Dove is in the class of its own. For example , its #TheSelfieTalk campaign takes a poignant look at the pressure girls feel to look “perfect” — and the lengths they take to appear by doing this online.

It’s one of many campaigns by Dove that explores how the beauty industry impacts women’s self-pride and body image. Consequently, the brand is often associated with positivity, personal love, and confidence.

6. Ikea: #StayHome

During periods of lockdowns, Ikea wanted customers to see their homes from a new perspective. Your #StayHome campaign, the love letter to the homes, and all the life moments that take place there. It reframes the idea that our home is a place wish trapped in, to some place of warmth, protection, and growth. May message of hope that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

7. Stabilo Boss: Emphasize the Remarkable

There have been remarkable ladies throughout history that may not have been famous as they should have been. Stabilo Boss — the company that sells highlighter pens — started a advertising campaign to highlight these types of women and their incredible accomplishments.  


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Stabilo took popular black-and-white photos through historical moments plus drew a yellow-colored highlight line in order to showcase the woman in the photo that caused it to be all happen. The particular Boss PR marketing campaign highlighted women like Katharine Johnson, the NASA mathematician accountable for the calculations that sent Apollo 11 to the moon. Various other examples include Nobel Reward winner Lise Meitner and First Woman Edith Wilson.

The campaign blew up on social media and went on to earn multiple awards.

7. Logitech: BS Recognition Spoof

Hours after Apr Fools Day, almost every marketing publication models up the best spoofs, pranks, and stunts that distracted everybody at work that time. One of the funniest spoofs that earned an area in all the major roundups this year was Logitech’s fake Business Talk Detection product movie. By giving their product a punny, yet subtly accurate title, the video pokes enjoyable at most businesses’ infatuation and overuse of buzzwords. But it also has the feel of a actual product overview, that makes it even more hilarious.

9. Old Spice: Paper Blazer Ad

public relations example: old spice

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When Perfume brands advertise within magazines, they usually flaunt their aromas by drenching an advertisement with their latest cologne or perfume. Yet Old Spice understood people usually do not enjoy unexpectedly stinky scents violating their own nostrils when they are flipping through a common magazine.

Therefore , in typical Outdated Spice fashion, these people gently ribbed some other fragrance brands by inserting a paper blazer doused within their new cologne, Captain, in their print advertisement in GQ magazine. Then they wrote about how these paper blazers can help men get attention not only with trendy style, but additionally with masculine odor. The only drawback of the particular blazer is that it can be heading turn into papier-mâché on you in the rain.

Humor and cleverness is one of the best methods to appeal to your audience and gain earned media attention, and it seems like Old Essence can leverage them both on any marketing channel.

10. Star Wars: Passing the Box-Office Baton to The Avengers

Avengers: Infinity War recently shattered Superstar Wars: The Force Awakens ’ record for the greatest opening weekend actually by grossing over $250 million. LucasFilm, the studio that will created and produced Star Wars, was not bitter though.

Instead, they were happy with their friends at Marvel Studios, plus sent them the heartwarming congratulatory tweet. By applauding them for their incredible results, and not sulking regarding their broken record, Star Wars earned the respect associated with movie lovers just about everywhere — not to mention several media coverage for the gesture.

11. Johnnie Walker: Anne Walker

public relations example: jane walker

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To promote gender equality and honor the many accomplishments of women throughout background, Johnnie Walker released a female version from the whisky on Global Women’s Day called Anne Walker . The particular limited-edition bottle featured a woman on their well-known logo, instead of a man, which connected the brand to people who also support their commitment to social progress.

Within March 2018, Johnnie Walker released 250, 000 bottles of Jane Walker, and for every bottle offered, they donated $1 to organizations that empower women. This particular tangible impact helped their campaign gain even more support and publicity.

twelve. AirBnB & BBC Earth: Night in Blue Planet II

Azure Planet II is considered the greatest nature number of all time, with its very first episode attracting more than 14 million audiences and earning the particular title of Britain’s highest rated TV show in 2017. Viewing the show can almost place a person into the habitat they are filming, but BBC Earth wanted to consider things to the next level for their biggest fans: they will offered them a chance to experience what it’s like to be a researcher and filmmaker with regard to Blue Planet II.

To do so, they will teamed up with AirBnB to run a competition for their members, and two lucky winners got to spend three days and 2 nights in the Bahamas on the research plus exploration vessel utilized in the show’s filming. During their expedition, they will lived with and discussed work with experts and dove serious into the Atlantic Ocean in a submarine along with filmmakers to observe several of nature’s most special underwater wildlife. By offering a once in a lifetime opportunity, BBC Planet could get more individuals to watch their strike show, and AirBnB could build their brand affinity.

13. SpaceX & Tesla: SpaceX Transmits a Tesla directly into Outer Space

Everyone knows Elon Musk wants to send human beings to Mars. Then when SpaceX launched their newest rocket, Falcon Heavy, into space, it made several headlines. But when the Falcon Heavy suddenly shot a cherry-red Tesla Roadster blasting David Bowie’s 1971 hit “Life upon Mars? ” directly into orbit, it was becoming called the greatest automotive PR stunt of all time.

The car will now float between Earth and Mars meant for millions of years, and serve as reminder just for current and upcoming generations to usually reach for the stars. The success of both roll-outs also improved SpaceX and Falcon Heavy’s reputation. Falcon Heavy is now the most effective rocket on earth, therefore it’s realistic to say it can launch heavy satellites and long term space stations in to orbit, shuttle packages to Mars, as well as transport humans to the moon. And that’s exactly what Elon Musk needs the public to consider if he really wants to accomplish his focused goals.

fourteen. State Street Worldwide Advisors: Fearless Gal

On the early morning of International Ladies Day, the world woke up to find a four-foot high statue of a girl across in the Charging Bull statue on Wall Street in Nyc. She is standing high and brave, practical her hips, within a dress and high-top converse.  

Fearless Girl, because she is called, has been commissioned by the expense management firm State Street Global Advisors as a part of their strategy to pressure businesses to add more women to their boards. By standing to Charging Bull , she is standing up for gender diversity upon Wall Street.  


Image Supply

A few argue that the women’s defiance toward the bull — plus male-dominated corporate boardrooms more generally — is controversial. There is lots of pushback to the statue, but in common, this PR advertising campaign received widespread support for the women’s movement and diversity in the workplace and remains outside of the New York Stock Exchange.

15. ALS Organization: ALS Ice Container Challenge

A couple of years ago, videos of individuals dumping a container of ice water over their heads flooded social media, right now known as the Ice Container Challenge. The virus-like sensation of 2 . 4 million movies was a way to raise awareness of a neurodegenerative disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis — also known as ALS or even Lou Gehrig’s illness. The idea was to raise money for the WIE Association and study on the disease.  

The viral challenged elevated more than $115 million dollars, with nearly $80 million heading towards research. The particular campaign was a massive success — awareness and funding meant for ALS has increased, all thanks to huge numbers of people giving themselves human brain freeze.

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