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Our suggestion for most people is Hostinger because it’ s an affordable, quick, and reliable web hosting provider. Sign up with Hostinger for as low as $1. 99 per month .

With low prices, good rates of speed, and plenty of user-friendly features, GoDaddy made a name pertaining to itself as one of the greatest all-in-one hosting suppliers out there. But it has some steep competition, and there are plenty of other hosting providers that cater to different audiences and needs.  

We’ ve gather a list of the best GoDaddy alternatives based on efficiency, features, support, and functionality. Keep reading to compare our favorites and discover which hosting supplier is the best match for you personally.  

The very best 10 Best Website hosting Providers

The very best GoDaddy alternative is usually Hostinger because of its velocity, affordability, and reliability. Sign up with Hostinger for as low as $1. 99 per month . For more options, here are our top recommendations for the particular hosting providers you need to be considering.

  • Hostinger – Greatest overall 
  • Bluehost – Best for new WordPress websites
  • DreamHost – Greatest Unbeatable Value On the Month-to-Month Hosting Program
  • HostGator – Best for easy websites 
  • GreenGeeks – Best eco-friendly Hosting
  • SiteGround – Best WordPress Accredited Host For Quickness and Security
  • A2 Hosting – Fast & reliable shared hosting
  • InMotion – Best VPS web hosting
  • WPEngine – Best handled WordPress hosting
  • Nexcess – Best for eCommerce hosting 
Company logos for our best GoDaddy alternatives and competitors

Hostinger – Best Overall

Company logo for Hostinger, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

Hostinger is great for multiple reasons, including competitive prices, easy setup, and intuitive features meant for users.  

Not only does it have a super clean interface as well as a dashboard that’ s i9000 easy to navigate, it also has a great, comprehensive onboarding process which makes setting up hosting plus a website easy for however, most inexperienced users.  

It also comes with a ton more features, like free email management, Wp integrations, a free SSL certificate, and several websites included in a few plans. It has a few of the lowest pricing associated with any web hosting company, and it comes with a server-level cache that instantly improves your site’ s speed.

For the cost, it’ s hard to find a much better hosting provider than Hostinger with as numerous features, and with just as much speed or reliability. Their lowest plan starts at just $1. 99 per month, and the highest plan is only $3. 99 a month, making it, overall, the very best value for money of any kind of hosting provider.  

How Hostinger Compares to GoDaddy

Both Hostinger plus GoDaddy offer plenty of features at low prices.

Screenshot of Hostinger webpage with headline that says, "Savings to Set Your Website in Motion $2.00/mo"
Hostinger comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

When it comes to value for money, they’ re comparable. They also both offer most of the essentials along with every plan, like SSL certificates plus support, and they have extra features such as WordPress integrations.  

Even when it comes to performance, they balance each other out. GoDaddy has slightly quicker site speeds plus uptime, while Hostinger has slightly more essential features and prices. GoDaddy has better customer service, according to testimonials, and it has an easier overall user experience.  

Both good picks, and really, you could choose either of these and get similar results.

GoDaddy’s prices usually starts from $5. 99 a month, while Hostinger begins at just $2. 99 per month.  

Want to read our own full review? Notice what else we had to say about Hostinger here.  

Bluehost – Great for New WordPress Sites

Company logo for Bluehost, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

Bluehost is a web hosting provider that also provides web design and ecommerce services. It comes with WordPress built-in, making it a top choice to get WordPress-based Hosting, in fact it is one of the only brands WordPress endorses.  

Like web hosting, each Bluehost strategy comes with plenty of features like a free site, SSL Certificate, 24/7 support, and one click WordPress install. It also comes with its own analytics and reporting features, its own drag-and-drop contractor, and a dashboard that directly integrates together with your WordPress dashboard.  

Bluehost usually has sales and discounts, meaning their pricing can vary with respect to the time of the year. With the special promo, a basic plan goes for as little as $2. 75 a month, but when there’ s no discount, basic Hosting usually starts at $9. 99.  

Using its great customer service, one-click install, and selection of prebuilt themes or even drag-and-drop builders, Bluehost is a great choice for anyone who specifically would like to use WordPress or who’ s new to having a website.  

How Bluehost Compares to GoDaddy

Bluehost and GoDaddy are pretty similar when put side to side.  

Actually when it came to web site uptimes, there was just a 0. 01% difference (with Bluehost because the winner. ) Each offer users features like a free area, good site rates of speed, and excellent customer support.  

Screenshot of Bluehost webpage for WordPress hosting plans
Bluehost has plans that start as low as $2. seventy five per month.

Both sites also have lots of all-in-one choices, like site contractors, email management, website design, and online stores. Plus, as they’ re both established titles in the business, they have excellent security.  

One big difference, though, is that Bluehost makes it much easier to integrate, or migrate, Wp. You can do it along with GoDaddy, but it’ s a more difficult process, and it requires a lot longer.

When it comes to pricing, though, GoDaddy does have a bit of an edge on Bluehost. GoDaddy’s pricing generally starts at $5. 99 per month, whilst Bluehost usually starts at $2. 75 per month.

Want to read our full review? See what else we had to state about Bluehost right here.  

DreamHost – Best Unsurpassed Value On a Month-to-Month Hosting Plan

Company logo for DreamHost, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

DreamHost is a hosting provider that sets itself apart with its inexpensive starting rates plus month-to-month hosting programs.  

Many hosting plans are billed annually, yet DreamHost users possess a lot more flexibility with monthly billing plus subscriptions. This can be great for anyone who’ ersus just starting a company or a blog plus wants to change their own name or rebrand a few months in.

Like the other hosting providers mentioned on this list, DreamHost has a lot of features a part of even the lowest programs, easy integration with WordPress, and great customer support. They also have an excellent clean, easy-to-use user interface and SSL accreditation.  

Nevertheless , it’ s essential to note that while DreamHost does offer monthly plans, these usually arrive at a higher price than if you obtained the same plan charged annually and with less features included in your subscription.  

You should also check the small print mainly because often , the marketed rates are promotional and go up to some much higher price following a certain amount of time. (For example, the basic plan monthly plan begins at $4. ninety five per month but goes up to $7. 99 per month after the very first month) 

How DreamHost Compares to GoDaddy

DreamHost plus GoDaddy are both ideal for cheaper hosting with a range of features.  

They’ re both simplistic and simple to use, with easy control panels and lots of features even in the essential plans. However , GoDaddy does offer a free web design tool, while DreamHost’ s builder is certainly paid.  

Screenshot of DreamHost web hosting landing page
DreamHost has free migrations for WordPress sites.

This particular makes it a little more difficult for new users to get started with DreamHost more than GoDaddy. And, when it comes to customer support, GoDaddy provides 24/7 care, while DreamHost doesn’ big t.  

However , when it comes to performance, DreamHost is a lot faster than GoDaddy, with high site speeds, slightly better uptime, plus faster response times. Plus, DreamHost has much better security included with each plan that GoDaddy does, and it has simpler migration options for Wp.  

GoDaddy’s pricing usually starts at $5. 99 per month, while DreamHost starts at just $2. 95 per month.

Want to read our own full review? See what else we had to say about DreamHost here.  

HostGator – Great for Simple Websites

Company logo for HostGator, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

Like the majority of of the other hosting providers on this list, HostGator offers super inexpensive hosting with a selection of plans to choose from.  

Unlike some other providers on this listing, though, HostGator concentrates on keeping things guaranteed tailored to each user’ s specific needs. You can choose a plan based on what you want your website to achieve, not merely on the range of functions, for instance. All the plans include a totally free domain, and you can select plans that assist you to design a website or even ones that are developed specifically for WordPress.  

Hostinger furthermore excels in providing users a great encounter, with a simple, straightforward drag-and-drop builder meant for designing a site, simple one-click integrations, and 24/7 support which includes both in-person calls and live conversation. And they offer free site transfers, which can be complicated and costly with some other providers.  

Their own lowest plan associated with shared Hosting starts on $2. 75 a month, while their Wp hosting starts from $5. 99 monthly. Like the other suppliers mentioned on our list, these prices change after a certain amount of time and usually go up after the first season.  

Just how HostGator Compares to GoDaddy

While each HostGator and GoDaddy focus on making hosting easy for users, they both have strengths in various areas.  

Screenshot of HostGator web hosting landing page
Get a free domain for just one year with HostGator.

GoDaddy comes out on top with regards to features. They have better website building and design features, a lot more options for hosting and domain registration, a larger dashboard for developing a site, and non-hosting features like a free of charge Microsoft 365 membership.  

On the other hand, when it comes to performance and support, HostGator slightly outperformed GoDaddy. They have a higher site rate and uptime (though not by much), a better customer support system, and faster WordPress install times.  

GoDaddy’s prices usually starts on $5. 99 per month, while HostGator starts at just $2. seventy five per month.  

Want to read our full review? See what else there were to say about HostGator here.  

GreenGeeks – Greatest Eco-Friendly Hosting

Company logo for GreenGeeks, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

GreenGeeks is a hosting supplier with a twist. They offer the same features as most of the other providers on this list, like day to day support, one-click WordPress install, and a totally free SSL certificate, however they only use alternative energy to power their hosting services, making them an environmentally mindful provider.

These people still have fast web hosting, fast performance, plus integration options, but each plan furthermore comes with a 300% Green Energy Match, as well as for every higher-priced skillet purchased, a forest gets planted.  

Another great issue about GreenGeeks may be the automatic daily back up copies. Many hosting companies don’ t get this, or they charge this as an additional at a premium price. This is useful for more recent users or site owners who do a large amount of editing and up-dates.  

Plus GreenGeeks has among the highest performance rates of speed, despite powering their particular servers on renewable energy. They use really up dated technology like PHP7, SSD, and CDN, making them a great approach to people who care about environmental surroundings but also want their particular sites to load quick.  

Their pricing for the simple plan is a little more costly at $10. 95 per month, but most of the time, they offer a discount that can bring the price as low as $2. 95 per month.  

How GreenGeeks Compares to GoDaddy

1 obvious difference between your two hosting suppliers is that GreenGeeks much more environmentally friendly than GoDaddy.  

Screenshot of GreenGeeks web hosting landing page
GreenGeeks’ ersus Pro hosting strategy includes on-demand web site backups.

Both providers are usually pretty similar when it comes to performance, with comparable uptime speeds and equally good security. GreenGeeks has slightly faster site plus loading speeds.  

Both have good features, but GreenGeeks offers a few a lot more essentials with their basic plan than GoDaddy, and they have much better and more responsive support.  

GoDaddy’s pricing usually starts from $5. 99 per month, while GreenGeeks generally starts at $10. 95 per month.  

SiteGround – Best WordPress Licensed Host For Speed and Security

Company logo for SiteGround, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

SiteGround is a well-known hosting provider that is comparable to a lot of others with this list—except when it comes to acceleration and security.  

SiteGround’s USP is that they use built-in security and swiftness optimizations for ultra-fast performance and low latency rates. Each uses SSD persistent information storage and Google cloud to help keep their own hosting ultra-fast and minimize any lagging or caches for their users. And they operate server health inspections and attack prevents constantly in the background, which makes them among the safest hosting providers on the market.  

Interestingly, they also offer a renewable energy match, such as GreenGeeks, making them great choice for environmentally conscious users. And on top of that, SiteGround includes all the fundamental features a user could want, like an SSL certificate, storage, free of charge email services, as well as a domain.  

The pricing is fairly high when you can find no sales on, with the lowest strategy starting at $14. 99 per month. Nevertheless , like most hosting companies on this list, they are doing run frequent special discounts and right now, you can obtain started for just $2. 99 per month.

How SiteGround Compares to GoDaddy

It’ s a little harder to compare the two suppliers like for like, as they are designed for different users.

Screenshot of SiteGround webpage with headline that says, "Take Advantage of The Online To Boost Your Offline Business"
The GoGeek plan comes with additional resources and concern support.

SiteGround is designed for larger operations and larger sites, so it outperforms GoDaddy when it comes to such things as site speed, uptime, and loading periods. Siteground also has much better customer and tech support team and a bigger range of features with its basic plan.  

However , GoDaddy is more convenient, easier to use, plus comes with easier tools for newer customers, like a web contractor and email administration. GoDaddy is also a great deal cheaper than Siteground, making it a better selection for new users or smaller businesses.  

GoDaddy’s pricing usually starts at $5. 99 a month, while SiteGround generally starts at $2. 99 per month. Want to read our complete review? See what else we had to say about SiteGround right here.  

A2 Hosting – Quick and Reliable Shared enviroment

Company logo for A2 Hosting, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

A2 Hosting is really a hosting provider that will relies on shared Hosting to provide users with super fast loading times plus low prices.  

With shared Hosting, exactly where performance is based on the maximum number of users per server, A2 Hosting claims to be able to offer users loading speeds of up to 20x the normal rate, meaning they have better likelihood of getting ranked by means of SEO and less chance of people jumping from their site.  

As well as getting great speed and low prices to reflect the shared plans, A2 Hosting offers great customer service which includes 24/7 support and free help with migrating websites.  

A2 Hosting also provides a 99. 9% uptime commitment and promises users high levels of security along with dual hosting firewalls and reinforced DDoS protection. Users may also access all the functions they need, like SSL certificates, drag-and-drop contractors, and different storage choices.  

When not on promotion, the lowest hosting plan starts at $10. 99/ month.  

How A2 Compares to GoDaddy

Although both are great hosting providers for different factors, A2 is definitely a better choice when it comes to acceleration and performance.  

Screenshot of A2 Hosting webpage for shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS web hosting
Get a Free year of rapid SSL with purchase of the one-year plan.

With much better uptime, site swiftness and loading rates of speed, and much better safety, A2 is a better option for any businesses that use e-commerce plus need speed, balance, and secure transaction.

They both have similar customer support and a good range of functions. GoDaddy comes out a little on top when it comes to extra features like a site builder and a good all-in-one website administration dashboard.  

GoDaddy’s pricing usually starts at $5. 99 per month, while A2 usually begins at $2. 99 per month.  

Want to read the full review? Observe what else there were to say about A2 here.  

InMotion Hosting – Best VPS Hosting

Company logo for InMotion Hosting, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

InMotion Hosting is the best choice for anyone searching for Virtual Private Machine Hosting.  

Every plan has a resource monitoring dashboard, which gives users the visual breakdown of their server’ s RAM, disk bandwidth, and load usage. Most plans also include free website transfers, SSH & DDoS Protection, and machine snapshots that back up previous versions of your server.  

InMotion is a great approach to anyone looking for more speed or control over their hosting, promising a 20x faster NVMe SSDs & Cpanel. But for those newer to VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER hosting, they also have an enormous library of resources and 24/7 assistance.  

Whilst VPS hosting is surely a lot more complicated compared to using a different supplier, InMotion makes it easy to get started, and they’ lso are a great option for ecommerce users because they can ride over any kind of traffic spikes and also have super high amounts of security.  

The lowest plan, when not on sale, starts at $59. 99 each month and comes with 2TB of bandwidth, 4GB RAM, and 2vCPU cores.  

How InMotion Compares to GoDaddy

The obvious difference between InMotion and GoDaddy is that GoDaddy offers internet hosting while InMotion offers VPS.  

Screenshot of InMotion pricing plan webpage for shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting
Three of the four InMotion hosting plans come with a free domain plus unlimited websites.

This made it a little harder in order to the two, but one particular place where InMotion easily came out at the top was customer support. The agents are extremely knowledgeable, and the assistance is fast and responsive. InMotion also provides better security compared to GoDaddy.  

But GoDaddy certainly wins when it comes to simplicity of use. InMotion, because it provides VPS hosting, is a lot more complicated, has a less user-friendly dashboard, plus costs a lot more than GoDaddy.  

GoDaddy’s pricing usually starts at $5. 99 per month, while the lowest InMotion plan for shared hosting usually starts at $2. 99 per month.

Want to read through our full review? See what otherwise we had to say regarding InMotion here.  

WP Motor – Best Maintained WordPress Hosting

Company logo for WP Engine, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

WP Engine is a hosting provider specifically designed to support WordPress users.

This means it has a ton of features specifically designed meant for WordPress, and users can access functions and themes for free that they would have to pay out a lot of money for individually.  

WP Engine is super easy to set up and optimize for WordPress sites like blogs, plus it’ s furthermore great for WordPress stores and WooCommerce. Mainly because it’ s just for WordPress users, WP Engine has almost unbeatable site quickness and loading speed, and things like updates and maintenance are usually fast and frequent.  

You also get access to daily back up copies, 24/7 phone support, and free SSL and SSH along with every plan.  

The downside, although, is that it costs greater than other hosting providers, thanks to the speed as well as the extra features. The cheapest plan starts at $23 per month, and this is only really a wise decision for WordPress users who need lots of acceleration and automation.  

How WP Engine Compares to GoDaddy

It’ ersus no surprise that when evaluating the WordPress functions between the two, WP Engine won.  

Screenshot of WP Engine webpage with headline that says, "Power your website on the #1 hosting platform for WordPress"
Get four several weeks free with an annual subscription.

When it comes to speed, WP Engine outperformed GoDaddy on both uptime and loading and web site speeds. WP Engine also has a lot more WordPress features and offers a lot more security options, more functionality, and extra addons like the Genesis style or Studio Press.  

WP Engine also has much better customer support with a reside 24/7 chat container and better protection for users compared to GoDaddy. For Wp users, WP Motor makes the most feeling, but when it comes to smaller sized users, the price is really a big factor, especially as you can install and use WordPress, even though with fewer features, through GoDaddy.  

WP Motor has better features and functionality, however it is a lot more expensive than GoDaddy.

GoDaddy’s pricing usually starts at $5. 99 per month, while WP Engine managed WordPress hosting starts at $20 per month.  

Want to learn our full evaluation? See what else we had to say about WP Engine right here.  

Nexcess – Best for E-commerce Hosting

Company logo for Nexcess, one of our best GoDaddy alternatives

Nexcess is a hosting provider that provides managed ecommerce web hosting with platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, plus WordPress.  

With their hosting, Nexcess basically takes the training curve out of e-commerce hosting with features like performance screening, advanced caching, and nightly backups.

They also have built-in performance tools that improve both the speed plus security of your web site, including firewalls, spyware detection, and built-in CDN.  

One of the key top features of Nexcess is that because it focuses on ecommerce, and so payment and higher traffic volume, it has built-in features to aid this on your website. They provide cloud auto-scaling to avoid traffic spikes, and advance security like daily viruses runs and back up copies.  

Their different plans change depending on which platform you will need managed hosting pertaining to. Their WordPress hosting starts at $9. 50 a month, while their Magento program starts all the way upward at $29. 50 a month.  

How Nexcess Compares to GoDaddy

Both providers are certainly different in the fact that GoDaddy caters a lot more to smaller websites, and Nexcess provides more to e-commerce sites.  

Screenshot of Nexcess webpage with headline that says, "With Fully Managed WordPress from Nexcess, Better is Built-in"
Obtain developer tools and daily backups with Nexcess’s managed WordPress hosting.

If you’ re an online store, then Nexcess will be a much better option, with much better security, more of a range of features, and much better integrations. When it comes to web site speed, Nexcess seemed to be a tiny bit quicker with better launching times, better features for overcoming traffic surges, and more reliable uptime.  

For a smaller company or sites, though, the pricing to get Nexcess managed web hosting might be too expensive, as well as the features won’ t be relevant to a person. For users who need a simple website that’ s easy to use along with responsive customer service, GoDaddy, and its pricing, make a lot more sense. GoDaddy’s pricing usually starts at $5. 99 per month, while Nexcess usually starts on $19 per month.  

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