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All of us recommend Jotform for its wide selection of templates, ease of use, and free platform. Get 50% away for nonprofits plus educational institutions .

Online forms make collecting the data you need for your company easy. You can collect responses in one location whether your goal is gathering get in touch with information, lead generation, or even conducting a study about your business.

The best online form builders speed up the process, so you can reuse your preferred templates, customize your forms, and evaluate data faster. Then, you can make changes that suit your business and maintain customers choosing you.

The Top six Best Online Form Builders

All these online form contractors offers something special to help you create the very best forms and collect more responses from your audience. Our favorite form builder is Jotform since it makes developing forms easy with templates for every situation. Benefit from its 50% low cost for educators plus nonprofits .

  • Jotform—Best just for building forms with templates
  • Typeform—Best for conversational forms
  • Formstack—Best for gathering analytical data
  • Wufoo—Best pertaining to customizing forms and reports
  • Google Forms—Best designed for versatility and simplicity of use
  • Paperform—Best for order types
Company logos for our best online form builder reviews.

Match Your Scenario to the Correct Online Form Constructing Solution

I have put together a few circumstances to show when you might need a form builder and which ones work perfect for those scenarios. To help you decide which one is most effective for you, check out these use cases based on what you need your online form to do:

  • You’re conducting a survey
  • You need to order items for your business
  • You want to generate potential clients
  • You’re collecting customer data
  • You need a way for individuals to register for offers or events

You’re performing a survey

Best Option: Google Types

Google Types gives you a few simple templates to perform effective surveys. Using its flexible platform, you put in your questions, choose your response type, and send this out to your customers through emails, social media articles, or your website. Google makes sharing simple with a link, and you can collect all your reactions in one place to make it easy for you, too.

Three blue icons with text beneath explaining Google Forms features, including building forms and analyzing results, working with clean response data, and sharing forms.
Google Forms has thoroughly clean templates you can send fast to collect player responses.

Another great selection: Formstack

Formstack is ideal for internal and customer opinions. It lets employees offer in-depth ideas, whether it’s a self-evaluation or recommendations about how your business will help its customers. You can include and remove areas based on what you need for the survey, and its easy drag-and-drop setup is usually fast and easy to navigate.

Should you be conducting a survey, pay attention to:

  • Obtainable templates : The convenient template can make creating and sending your survey faster
  • Answer types : Does the form allow for varied answer forms, like multiple choice and open answer?
  • Response collection : Your form should gather responses in one area for fast analysis.

You need to order items for your business

Best Option: Paperform

Paperform is ideal for selling physical and digital products. It appears like a landing page, and you can add extra components with media, like images and video. That makes it easier for individuals to see what they are buying, and it has features to help you manage stock to offer convenience intended for both you and the client.

Text at the top of the image that says “Beautiful and beautifully easy” with three geometric icons below. Under the icons are headers that read “Completely Customizable,” “Professional Templates,” and “Easy Peasy.”
Paperform’s order form templates keep your stock organized and create ordering easy for clients.

Another great choice: Jotform

Jotform has a lot of templates, and you can search “order form” to view over 1, five hundred results. It has purchase forms specific to different industries so that you can select one for a restaurant, clothes, screen printing, preorders, and more. Jotform provides so many niche web templates that you may not even have to change them other than adding your own queries.

Whenever you’re ordering items, remember these criteria:

  • Layout : You want a simple layout with clear presence, so you and your customers can understand it at a glance.
  • Ease of use: Does the form builder have layouts you can use to immediately create your purchase form?
  • Inventory administration : Having some other tools to help you manage inventory creates a more efficient ordering process.

You want to generate leads

Best Option: Wufoo

Wufoo has a collection of twenty-eight templates made for free lead generation. Because Wufoo is so easy to customize, its leads templates are the perfect balance between providing you a base to work from plus letting you recreate it for your purposes. You may also make your own from the beginning. The platform has templates designed for content downloading, market research, getting estimates, quick customer feedback, and more.

An image of colorful pie charts and bar graphs on the left with text on the right that reads “Make sense of your data” with descriptions of Wufoo’s custom reports and data export capabilities beneath it.
Wufoo’s reporting and data collection allow it to be ideal for generating qualified prospects for your business.

Another great choice: Jotform

Jotform brings up an excellent template selection with a quick “lead generation” search. They get really specific, so you can perform everything from creating an email newsletter signup type to making one pertaining to airport pickup bookings. You can also find more general styles that you can personalize based on your offers.

Consider these criteria when you’re trying to create leads using on-line forms:

  • Variety of fields : Less fields are easier for people to fill in, so keep it minimal.
  • Form purpose : The form will look various depending on what you want people to sign up for or perform, so tailor this appropriately.
  • Customization : Your form builder should let you change things to make the type work for you.

You’re collecting consumer data

Best Option: Formstack

Formstack specializes in data selection. You can customize your fields and stipulate what kind of data you would like your form to show. It also has types for how you wish to use your form, such as an evaluation or customer suggestions. It’s designed to save you time with an organized system that you could automate to analyze your data sooner.

In an orange band at the top are four icons, including a thumbs up beside text that reads “No credit card required,” an alarm clock with text that reads “18 hours per week saved,” the Caduceus with text that reads “HIPAA compliant,” and a rocket ship with text that reads “14-day free trial.”
Formstack collects and organizes information more efficiently than every other form builder.

Another great choice: Typeform

Typeform asks one query at a time, so customers can focus on each one of these. It feels more speaking and friendly, which makes customers more prepared to trust your brand. Typeform also allows customers fill out the form with just their keyboard for greater efficiency. It also enables you to include multimedia, which allows you to provide more information.

Keep in mind these points when collecting customer information with forms:

  • Data type : You want a form that may collect various data types based on person needs.
  • Organization : Your form constructor should organize your data so that you can easily reference it.
  • Automation : This helps to reduce guide tasks, so you can occurs data sooner.

You need a method for people to register for provides or events

Best Option: Jotform

Jotform has more than 1, 800 easy to customize registration forms with unique designs to match all types of businesses. You are able to change them to match your brand, although with so many niche types, you may not need to do more than that. It has layouts for events, hospital sign-in, workshops, automobile registration, webinars, and even more.

Three registration form templates from Jotform for customer details, class registration, and music school registration. They each show template fields, explanations of the template, and a button at the bottom that says “Use Template.”
Jotform has a large number of templates made for any kind of event, course, and much more.

Another great choice: Wufoo

Wufoo has an whole template collection dedicated to registration templates. It has forms to sign up for the gym membership, create reservations, and register for online courses. Along with several template setups, you can customize each one and even include maps. It works for occasions of all sizes, which includes personal events such as family reunions.

Think about these criteria when creating enrollment forms:

  • Selection and organization : Your form need to store responses accurately so you can check individuals in without problem later.
  • Confirmation plus redirection : Make sure your form sends people to the next step after sign up and confirms you have received their reactions.
  • Template purpose : Having templates that will correspond as carefully as possible to your needs cuts down on time required to customize before going live.

On the internet Form Builder Organization Reviews

Each online form builder has its own advantages, so it’s essential to know what they do greatest and why before you decide to choose one for your business. Here, I demonstrate what makes them all stand out and why they are on our list to enable you to make the right decision, whether you hold frequent events, collect plenty of data, or would like more freedom together with your form builder.

Jotform – Great for Creating Forms Using Templates

Jotform, one of the best online form builders.

Jotform has over 10, 000 templates grouped by type, industry, plus profession. If you need some thing unique to your business, chances are you’ll find it by searching some keywords.

The particular drag-and-drop system can make using each design template simple. You can personalize them to suit your needs or even start from scratch and build your own form. You don’t need any coding understanding, and you can add your business logo, colors, and font.

Jotform lets you automate your own forms, create reports, and accept obligations for even better corporation. It also integrates numerous popular apps, which includes HubSpot, Slack, and Zoom.

Why is Jotform Great

Three images against a tan background. The first image is an illustration of a person with long hair and a purple shirt tapping an option that says “Phone” on a large form screen with text below the image that says “Build the form you need in minutes.” The second image is an illustration of a person with an orange shirt and short hair surrounded by brand icons with text below that says “Integrate your form with business apps. The third image is an illustration of two people next to a form for a photography session with the wedding option checked and text below that says “Collect online payments seamlessly.”
Jotform has thousands of templates to make it easier to collect data faster.

Jotform has every kind of type from ecommerce to education to order forms. It makes them all easy to find, and each you are detailed and organized. It also goes beyond form templates. For example , if you’re building an online store, you can use Jotform’s store builder, app, table, PDF, and document signing layouts. Its many templates and tools assist you to keep track of every part of your business.

Jotform is liberated to use , but it has paid programs starting with its Bronze package at $34 per month all the way up to Enterprise with custom made pricing and additional functions. The free program does include all of Jotform’s features, but it has more limitations in how it allows you to use them.

Typeform – Best for Generating Conversational Forms

Typeform, one of the best online form builders.

In contrast to other forms, Typeform doesn’t show the customer every field at once. They can’t neglect ahead, so it helps them concentrate on the question at hand. (This type is generally known as a speaking form since it alternates between one query and one answer, and mimics a conversation between you and the customer. ) This setup is great for gathering detailed solutions and ensuring your customers understand what you’re asking them.

Typeform is all about engaging customers. It makes its queries fun to answer, which in turn makes customers more likely to complete the form. With its capabilities pertaining to adding multimedia as well as other exciting elements, it offers a unique kind of form that customers enjoy.

With one particular question at a time, the platform makes it feel a lot more like you’re having a discussion with your customer. The form also comes enhanced for mobile, so it looks appealing upon every device.

What Makes Typeform Excellent

Examples of customizable Typeform forms templates
Typeform turns information collection into a conversation with your audience.

Typeform is focused on keeping attention, however the way it does this is with an impressive set up using visual press, bright color options, and crisp designs. You can create your own form, but Typeform has carefully constructed several templates, so you don’t have to.

Typeform is free to use, but the totally free version only provides you with 100 responses a month, so you may want to upgrade to the $25 per month Basic plan, fifty dollars per month Plus strategy, or $83 per month Business plan. With or without experience, though, Typeform is really a versatile system that integrates with many popular apps, including Zapier, Google Analytics, and Slack.

Formstack – Best for Collecting Analytical Data

Formstack, one of the best online form builders.

Formstack uses drag-and-drop, conditional logic, and automation to collect analytical information from customers and employees. It simplifies the process and allows collaboration among team members for greater efficiency. For you, that means you are able to review and occurs data sooner, whereas other form builders require more legwork.

Formstack states save you 18 hours per week. Its styles library has plenty of templates to work with, you can also create your own. Simply choose the form category you want and include rules on the spot.

Formstack has safety features with HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR compliance to make collecting even confidential information possible. It has more than 300 templates plus integrates with more than 100 apps.

Why is Formstack Great

Black text that reads “Simplify your data collection” against a peach background. An image to the right shows a paused video with data plugged into a form.
Formstack organizes your data plus automates repeated activities to cut down on time spent making sense of your responses.

Formstack is especially good for internal data collection. Its fundamental and advanced fields let you set up performance reviews and evaluations of all kinds. You are able to build your form straight in Salesforce in order to expedite the process. Formstack has prefilling options so that your customers plus employees don’t have in order to manually enter all of their information.

You can try Formstack free with regard to 14 days. The platform has many other capabilities, including documents, signing, and also a package that includes many of these features. Its Forms-only packages start at $50 per month, however , making it one of the most expensive tools on this list.

Wufoo – Perfect for Customizing Forms and Reports

Wufoo, one of the best online form builders.

With over 400 templates, Wufoo is one of the best ways to create custom types. It keeps track of reactions and puts all of them in easy-to-read reviews. There’s no understanding curve with Wufoo, and it’s one of the only forms that will doesn’t attach its branding to your types.

You can fixed custom rules on the reports with Wufoo and choose choices that show just what you need to analyze your computer data. You can even export that will data to spreadsheets to make it more comfortable for you to read.

What Makes Wufoo Great

Three icons on the left side in a list with headers that read “Form Builder,” “Theme Designer,” and “Custom Branding” with descriptions below them. On the right is a green computer monitor with an illustrated drag-and-drop form builder on the screen.
Wufoo makes form constructing easy while still giving you advanced confirming features.

Wufoo has considerable features that allow you to customize your data plus forms. Its analytics and reporting show how your forms perform, and you can access this information on mobile. Its field validation offers more options so that your data shows up in the optimal structure for your purposes. You can also create custom responses.

Wufoo includes a free version that you can use to create basic forms. Its paid plans start at $14 a month, making it one of the cheapest on this list whilst still offering a higher level of customization.

Google Forms – Best for Versatility plus Ease of Use

Google Forms, one of the best online form builders.

Everyone’s heard of Google Forms, and you’ve probably a minimum of filled one away before. Since it is already part of Search engines Suite, which many businesses use, it’s a convenient, pre-installed tool that you can gain access to without buying something extra.

Google forms collects plus analyzes responses in real-time. It has seventeen templates, but its photo gallery and customization are usually limited compared to additional online form builders. Still, it has the fundamentals, and it’s among the easiest form contractors both to use and access.

Combined with Google Sheets plus Google’s other applications, you can view and use your data seamlessly. It’s easy to collaborate, and you can share your types through email, link, or on your web site for visitors to complete.

What Makes Search engines Forms Great

Screenshot with a customer satisfaction survey in a browser. On the left, the text reads, “Create an online form as easily as creating a document.”
Google Forms is portion of a larger suite, which makes gathering data free of charge and easy.

Google Forms is unique in its ability to combine with many other tools within the same place. While its simplicity might not work for everyone, it is fast and allows you to instantly copy queries from previous forms to save time. It automatically saves your own responses to a spreadsheet, too.

This form builder is free to use, but you can obtain Google’s Business Regular for $12 each month. If you’re only using Google Forms, a person don’t need this option since it doesn’t provide you with any Forms-exclusive extra supplies.

Paperform – Best for Order Forms

Paperform, one of the best online form builders.

Paperform looks more like a landing page than the usual form. It’s perfect for marketing and for replacing actual landing web pages. It also lets you include multimedia, so you can display your products and provide descriptions that inform your customers what they’re getting.

Using its payment collection plus inventory management capabilities, Paperform lends alone well to purchase forms. It has more than 650 form web templates, including over 92 for order forms. It auto-fills typical questions, so you don’t have to spend extra time writing them out.

Paperform’s order types make things simple for customers to understand while simplifying processing on the end. You can see almost everything with a visual layout and connect your forms with other product sales tools for a more efficient process.

What Makes Paperform Great

A geometric image on the left against a dark blue background. On the right, white text reads “Your digital Swiss Army Knife” with a description of Paperform below it.
Paperform is especially good for purchase forms, but it has plenty of other capabilities.

Paperform integrates with Zapier for easier sales and inventory management. It also lets you personalize how you take payments, pricing rules, and summary emails, and that means you know who’s ordering, what they’re purchasing, how much, and more.

You can try Paperform free for 14 days, plus paid plans start at $20 per month using its Essentials package. When you upgrade, you get more complex features, like computations, custom and Paperform analytics, and e-signing.

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The very best Online Form Builders in Summary

The best online form contractors should make producing your forms fast and simple while collecting the information you need. These 6 options offer these types of features plus their very own strengths that make all of them stand out among the relaxation.

I recommend Jotform as the best overall online type builder. It has more templates than any option, and you can get the form out to the world in moments.

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