The company of Creators within 2022: What Marketers Need to Know

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Content makers and the creator economy are becoming more essential to the success of marketing campaigns. Our own 2022 State associated with Inbound Marketing Tendencies Report found that 88% of manufacturers have a dedicated plan for working with influencers and creators. We also found community will be a main concern for marketing strategy within 2023.

To gain more insight into the world of content makers, HubSpot partnered with Tilt to study more than 300 marketing and business-specific content creators. Here’s a bit of what we found that marketers need to know. To access the entire report, check our Business of Makers Report.

Free Report: The State of the Creator Economy in 2022

5 Issues Marketers Should Know About Content Creators

Here are five elements marketers need to know about content creators as well as how to leverage them.

1 . Most creators want to grow their particular businesses.

Growth is at the forefront for many content creators. In our survey, more than 50% of content material creators want to grow their businesses to support a small or large team. Almost 40% say they want to develop as a solopreneur. Just 7% report wishing to keep content creation like a hobby.

Along with growth being the main objective for more content material creators, brands ought to offer mutually helpful partnerships that help creators meet their goals.

“One of the things [HubSpot’s] began to do is purchase independent creators to assist them do them well, ” said HubSpot’s Director of New Media Kyle Denhoff. “We’re investing in podcasters right now. We’re offering them financial worth, distributing their show across our brand channels — wish cross-promoting their display across our podcast network. ”

Mutually beneficial offers are great for creators but additionally provide excellent opportunities for brands.

“By partnering with creators, we can supply them stability financially and through the assistance of HubSpot’s stations, but then we can furthermore start to reach their own audiences, ” Denhoff said. “I believe marketers just have to think through how they can partner with creators, how they can provide a lot more value to creators to have a true relationship …”

Monetary stability is a hurdle for many content makers. According to our survey, more than half of makers don’t earn enough money to maintain themselves or their own businesses. So , should you be offering a partnership that will bring them closer to their financial and business goals, creators are more likely to want to use you.

Graph of responses to our Creator Economy Report.

2 . Content material creators value independence.

Our study found that most content material creators (32. 4%) get into the job because they seek independence and want to “be their very own boss. ” Consequently, creators won’t bargain their happiness meant for anything they argue with. They want to possess control over their function.

With that in mind, marketing experts should avoid treating creators like employees and treat them with the same respect as any other business. Entrepreneurs should also avoid micromanaging creators during collaborations and instead consult creators on strategic planning.

Plus, of course , pay your own creators on time.

a few. Creators are achieving new audiences.

Content creators have a knack for supply audiences in areas where businesses plus brands struggle. For instance , platforms like Twitch and TikTok are challenging for businesses to navigate since users rely on individuals spaces for community and entertainment.

However , content creators like Drew Afualo and Ninja possess cultivated strong human relationships with their followers on TikTok and Twitch, respectively, prompting different brands to acquire them to reach their particular audiences.

To get your audience — and the right makers to partner with — consider your organization’s goals and study where your viewers lives online. You should experiment with a multiplatform project to start so you can later analyze which channel was the most beneficial in connecting together with your audience.

Following that, you can decide which initiative will become the main audience-driving platform to influence, and you’ll be able to discover creators whose work and vision line-up with your goals.

4. Micro plus nano influencers alllow for excellent partnerships.

Speaking of partnerships, manufacturers should form relationships with micro plus nano influencers whom align with their targets, audience, and brand name mission. Micro plus nano influencers typically have under 1, 500 followers, while super influencers tend to have about 1 million fans.

While you may be more inclined to partner with mega influencers because of their massive following, you may benefit more from micro plus nano influencers. Creators with smaller followings often have a higher engagement rate than those with large followings. And in most cases, a higher fans count usually means a better campaign price. Therefore , creators with a smaller sized following can be more aligned with your spending budget.

5. Style Z is becoming a growing generation within the originator economy.

The majority of content creators are Millennials and Style X; however , more Gen Zers start to take root within the creator economy. In addition to working with micro and nano influencers, companies should partner with Gen Z creators due to their ability to connect with Style Z consumers.

Graph from our Business of Creators Report shows Millennials and Gen X make up the majority of content creators but Gen Z is a growing demographic.

Keep in mind I mentioned TikTok has a platform where businesses often struggle to connect with their target audience? Gen Z uses TikTok as a search engine more than Google, and social media is becoming the next generation’s go-to location for education plus growth. Brands should look for opportunities to work together with Gen Z creators if they wish to reach new audiences on platforms like TikTok and Twitch.

Now that you understand more about content creators and their motives, you have the information you have to create a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with creators whom align with your brand’s goals.

Download the 2022 Business of Creators Report.

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