B2B Marketing

At Social Media Ding, we’ve innovated a unique marketing methodology tailored to your specific needs. Understanding the power of direct engagement, we utilize contact forms as a gateway to connect with potential clients and partners. For a nominal fee of £0.10 per form, our team meticulously researches leads within your target niche, ensuring each has a contact form ready for outreach. Your message, carefully crafted to reflect your brand’s voice, is then personally delivered. We navigate each CAPTCHA manually, ensuring a human touch in every interaction. This approach not only guarantees GDPR compliance but also enables you to reach up to 5,000 companies weekly. Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive reports on all successful submissions, keeping you informed and engaged.

Additionally, we offer access to our regularly updated databases, a treasure trove of potential leads including low-ranked SEO websites, platforms active on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, PPC-utilizing sites, a 500k-strong UK database, and an expansive 1 million entry US database. Moreover, our capabilities extend to custom-targeting any niche you desire, sourced from Google Maps, Yellow Pages, or Yelp.

For further inquiries or to learn about our bulk order discounts, please reach out to us at info@socialmediading.com. At Social Media Ding, we’re not just about making connections; we’re about making the right connections.

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