B2B Marketing

We have devised a different marketing methodology to offer you. Most websites have a contact form which can be used to either contact them regarding their product but also to offer a service that might be suitable for them.

For the price of £0.10 per contact form, we will research the appropriate lead after we have identified your target niche, ensure that it has a contact form, fill and send the message conveyed by you. We will need to manually solve each CAPTCHA to bypass automation, so this is a manual service.

This will allow you to be GDPR compliant, allow you to contact up to 5,000 companies per week, because of our dedicated team and you will receive a report with all the successfully sent forms.

We also have the following databases which are updated on a monthly basis:

– Low ranked SEO websites
– Websites with Twitter, Facebook or Twitter for social media purposes
– Websites which use PPC
– A 500k UK database
– A 1 million US database
– We can also identify any niche we want from Google Maps, Yellow Pages or Yelp.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have at the following address: info@socialmediading.com

Finally, we do offer discounts if you order in bulk.

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