• How many new followers will I gain?

    Our clients can see up to 5,000+ new followers a month. The speed varies based on the platform and products/services offered. We do not force other Instagram users to follow you, nor do we give you or buy you fake followers, we simply manage engagement with real users. Our system allows for the most optimal organic growth.


  • Will my social media accounts be safe?

    We have a 100% record! No client of Social Media Ding has ever lost their account or had any problem whatsoever due to our services. Everything we do is with the various social medias daily limits in mind, and we have had zero issue with our system. Just don’t use any third party auto-like/follow apps or programs.


  • Do I have to sign a year-long contract?

    Nope, you can cancel anytime you’d like. We make life easier on businesses and privates by making the campaigns recurring every month. We do not offer refunds as this is a digital service but we do offer a free 3-day trial to every new customer.


  • Do I need to be a marketing expert to get started?

    Not in the slightest. Pick out subscription plan that fits your needs, and subscribe through paypal  or email us for an invoice if you would like a longer subscription. After we receive you as a new client, we will work with you directly to get all the information we need to start. Then you are completely hands-free, we’ll take it from there!


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