How To Get Instagram Verified: Steps To Get The Blue Tick

Ashley White

Instagram Blue Check

Having a blue checkmark on Instagram can set you apart as a credible and notable presence on the platform. This symbol of verification confirms to the public that your account is authentic. Whether you represent a brand or you’re a public figure, achieving verified status instills confidence in your followers and increases the authenticity of your presence.

To attain verification on Instagram, you must follow specific steps to submit a formal request via the app. Your account should be public, unique, and adhere to the community guidelines and terms of use set forth by Instagram. While verification can’t be bought and guaranteeing it can be challenging, understanding the process and ensuring your account is in tip-top shape improves your chances of acquiring that coveted blue check.

Earning the Coveted Blue Tick on Instagram

Understanding Instagram Verification

The blue tick, or verification badge, is a symbol that confirms an account’s authenticity. It helps users identify genuine accounts of public figures, celebrities, and brands. While it was once a coveted status symbol, Instagram now offers two ways to get verified:

  1. Meta Verified: A subscription service that offers verification along with other benefits like increased visibility and protection from impersonation.
  2. Traditional Verification: The old method, still available, where you request verification based on notability and authenticity.

Steps to Get Instagram Verified Through Meta Verified

1Ensure Eligibility: You must meet Instagram’s requirements, including being at least 18 years old, having a complete profile, and adhering to community guidelines.
2Subscribe to Meta Verified: You can do this through the Instagram app for a monthly fee.
3Verify Your Identity: You’ll need to provide a government-issued ID that matches your profile name and photo.
4Wait for Review: Instagram will review your application and notify you of their decision.

Steps to Get Instagram Verified Through the Traditional Method

1Ensure Eligibility: Your account must represent a well-known and highly searched-for person, brand, or entity. You’ll need to provide proof of notability through press coverage or other documents.
2Go to Your Profile: Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile icon.
3Access Settings: Tap on the three lines in the top right corner and select “Settings.”
4Request Verification: Go to “Account” and then tap “Request Verification.”
5Fill Out the Application: Provide your full name, category (e.g., news/media, sports, government/politics), and proof of notability.
6Submit and Wait: After submitting your application, Instagram will review it and notify you of their decision.

Additional Tips

  • Maintain Authenticity: Ensure your profile accurately represents you or your brand.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Post regularly and interact with your followers to show that your account is active.
  • Avoid Buying Verification: There are many scams offering fake verification; stick to the official methods.
  • Be Patient: The verification process can take time, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get approved right away.

Key Takeaways

  • The blue check on Instagram signifies a verified, authentic account.
  • Requesting verification requires adherence to Instagram’s guidelines.
  • The verification process emphasizes the authenticity and uniqueness of the account.

Understanding Instagram Verification

Instagram verification can set your account apart as a notable and authentic entity. It gives users trust in your profile.

Criteria for Eligibility

To be eligible for Instagram verification, you must be a real person, a registered business, or an entity. Your account must be the unique presence of the person or the business it represents. Your account must be public, with a complete bio and profile picture. Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched person, brand, or entity. Check marks are reserved for accounts that Instagram deems to be in the public interest.

The Verification Process

Step 1: Go to your account and tap the menu.

Step 2: Tap Settings, then Account, and select Request Verification.

Step 3: Provide the required information such as your full name and a copy of your government-issued ID for individuals or official documents for businesses.

Once submitted, Instagram will review your application. The review process can vary in time.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Issue: Verification request denied.
Solution: Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements. Refine your profile to emphasize notability and authenticity. Resubmit your application after some time, focusing on areas of improvement.

Issue: Impersonation by fake accounts.
Solution: Request verification to distinguish yourself from potential imposters. Secure your brand and establish credibility. Verification acts as a safeguard against impersonation.

Maximizing Your Verification Success

Achieving verified status on Instagram can elevate your presence and add credibility to your profile. Being strategic in your approach is crucial for success.

Optimizing Your Profile and Content

Your Instagram profile is the first impression you make. Ensure your profile photo, full name, and bio accurately reflect your public figure, brand, or business. Your content should showcase a unique presence that aligns with your category. In Settings and Privacy, enable two-factor authentication to secure your account.

  • Profile Checklist:
    • Photo ID: Upload to prove your identity.
    • Business Tools: Use if you represent a brand or business.
    • Bio and Profile: Keep it clear with relevant links.
    • Consistent Activity: Post regularly to stay visible.

Strategic Growth and Public Recognition

A successful verification request often comes from being notable and highly searched for. Increase your public recognition through strategic growth. Your audience must see you as noteworthy.

  • Growth Strategies:
    • Publications: Be featured in reputable articles or news sources.
    • Engagement: Use popular hashtags for more visibility.
    • Audience: Target language-specific accounts to build a broader audience.

Handling Verification Status and Benefits

Once verified, handle your verified badge as a status symbol and tool for success. The badge protects against impersonators and asserts your account’s credibility. Under Business Tools and Controls, manage your Meta Verified subscription at $14.99 per month for additional features.

  • Verification Benefits:
    • Improved credibility as a verified account.
    • Access to Instagram’s business tools.
    • Notification advantages: Stay on top of engagement and interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find precise answers to common inquiries about the sale of Instagram verification badges and the associated process.

What is the process for selling an Instagram verification badge?

Selling an Instagram verification badge is against Instagram’s terms of service. Any attempt to buy or sell these badges can result in permanent account bans.

Can Instagram verification be obtained without any cost?

Yes, you can apply for Instagram verification through the official app at no cost. It involves a review of your account to ensure it meets the platform’s criteria for notability and authenticity.

What are the criteria for achieving a verified status on Instagram with a low follower count?

Instagram requires your account to be authentic, unique, complete, and notable. A low follower count does not disqualify you, but notability typically comes from being featured in multiple news sources.

What are the official avenues to obtain Instagram verification?

You can request verification directly through the app by tapping Settings, then Account, and selecting Request Verification.

How much is typically charged for Instagram verification services?

Charging for Instagram verification is not legitimate. Services that claim to sell verification are often scams. Only the official Instagram process should be used.

What potential income can a verified Instagram account generate?

Income varies widely but can include brand deals, sponsorships, and increased exposure. Verification alone does not guarantee income; it depends on your content and audience engagement.