How to Delete My Snapchat Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Deciding to leave a social platform can feel like a big step, particularly when it involves deleting personal data. If you’re considering taking this step with Snapchat, it’s essential to know how to navigate the process. Deleting your Snapchat account is straightforward, but it requires several important actions on your part. You’ll need access to account settings via a web browser, as the mobile app won’t suffice for account deletion. By visiting the Snapchat website on your preferred browser, you’ll find the necessary tools to carry out the deletion.

Before you initiate the deletion of your Snapchat account, make sure to review any content or data you wish to save. Once the account is deleted, access to your snaps, chats, and stories will be permanently lost. Your account isn’t instantly deleted—it first goes through a 30-day deactivation period during which you can change your mind. Should you decide to proceed, after this period, your account, along with all the associated data, will be permanently removed from Snapchat.

Saying Goodbye to Snapchat: Your Account Deletion Guide

Deactivating vs. Deleting Your Account

Before proceeding, understand the difference:

  • Deactivation: Temporarily disables your account for 30 days. Friends can’t contact or interact with you during this time. If you log back in within 30 days, your account reactivates.
  • Deletion: Permanently erases your account and data after the 30-day deactivation period.

Steps to Delete Your Snapchat Account

  1. Go to the Accounts Portal:
  • Open a web browser and go to
  • Log in using your Snapchat username and password.
  1. Delete Your Account:
  • Click on “Delete My Account.”
  • Re-enter your username and password.
  • Click “Continue.” Your account is now deactivated.
  1. Wait 30 Days:
  • Your account will remain deactivated for 30 days.
  • During this time, you can reactivate it by logging in.
  • After 30 days, if you haven’t logged in, your account will be permanently deleted.

Important Notes

  • Data Removal: After the 30-day period, Snapchat will delete your data, including your account, friends, Snaps, Chats, Story, device data, and location data.
  • Username: Your username will become unavailable for you or others to use.

Alternative: Changing Your Privacy Settings

If you’re unsure about deleting your account, consider adjusting your privacy settings. You can control who can contact you, view your Story, and see your location. This allows you to stay on Snapchat while limiting your interactions.

Need Help?

If you have trouble deleting your account or have questions, you can contact Snapchat support through their website.

Key Takeaways

  • Deletion of a Snapchat account starts with a 30-day deactivation period
  • Access to the deletion feature is available through the Snapchat website on a web browser
  • Data and content cannot be recovered after the permanent deletion of the account

Preparing to Delete Your Snapchat Account

Before you decide to delete your account, take the necessary steps to ensure your privacy and data are protected. Understand the steps you need to take and the implications of account deletion.

Understanding the Accounts Portal

The Snapchat Accounts Portal is where you can delete your account. You’ll need your username and password to log in. Once logged in, follow the portal’s instructions for account deletion.

Reviewing Snapchat’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

It’s vital to know your legal rights and the company’s policies. Review Snapchat’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service carefully. These documents lay out the use of your personal data and the legal considerations of using the app.

Securing Your Data Before Deletion

Before you deactivate your account, secure any data you wish to keep. This includes saving your snaps and chats if important to you. You may request a data download from Snapchat’s settings menu. Your phone or email address connected to your account is crucial for this step. Ensure you have access to them.

Steps to Delete Your Account

Before deleting your Snapchat account, understand that you can first deactivate it which allows for a 30-day period in which you can reactivate. Once permanently deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Deactivating Your Snapchat Account

To temporarily deactivate your Snapchat account, you need to:

  1. Go to Snapchat’s accounts portal through the account settings.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Follow the steps to confirm deactivation.

Your account will remain deactivated for 30 days. During this period, you can log back in at any time to reactivate your account.

Permanently Deleting Your Account

Should you choose to permanently delete your Snapchat account, the steps are:

  1. Visit the delete account section of the Snapchat settings.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Confirm that you wish to delete your account.

After the 30-day deactivation period, your account will be permanently deleted. You cannot recover your account once this happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find precise instructions on managing your Snapchat account, from deletion to temporary deactivation.

What steps do I follow to permanently remove my Snapchat account?

To permanently delete your Snapchat account, go to the accounts portal and follow the instructions provided. This involves logging in, entering your password, and confirming your decision to delete your account.

Can I deactivate my Snapchat account temporarily, and how?

Yes, you can deactivate your Snapchat account temporarily. Begin by logging into the Snapchat accounts portal, follow the steps to delete your account, and your account will first undergo a 30-day deactivation period before permanent deletion.

On an Android device, how can I delete my Snapchat account?

For Android users, delete your account by accessing the Snapchat app, tapping your profile icon, then the settings gear. Scroll down to ‘Account Actions’ and select ‘Delete Account’ to initiate the process.

Is there a waiting period before I can delete my Snapchat account?

Yes, there is a 30-day waiting period. The account first enters a deactivation state to give you a chance to reverse the decision before it is permanently deleted.

What is the process for erasing a Snapchat account from a Samsung phone?

To erase a Snapchat account from a Samsung phone, follow the same process as on any Android device. Open the Snapchat app and head to the settings menu to find and select the option to delete your account.

After uninstalling the Snapchat app, is my account automatically deleted?

No, uninstalling the Snapchat app from your phone does not delete your account. You must manually go through the proper account deletion process by logging into the Snapchat account portal.