The best way to Do Market Research

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Whether you’re starting a new business, launching a brand new product, updating your pricing, or rolling out a new service offering, market research helps take the guesswork out of your decisions. Without market research, you could end up wasting tons of money on an idea that the marketplace hasn’t validated. By taking the time to researchContinue reading

17 Tools & Assets for Conducting Researching the market

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We have been creatures of routine, especially when it comes to buying behavior. We know the place of our favorite products in the store, and we believe in that they’ll work every year. According to McKinsey, nearly 3 out of 4 Americans stick with the same brand — and 8 out of 10 stay with the same retailer.

People can’t stand change. It’s a battle to get someone to in order to an unknown brand, especially during times of crisis.

What Is Market Share & How can you Calculate It?

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Growing up, I used to play “grocery store” with the sister. We’d go into our pantry, take out all the food, and set up a food store in our living room. I would typically “buy” goldfish.

You might be thinking, “What does this have to do with market share? ”

Well, let’s say which i bought 10 bags of goldfish from various “companies” that my sister, mom, and dad possessed. If three of those bags were our sister’s goldfish, that would mean that she a new 30% market share of my goldfish.

Put simply, that is business. But how does that impact marketers?

The Beginner’s Guide to Talk about of Voice

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If you’ve ever been in charge of gathering reports for your marketing team, then you definitely know there are a plethora of metrics you can measure.

A single metric that you might not really think to use for a number of channels is reveal of voice. Nevertheless , this is a versatile metric that you can use in a aggressive analysis for social media, organic traffic, or even paid advertising.