Why Your Website Needs HTTPS

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Most websites need to prioritize security. However , I still notice so many sites out there that will aren’t using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). For anyone who aren’t currently using HTTPS, that needs to change instantly. If you don’t think it’s necessary or that important, you’re mistaken. The truth is, security effects the performanceContinue reading

The Hidden Costs of Website Hosting

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It doesn’t matter if you’re building your best website or if you already have a few under your belt: You would like to save money on it. One region where you can see the most impact on your website’s expenses is the web host. This is the server exactly where your website actually “lives”—and it is typically theContinue reading

Best Point of Sales (POS) Systems

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Want to jump right to the answer? The best point of sales system for most people is certainly Square POS. The days associated with traditional cash registers are usually long behind us. Contemporary point-of-sale (POS) solutions are flexible and offer a wide array of great features. After all, you want the particular transaction to benefit the client, whileContinue reading

Site Statistics and Facts: A 2020 Study

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It’s easy to get whiplash from how quick the Internet changes. Just think: Simply 8. 2% of US households owned a computer in 1984. Now, five billion individuals across the world own a cellular device. In just three decades, all of us went from almost no one owning a computer to nearly the entire world being connected through theContinue reading