5 Dos and Don’ts When Making a SMART Goal [Examples]

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Once i was 14, my dream was to play college football. But I had one small problem: I only weighed 100 pounds. And even though I actually still had four many years to bulk up plus improve my skills, We knew I had a long way to look. Fortunately, my coach at all times knew how to give me for you to shoot for that kept my generate alive.

I think of SMART goals like my former baseball coach.

Ways to Create Facebook Video Ads, According to HubSpot Advertisers

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During the last few years, Fb has emerged as a true contender for the online video clip platform throne. In wake up of several new video clip features being introduced as well as a heavy video focus through Mark Zuckerberg, the social media giant has over 500 million people watching Fb videos every day.

Facebook’s improved focus on video isn’t just because users like to watch it (although they obviously do) — it’s also due to the fact more marketers are shifting their budgets from TV to mobile video.

How to Analyze Facebook Live Video: A Marketing Tutorial

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Wondering in case your Facebook Live videos will work? Need a deeper understanding of your own live video metrics? In this post, you’ ll find a serious dive into Facebook Live video Insights in the Creator Studio dashboard. Discover which usually metrics actually help you increase your Facebook lives and find out the reason why most marketers get their data and […]

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