How to begin a Lead Generation Business

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Free lead generation is key in the digital age we live in.   It is how companies who want more customers get qualified product sales leads.   If you’re new to lead generation, here is a quick sentence to explain: The lead generation business serves as the broker between the business using the service and the business’s ideal customer.   LeadContinue reading

What is Search Retargeting & How Does It Work?

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When a user is on Google and searches for “athletic shoes,” companies like Nike and Skechers probably want their ads to continuously show up for those users online because they’re currently in the market for a product they sell.

But how could they do that when the user isn’t searching for them and perhaps doesn’t even know that their company sells athletic shoes?

Databox Review

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The Databox analytics platform provides real-time access to all kinds of tracking data, providing businesses the ability to keep track of performance in a variety of areas. The cloud-based Databox software also offers the data in easy-to-understand charts and charts, giving the user helpful context. Although many of the best data visualization tools can helpContinue reading