25 of the Best Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2021

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As a blogger, you want your website in order to reflect your unique tone of voice and style. Additionally you want visitors to have a positive experience navigating your site — which is, reading posts with ease, searching for topics of interest, and discovering some other content that makes all of them excited to return.

A WordPress blogging theme will help you achieve the exact seem, feel, design, and layout you imagine, without the need for code.

Learn how to Turn Off Instagram’s Action Status Feature

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Instagram scrollers beware: your favorite photo-sharing app includes a feature that shows friends when you had been last online.

Similar to the activity status found on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Instagram’s “Activity Status” environment shows when you were last on the application. It’s now switched off by default in your accounts, but it’s preferable to be safe.

Let’s go over exactly how it works — after that take a look at how you can turn it off.  

The 2021 Guide to Instagram Ad Costs

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Do you remember in 2012 when Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion? It was a gamble. At the time of the acquisition, the platform was valued at half the purchase price, had 30 million users, and wasn’t generating revenue. Six years after the acquisition, Bloomberg estimated Instagram at 100 times that.