Greatest Webinar Software

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In order to start hosting webinars yet have no idea where to start, you’ve arrived at the right place. Sometimes promoting through email sequences or social media posts alone isn’t enough to show your audience why they should buy what you’re selling. Hosting a webinar and putting a encounter to a brand, and demonstratingContinue reading

11 Public Speaking Tips From the Tour’s Best Speakers & Conversation Experts [SlideShare]

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Upon January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in one of the most captivating product commences in history. Indeed the iPhone was obviously a revolutionary product, but it was not the iPhone that inspired thousands of people to camp out in the cold over night. It was Jobs’ unique presentation style — which Apple fans known as a “Stevenote” — that will helped make this among the most awe-inspiring, memorable keynotes ever shipped.

As Carmine Gallo describes in his book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Careers, Steve “transformed the typical, dull, technical, plodding slideshow in to a theatrical event complete with heroes, villains, a supporting solid, and stunning backdrops. People who witness a Steve Work opportunities presentation for the first time describe it as an extraordinary experience. ”

Science-backed Tips for Mastering Public Speaking, According to 5 Mental Health Professionals

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Welcome to The Science Behind Success — a blog series that explores how one can help our brains carry out better at work. With mental research and interviews along with leaders in the field, we’re demonstrating how psychology can help you conquer workplace obstacles and stand out in your career. Because a little mindset change could move a long way.