Best Collaboration Software

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Want to leap straight to the answer? The very best collaboration software for many people is definitely Zoho Tasks. Collaboration tools possess changed the way individuals work for the better. The times of knocking upon office doors, leaving voicemails, or delivering lengthy email stores with updates plus attachments are long behind us. Modern tools makes itContinue reading

The best way to Do Market Research

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Whether you’re starting a new business, launching a brand new product, updating your pricing, or rolling out a new service offering, market research helps take the guesswork out of your decisions. Without market research, you could end up wasting tons of money on an idea that the marketplace hasn’t validated. By taking the time to researchContinue reading

Idea Techniques: 15 Innovative Activities to Do Single or as a Team

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We’re all familiar with traditional brainstorming in order to produce new suggestions. You sit in the room with a whiteboard and work with whichever comes to mind. Maybe you play a few rounds of word association in order to strengthen your ideas, or even pull up Google plus use research to flesh them out.

But there are various alternative exercises pertaining to tackling problems and developing new suggestions, both individually and in a group setting.