How To Transfer TikTok Drafts to a New Phone

Ashley White

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Upgrading to a new phone often comes with the challenge of transferring personal content, including TikTok drafts. These drafts are creations in progress, and losing them could mean starting all over again. Fortunately, you have methods at your disposal to move these drafts from your old device to the new one without losing your work. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you won’t leave any entertaining or potentially viral draft videos behind.

Understanding the steps to safeguard your TikTok drafts during the transition is crucial. Whether it’s utilizing cloud services or direct transfer options, getting your drafts onto your new phone requires careful attention to avoid any loss. The goal is to simplify the migration so that you can resume creating content on your new device seamlessly. With the right approach, this can be both a straightforward and reliable operation.

Transferring Your TikTok Creations: A Step-by-Step Guide

Transferring TikTok drafts to a new phone might seem tricky, but fear not! It’s easier than you think. Whether you’re switching to a shiny new device or simply want a backup, we’ve got you covered.

Method 1: Post and Save

This method is the simplest and most reliable way to ensure your drafts make the leap to your new phone.

  1. Post as Private: Open your draft and tap “Next.” Choose “Who can watch this video” and select “Private.” Then, tap “Post.”
  2. Save to Device: Once posted, go to your profile, then “Private videos.” Tap the three dots on the video you want to transfer and select “Save video.” This will download it to your camera roll.
  3. Upload to New Phone: On your new phone, log into your TikTok account. Create a new video and select the saved draft from your camera roll.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Apps

Several apps can help you transfer data, including TikTok drafts, between phones.

  • iMyFone iTransor for TikTok: This app offers a dedicated feature for transferring TikTok drafts between devices. It also helps manage and back up your TikTok data.
  • EaseUS MobiMover: This versatile tool can transfer various types of data, including TikTok drafts, between iPhones and Android devices.
  • Other Options: Explore other data transfer apps like AnyTrans or Syncios, which might offer similar functionality.

Additional Tips

  • Backup Regularly: Make it a habit to save your TikTok drafts to your device or a cloud storage service regularly to prevent data loss.
  • Check Compatibility: Ensure the app you choose is compatible with both your old and new phones.
  • Read Reviews: Before using any third-party app, read reviews and research its reputation to ensure it’s safe and reliable.


If you encounter issues, try these steps:

  • Update TikTok: Ensure you’re using the latest version of the TikTok app on both phones.
  • Check Storage: Make sure your new phone has enough storage space for the drafts.
  • Restart Phones: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve transfer problems.
  • Contact Support: If all else fails, reach out to TikTok’s customer support for assistance.

Remember, TikTok drafts are stored locally on your device. By posting them as private or using a third-party app, you can easily transfer them to your new phone and continue creating awesome content!

Key Takeaways

  • Preserve your creative work by learning to transfer TikTok drafts.
  • Seamless transfer is possible with the right methodology.
  • Continue content creation on your new device without interruption.

Preparing Your TikTok Drafts for Transfer

Before transferring TikTok drafts to a new phone, ensure proper backup to avoid data loss and make the process smooth.

Backing Up Drafts to Cloud Storage

To secure your drafts, back them up to cloud storage. TikTok lacks a built-in cloud save feature, but you can manually upload videos. Use services like iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. First, save drafts within the TikTok app. Then, open your chosen cloud service app and upload the videos from your gallery or camera roll.

  • iCloud: Integrated for iOS users, iCloud automatically backs up camera roll content.
  • Google Drive/Dropbox: Accessible on both iOS and Android, these services require manual uploads.

To secure your videos, save them to online storage. TikTok doesn’t automatically save to the cloud. However, you can move your videos yourself. If you have an iPhone, iCloud can back up your camera content by itself. Google Drive and Dropbox work on all phones but need you to upload files by hand.

Exporting Drafts to Local Storage

If cloud storage isn’t an option, save your drafts to your device‘s local storage. In TikTok’s settings, tap ‘Save to device’ before exporting. This action places the drafts in your gallery or camera roll, depending on your phone. Check your device storage space – video files can be large.

  • Settings: Find this option in the TikTok app to save locally.
  • Storage Space: Ensure your phone has enough space for the video files.

If using the cloud isn’t possible, keep your drafts on your phone’s storage. Use the TikTok app to move them to your device. Next, find them in your gallery or photos app. Remember, videos can take up a lot of space, so check your phone’s storage to make sure you have enough room.

  • Settings: Use this feature in TikTok to save locally.
  • Storage Space: Videos can be big – check your phone has room.

Transferring Drafts to Your New Phone

When upgrading to a new phone, you can easily move your TikTok drafts so they’re not lost. This section guides you through different methods.

Using In-App Transfer Features

The TikTok app allows for an easy transfer process. Ensure a stable internet connection on both devices. On your profile page in the TikTok app, tap ‘Drafts’. Select the drafts and use the share option. You can send them to your new phone if it’s nearby. The process is similar for iOS and Android.

Rewritten for Flesch Reading Ease: The TikTok app makes transferring drafts simple. Check your internet connection. Go to ‘Drafts’ on your profile in the app. Tap to share and send them to your new phone. This works on iOS and Android.

Transferring Via Cloud Services

Cloud servers help move drafts without a data transfer cable. On iOS, use your iCloud account to backup and restore the drafts on a new iPhone. For Android, Google Drive or Dropbox perform the same task. Just verify the backup on your old phone, then log into the same account on the new one to access your drafts.

Rewritten for Flesch Reading Ease: Use cloud servers to transfer drafts cable-free. Use iCloud for iPhone. Use Google Drive or Dropbox for Android. Confirm the backup on your old phone. Log into the same account on your new phone to get your drafts.

Manual Transfer Methods

If you prefer, transfer drafts manually. Save them from the TikTok app to your computer. Then, move them to your new phone via email, AirDrop (for iPhone), or apps like SHAREit (for Android). Remember to check privacy settings to ensure drafts are not set to private before transferring.

Rewritten for Flesch Reading Ease: You can also move drafts by hand. Save them to your computer from TikTok. Next, send them to your new phone by email, AirDrop, or SHAREit. Make sure your privacy settings allow sharing before you start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transferring TikTok drafts to a new phone can involve several methods depending on your device.

How can I back up my TikTok drafts to iCloud before switching devices?

To back up your TikTok drafts to iCloud, first, save them locally on your iPhone. Then, include these videos in your iCloud backup. When setting up a new iPhone, restore from this backup to retrieve your drafts. For guidance on this method, this Effortless Guide may help.

Is there a way to transfer TikTok drafts to a new Android phone?

Yes, TikTok drafts can be transferred to a new Android phone. Save the drafts to your gallery, then use a file transfer method to move them to the new device. For step-by-step instructions, consult EaseUS’s guide.

Can TikTok drafts be transferred between different iPhones?

TikTok drafts can be transferred between iPhones. Use iCloud or the Quick Start feature to transfer content from your old device to the new one. A detailed overview is at iMyFone’s tutorial.

What happens to my TikTok drafts when I log into my account on a new phone?

When you log into TikTok on a new phone, drafts do not automatically transfer because they are stored locally. You must manually save and transfer them.

Can I transfer my TikTok drafts to another TikTok account?

Drafts are tied to your TikTok account and cannot be directly transferred to a different account. However, you can save the drafts externally and then upload them to any account.

Why are my TikTok drafts not visible after changing to a new phone?

If your TikTok drafts are not visible on a new phone, it’s likely because drafts are saved locally and not to your TikTok account. Transfer the drafts using one of the methods mentioned earlier. For more information, this Gearly article can be of assistance.