The Best Project Management Software

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Want to leap straight to the answer? The best task management software for most people is definitely Zoho Projects.

Project management software helps your team stay organized plus productive.

It’ s the difference between the team that crushes all of its goals and objectives—and one that doesn’ t actually get anything done.

These tools are especially helpful when multiple projects are in progress simultaneously.

Not every project management device is the same.

Some solutions are intended pertaining to large teams with complicated projects, others are ideal for little teams and simple tasks, and the rest fall someplace in between.

No matter what type of projects you’re managing, this guide will help you find the best project management software for your needs.

The Top 7 Best Task Management Software

  • Zoho Projects – Greatest Overall Project Management Software.
  • Trello – Greatest Free Project Management Software
  • Wrike – Best Project Management Software for Advertising Creative Teams.
  • LiquidPlanner – Best Task Management Software for Complex Projects.
  • Teamwork – Best Project Management Software to get Remote Teams and Organizations.
  • Celoxis – Best Project Management Software for Enterprises and Large Companies.
  • TeamGantt Greatest Project Management Software for Beginners

After hours associated with research and drawing on our first-hand experience using these equipment, I’ ve narrowed this down to these seven options.

Here’s an in-depth review of each one:

#1 – Zoho Projects — Best General Project Management Software

Zoho Projects

Try Zoho Projects

• Starts on $3 per month
• Free forever strategy available
• Great for simple and complex projects
• 10-day free trial
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Zoho Tasks is a cloud-based project administration solution.

They will accommodate the needs for a wide range of businesses, projects, and use cases.

Their own first on our list for intuitive interface, and powerful set of tools to help you manage any project.

From simple to complex projects, this tool has everything you need to manage various workflows. You can even automate some schedule tasks to save time.

Use the drag-and-drop user interface as a visual way to setup new automations and deploy projects. Collaborate on the go utilizing the Zoho Projects mobile application.

Another reason in order to like Zoho Projects is usually its timesheet module. You can easily track both billable plus non-billable hours for duties.

They also integrate with popular apps you’re already using like Slack, Zapier, G Suite, Dropbox, and other apps in the Zoho suite.

Zoho Projects is affordable, along with pricing based on the number of people on your own team.

Your program will also affect things like storage and project templates. You’ll be limited to just ten projects per month with the basic Standard plan; the rest are unlimited.

I suggest going with at least the Show plan. You don’ t want to be limited to just ten projects.

Zoho Projects does offer a free forever plan for up three customers and two projects, which is fine for individual use or a one-off task.

Sign up for Zoho Tasks and get a 10-day free trial offer; no credit card required.

#2 – Trello — Best Free Task Management Software

Trello > > Compare Quotes

• Free for limitless users
• Paid plans start at $9. 99
• Trusted by millions
• Best for easy projects
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Trello is one of the most popular project management software out there.

In fact , millions of users trust these to manage various projects. Meant for small teams and basic projects, the free project management software from Trello will be perfect for accommodating your needs.

Trello leverages Kanban-style boards for work, aspect projects, and long term targets. You can even use it for handling individual projects, like arranging a family vacation.

Trello shines in terms of simpleness, which is one of the reasons why I use it to manage team jobs on my websites. Almost everything is organized with planks, cards, and lists.

Each card represents a task or small project. These tasks can be assigned in order to specific team members for cooperation. Cards have subtasks that may be managed and completed in current to show progress towards conclusion. Assigning due dates, uploading files, and adding comments on a Trello card is about as simple as it gets.

You can move cards to different lists such as “in progress” or “complete” therefore everyone can see the position of a task at a glance. Trello has an exceptional mobile app for project management too.

In most instances, Trello is better for simple tasks. If you’re managing complex projects with large teams, you’ll run into some restrictions using this platform.

Want to know the best part of Trello? It’s totally free. Every user gets unlimited boards, cards, and listings at no cost.

Nevertheless , if you’ re thinking about using Trello for your business, I recommend going with the paid plans that start at $9. 99 per month per user. This gives you access to superior features like app integrations, calendar view, map watch, advanced users, automations, and more.

#3 – Wrike — Best For Marketing and Creative Teams


Visit Wrike

• Starting at $9. 80 per month
• Free for up to 5 users
• Perfect for marketing teams
• 6 30 days free trial
Get started for free!

Wrike is an incredibly popular project administration solution for marketing teams—and for good reason.

Greater than 20, 000 businesses use Wrike for project management. It’s trusted by large organizations like Verizon plus Airbnb.

Wrike gives you real-time reports plus statuses for all of your teams’ projects. Easily enable plus centralize your communication centre for everyone collaborating on a project.

This application is perfect for marketers and innovative teams. Wrike has particular project management tools just for campaign management where teams can collaborate on tasks, track progress, and review the results of each campaign.

Wrike also has task management templates designed for article marketing. This pre-set workflow process includes everything from a creative short to final delivery plus reporting.

Wrike has a free forever plan for easy projects. But most of you will benefit from the Professional or Company plans, starting at $9. 90 and $24. 80 per user per month, correspondingly.

Once you select your base plan, you can add-on premium features based on what types of projects you’ll use Wrike to manage. It’s kind of a bummer that not every single feature is all-inclusive. But it’s nice that you can pick and choose whatever you need.

Wrike offers product lots for marketing and creative groups. For example , Wrike for Internet marketers comes with Wrike Proof and Wrike Publish add-ons. It also comes with a Wrike extension designed for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Contact the Wrike sales team for a quote on a project management plan for your own marketing team.

For a limited time, you can get a 6-month trial of Create Professional. You can try the other programs free for 14 days.

#4 – LiquidPlanner — Best For Complex Projects

LiquidPlanner > > Compare Quotes

• Best for complex projects
• Used by twenty, 000+ businesses
• iOS and Google android mobile app
• 14-day free trial
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LiquidPlanner is a best solution for engineering groups, software teams, IT teams, and professional services. It is made for managing complex projects at scale with lots of members.

This task management tool helps you take care of uncertainty with best-case and worst-case scenarios for the result. LiquidPlanner automatically adapts to change during a project, which is unavoidable for projects with a high level of complexity.

LiquidPlanner gives you quick insight into the tasks, progress, risks, and budgets for every project that’s in progress. You’ll even have the ability to share the most relevant info with whoever needs to remain informed.

LiquidPlanner provides an iOS and Android mobile app, time tracking, sophisticated analytics, API access, unlimited internal dashboards, and integrations with cloud storage providers.

You need a minimum of five team members to be eligible for a LiquidPlanner subscription.

Unfortunately, pricing is definitely unavailable online. You’ll need to contact their sales team to request a quote, no matter your company size. LiquidPlanner provides plans that can accommodate the needs of smaller businesses and enterprises with multiple departments managing hundreds of projects.

If you’re looking for a task management solution for something simple, like managing web site content, LiquidPlanner is not for you.

But for individuals with complex needs, you can test LiquidPlanner at no cost with a 14-day free trial; no credit card needed.

#5 – Teamwork — Best For Remote Teams and Agencies


Visit Teamwork

• Starts with $9 per month
• Free forever plan available
• Great for remote teams
• 30-day free trial offer
Try it for free!

More than 20, 500 businesses use Teamwork regarding project management. It’s trusted by big brands such as Spotify, Disney, Panasonic, PayPal, and Netflix.

Teamwork makes it easy for companies with remote workers to collaborate on projects. It’s easy for everyone to connect, stay connected, and have very clear visibility over the progress of the project, no matter where people are located.

This software management tool has pre-installed chat, simple project boards, and custom templates. Teamwork allows you to balance your team’s workloads by viewing everyone’s real-time capacity at a glance.

Here’s a quick overview of the plans and prices for Teamwork project software:

With a free permanently plan for small teams plus paid plans starting just $9 per month, Teamwork is definitely an affordable solution.

Teamwork also has specific group management software for marketing organizations. This tool makes it easy for your team to manage their own projects along with client work. You can even include clients and third-party collaborators to your boards for improved visibility and communication. Make the most of built-in time tracking tools to manage invoices and billable hours as well.

Pricing for agency application is not available online. You’ll need to contact the Teamwork sales force for a quote.

In addition to the free forever program, you can try any Teamwork compensated solution free for 30 days.

#6 – Celoxis — Best For Enterprises and Large Businesses

Celoxis > > Compare Quotes

• Starts at $25 per month
• Enterprise-grade software program
• Completely customizable
• 30-day free trial
Compare Quotes

Celoxis is another top option for managing complex projects. Yet this software is not for everyone. Celoxis is an all-in-one project management software geared towards enterprises plus large organizations.

It’s used by companies such as Adobe, LG, Tesla, Kranich-konzern (umgangssprachlich), and Rolex.

Celoxis helps you manage your teams based on skills, availability, and demand. You’ll benefit from automated cost and income estimates for every project within real-time.

This software also makes it easy that you can share files and work together with both team members and customers. It even has a completely customizable client portal that you could take advantage of.

Celoxis is a bit more expensive than a few of the other options on our list, but it’s actually more affordable than other enterprise-grade software solutions on the market today.

The cloud-based solution starts at $25 per month per user (with a five-user minimum). You can save some money if you commit to an annual or two-year contract.

Alternatively, you can set up Celoxis directly on your servers for $450 per user. This option is also a five-user minimum, but it’s just a one-time charge as opposed to a continuous subscription.

Celoxis really stands out in terms of the reviews and data that it provides. You can easily send visual reports to your CEO or other decision-makers for specific tasks.

Try Celoxis free for 30 days through advantage of a free trial.

#7 – TeamGantt — Best For Beginners


Visit TeamGantt

• Free forever plan available
• Starts at $24. 95
• Discounts based on team dimension
• 14-day free trial
Start for free!

Gantt graphs are more than one hundred years of age. At the time, these revolutionary charts changed the way that tasks were performed. They are the basis for many project management options.

As the name implies, TeamGantt is a task management software that leverages Gantt charts.

Therefore for those of you who are just starting out and learning about project management, TeamGantt is a top option to consider.

More than one mil users across the world trust TeamGantt for project management.

TeamGantt has a totally free forever plan for up to three users managing a single project. Paid plans start at $24. 95 per month for one user.

That’s a little pricey, especially for simple software program. However , you’ll get a better rate per user using a larger team. For example , a team of ten begins at $114. 50 each month, which is less than half of the per-user rate of a single person. That number drops all the way in order to $91 per month with an yearly contract.

So while the initial price might look steep at first, it is really not that poor upon further inspection.

For those of you looking for simple Gantt charts, I’d certainly recommend TeamGantt. If you have the complex project, TeamGantt will have restrictions. They do have an superior plan with time tracking plus hourly estimates, but it does not go much deeper than that.

Try a compensated TeamGantt plan for free with a 14-day trial.

How to Find the Best Project Software For Your Business

Compare The Best Project Management Software gong3deng
gong0deng Get matched up with the project management software that fits your needs. gong3deng > > Compare Quotes


With so many project management options on the market today, it can be tough to select the right option for your business.

This is the methodology that I used to pick the winners in this guide. In most cases, there is no “best for everyone” project management software. It all depends on your specific situation. I’ll tenderize the evaluation factors that you ought to be looking for in better detail below.

Project Complexity

The first thing you need to figure out is what you’ll be using your project management software for. Basic project administration tools won’t always have the particular features required to manage complex projects at scale.

On the flip side, if you’re just doing something simple such as managing website content or even need a tool for a one-off project, you won’t require software with tons of innovative features.

Trello and TeamGantt are both exceptional choices for simple projects and smaller teams. If you need advanced features for complex projects, LiquidPlanner and Celoxis would be better for you. Zoho Projects (as our top overall pick) meets that middle floor between simple and complicated tasks.

Team Size

The next thing you will need to look at is the dimension of your team. Is everyone on your team going to be working on the same project? Or will everyone be working on multiple projects simultaneously?

If you’re working on a simple project with just a few individuals, you might even be able to use a free project management solution. Lots of options on our list offer a free forever policy for two or three users.

Managing larger teams is obviously a greater challenge. The best task management software shows the current capacity of each team associate at a glance. This feature allows you to properly allocate tasks, duties, and resources, without overpowering people who have a full workload.

Some project software requires a minimum for the amount of team members associated with a subscription. This usually starts around 5 users but varies from one platform to another.

Ease of Use

Simpleness is key when it comes to project software.

From the preliminary setup to onboarding team members and managing tasks on an ongoing basis, you want to ensure that your solution actually makes your life easier. The only real way to figure out how easy it is to use task management software is by trying it out.

Every option on our checklist offers some type of free permanently plan or free trial. I strongly advise trying those out so you can get a feel for what works best for your purposes.


Some project management software will offer more advanced features and tools than other people. But depending on your situation, you might not need anything too extravagant.

Common functions that you’ll see pertaining to various project management software consist of storage limits, mobile apps, third-party integrations, built-in conversation tools, advanced reporting, and user permissions. You’ll discover some solutions with company features, time-tracking tools, software, and tools for controlling your budget.

It is important to figure out what tools you’ll actually need as you are evaluating potential project management solutions.


Pricing for project managing software is usually depending upon how many users you have on your own team. Some solutions need you to pay for a minimum number of customers to get started.

Plans are typically billed per month or on an annual basis.

The actual cost varies drastically, depending on your needs. Many tools have a free arrange for basic needs and a handful of users. Paid plans begin somewhere in the $3 in order to $25 per month per user range.

Some solutions, like Wrike, charge you extra for add-ons as you essentially start with a basic plan and customize it depending on your needs. Advanced solutions, such as Celoxis, charge a one time fee of $450 for each user to install the software on your servers.

Along with such a wide range of prices to think about, it’s important for you to select something that fits within your budget. Task management software doesn’t need to cost a fortune.


Zoho Projects is the best overall project management software on the market today. It’s affordable and investigations off all of the boxes that people look for when evaluating potential options.

Using that said, this software is not for everyone.

When you have complex projects or large teams, you’ll be far better off with LiquidPlanner or Celoxis. Smaller teams, newbies, and simple projects might benefit from Trello or TeamGantt.

There are even use case-specific solutions, like Wrike for creative teams or even Teamwork for remote teams and agencies.

Regardless of your team size, project complexity, and shop, you can find the perfect project management software to meet your needs using this tutorial.

Compare The Best Project Management Software gong3deng
gong0deng Get matched up with the project management software that fits your needs. gong3deng > > Compare Estimates


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