Google Business Profile Chat Going Away: Impact on Customer Engagement Strategies

John Cooper

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Google will be shutting down the Google Business Profile chat and call history feature on July 31, 2024. This means businesses will no longer be able to communicate with customers through this platform starting on that date. It’s crucial for business owners to understand how this change might affect their customer interactions.

Businesses should start looking for alternative ways to manage their customer communication. You can download chat history using Google Takeout before the feature is completely removed. Planning ahead will help ensure a smooth transition without losing important customer information.

Remember to notify your customers about the upcoming change to avoid any confusion. By being proactive you can maintain a high level of customer service even without Google Business Profile chat.

Here’s the email confirmation from Google:


Business Profile chat is going away

We are reaching out to share that we will be winding down Google’s chat feature in Google Business Profile on July 31, 2024. We acknowledge this may be difficult news – as we continually improve our tools, we occasionally have to make difficult decisions which may impact the businesses and partners we work with. It’s important to us that Google remains a helpful partner as you manage your business and we remain committed to this mission.

Google will stop creating new conversations after July 15, and chat functionality will fully end on July 31. Please note, customers will still be able to find and contact your business via Google Search and Maps – and learn more information about you from your website links, business description, photos, and anything else you share on your Business Profile.

If you have questions about this change, you can learn more here. It’s important to us that your Business Profile continues to be a helpful tool for you to manage your business.

Key dates

• Starting July 15, customers will no longer be able to start new chat conversations with your business from Google. Customers in existing chat conversations will be notified that chat will be phased out.

• Starting July 31, chat functionality will end. This means you’ll no longer receive new chat messages.

What to do next

• If you’d like a record of past Business Profile chats, you can download your chat history of past customer conversations via Google Takeout.

• Consider inviting your customers to alternative chat solutions to continue conversations there.

Google Email, May 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Google Business Profile chat ends on July 31, 2024.
  • Download chat history using Google Takeout.
  • Notify your customers about the changes.

Impact of Google Business Profile Chat Removal

Google’s decision to remove the Business Profile Chat feature beginning July 31, 2024, will significantly affect how businesses engage with their customers. This change necessitates exploring new methods of communication and preparing for potential shifts in customer interactions.

Changes to Customer Engagement

The removal of the chat feature will impact how you engage with customers. Instant messaging through Google Business Profiles has allowed for quick and direct communication. Without this feature, responding to customer inquiries might slow down, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

You will now need to rely more on traditional communication methods like email and phone calls. These methods can be less immediate than chat, which could alter how quickly you can resolve customer issues. Customers who are used to the convenience of instant messaging may find these alternatives frustrating, leading to possible drops in engagement.

Alternatives for Communication

You must seek other ways to communicate with customers once the chat feature is gone. Google suggests using Google Takeout to download chat histories before the feature is fully removed. This preserves important customer interactions and insights.

Encourage customers to contact your business through Google Maps and Search for inquiries. These platforms will still show your contact information, allowing customers to reach out via phone or email.

Consider integrating alternative messaging services or chatbots on your website. Investing in these tools can provide a seamless transition for customers who prefer instant communication. By proactively addressing the removal of the chat feature, you can maintain strong customer relationships and ensure efficient communication.

Preparing for the Transition

Businesses need to act quickly to ensure a smooth shift as Google Business Profile chat and call history features are being retired.

Updating Business Information

You should update your business information to keep customers informed. Ensure your business description, contact details, opening hours, and website links are accurate. This information helps customers find you on platforms like Google Search and Maps.

Add new photos to showcase your business. High-quality images can improve your online presence and attract more visitors. If you have partners, make sure their contact details are also updated.

Migrating Chat and Call History

To retain valuable customer conversations, download chat and call history before the feature is disabled. Use Google Takeout to export this data.

Plan to migrate these records to your new communication platform. Whether using email or another chat service, keeping records ensures you don’t lose important information. Update your team and provide a demo of the new system to ensure a smooth transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Business Profile chat is being discontinued, and businesses need to adapt to new ways of connecting with customers. Learn about the impact and how to handle inquiries.

What are the alternatives for direct messaging once the chat feature in Google Business Profile is deprecated?

You can use email or other messaging apps like WhatsApp. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn also offer direct messaging. Look for tools that integrate with your current systems.

How can businesses continue to engage with customers through Google after the chat function is removed?

Update your Business Profile with your contact details. Encourage customers to reach out through phone or email. Use Google Reviews to interact with customers publicly.

What impact will the removal of chat from Google Business Profile have on business-to-customer communication?

Direct, instant messaging will no longer be possible, which might slow down communication. Businesses might see a reduction in real-time inquiries but can still maintain engagement through other channels.

How do I enable or access direct communication options with clients through my Google Business Profile?

Go to your Business Profile and update your contact information. Include email, phone numbers, and website details. Ensure your profile is verified to make these changes.

Are there changes to how Google supports business inquiries following the discontinuation of the Google Business Profile chat?

Google will still support business inquiries through reviews and questions. Use Google Maps and Search to handle customer queries. Look into other features Google provides for business communication.

What are the recommended best practices for businesses to adapt to the changes in Google’s communication features?

Make sure your contact details are accurate and visible. Use multiple channels for customer communication. Respond quickly to reviews and questions on your Business Profile. Consider using social media for real-time interactions.